Ukraine: When the Lunatics Run the Asylum

Arsen Avakov is Certifiable

Arsen Avakov, the make believe "Minister of Internal Affairs," is certifiably insane. Anyone can check out his facebook page and read the lunatic's very own words. He believes in human sacrifice, that Ukraine needs "atonement" in the form of human lives, which explains why he is directing a Genocidal, murderous campaign in Novorossiya, committing crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes against peace.

Avakov also considers their people who die carrying out his orders as part of the "atonement." He also stupidly makes a reference between ATO (anti-terrorist operation) and the English equivalent to "ATOnment" as though it has some sort of mystical significance. He has a sick mind, not unlike the rest of the illegal junta, particularly Mr. "subhuman" Yatsenyuk, and Doctor Strangelove Timoshenko who wants to resort to the use of nuclear weapons to get rid of the pesky Russians.

These words are from Arsen Avakov, Ukraine's "Minister of Internal Affairs" June 23,2014 FaceBook page

 In these few days talking a lot with our zone ATU - from general to soldier. And I want to say a few words about the truly important things. War cannot generate light feelings. But we can generate cleansing. False and superficial burns in the fire of war very quickly - as if deliberately leaving space THIS .. Through disorder and pain, through the death of comrades and the need to kill in response, through fear for their relatives, through observation of grief, people deprived of their home .. all not just in this war, and this purification and redemption for everyone - you need as a prerequisite of victory .. Atonement. It comes as the inevitable fee perfect. And each is his redemption - and me and you and the Donbass and Ukraine. And everyone is given as much as earned and how many survive ..Ukraine stand, and you do not give up. Bite the bullet and bear their redemption. And do, do what you have to! P / S Today noticed a strange coincidence, the English words atonement - ATOnement .. ATO- Anti-Terrorist Operation.

There can be absolutely no doubt at this point about the Satanic, fascist nature of the junta and its followers. Is humanity going to allow this plague to spread, because spread it will as history shows us. Forget history and you are doomed to repeat it.

The last people that need to go through this fire are the Russian people, whose heroic sacrifices ended fascism in 1945.

Kerry and Others Blowing Hot Air, Blaming Russia

Meanwhile, we have idiots like John Kerry sending ultimatums to Russia, like the utter piece of human excrement he is. The west is blaming Russia for everything that happens when they are the ones that used and are using these fascist Satanic barbarians as their tools for the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine and the incorporation of Ukraine into the anti-democratic entity known as the EU.

Betrayal of the People

Today, the 27th, war criminal Petroshenko signs the people of Ukraine into the hell of the world financial system and the association agreement with the European Union. Unfortunately, the supporters of this action are too uninformed and/or deliberately greedy to see what they are letting themselves in for. They believe all the lies being put out by the mainstream western media at the behest of the Kiev junta, meant to stir up hatred against Russia and Russians. Many foolishly believe the myriad of promises made by these western puppet scoundrels about how Ukraine will finally give them all sorts of advantages. Dream on, too bad you didn't check with those already in austerity hell.

The Truth on the Ground

No Nazis, No Refugees, Everything is Copacetic

Officials in the west like to pretend that it's in Russia's imagination that fascist Nazis are running around in Ukraine. But this is the 21st Century, with modern technology, and the truth cannot be hidden. The murder and destruction taking place in "Russia's imagination" is well documented with concrete PROOF. The lying leaders in the west are obviously as demonic as their tools/proxies in Ukraine. That gives the impression that they think the world community is either lazy or stupid or both.

Illusions and Delusions on Who International Law Vindicates

Not only do I want to put the west on notice that we are on to their tactics, I would like to throw in their faces another matter of international law. Of course I know they, pardon my French, shit on international law every day.

"The paper also quotes UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as saying that "it turns out that throughout the years of its independence, Ukraine did not bother to officially register its borders as that of a sovereign state." "For that reason, the paper suggests, "there has been no and can be no" violation of the Ukrainian border by Russia. "Under the CIS agreement, the territory of Ukraine only has administrative borders as set within the USSR, while Russia is a legal successor to the USSR," Nezavisimaya Gazeta points out. According to the paper, it is now impossible in principle to accuse anyone of violating Ukraine's borders because "as far as international law is concerned, the country simply does not have an officially set border." In order to resolve this problem, the newspaper continues, Kiev must agree on border demarcation with all its neighboring states, including Russia. Although Kiev is trying to carry out unilateral demarcation, "it will be null and void from the point of view of international law," the paper concludes." 

*Note: Surprise, this has since been removed from the site, but let them be put on notice, it's already too late.

The Ceasefire

Contrary to the stupidly repeated cynical nonsense that Poroshenko so magnanimously granted a ceasefire, there is no ceasefire. Shelling, bombing, destruction, murder and mayhem continue. The conditions set forth by Poroshenko are nothing less than a demand for total surrender, an objective his worthless gang of fascists are unable to attain. He refuses to pull back his hounds out of Novorossiya in an honest gesture of ceasefire.

No one should expect the freedom fighters to lay down their arms in a ceasefire while leaving the civilian population to the mercy of Poroshenko's thugs. It has been no secret that a full-fledged ethnic cleansing is being planned and that Genocide is happening as we speak. Ukraine's land agency said that it will be giving "free land" from the east to the military, Interior Ministry and Special Services troops battling the federalist freedom fighters.


I challenge anyone, particularly those in Ukraine who have been fed a pile of garbage, to earnestly look and compare the behavior of the freedom fighters to the behavior of the junta and its Nazi stormtroopers.

I also challenge anyone to compare the behavior of Russian leaders (diplomacy, dialogue) in contrast to the bellicose, bullying, blackmailing, war mongering "leaders" in the west.

You have the internet, inform yourselves!

I call on and challenge the mainstream western media to stop parroting the accepted party line and STOP hiding the truth by only writing prejudicial nonsense, if indeed they bother to even touch the subject of Ukraine and the struggle of freedom fighters to keep the people safe from fascist murder, Genocide and ethnic cleansing.

I call on and challenge the leaders of the west to STOP making demands of Russia, recognize Russia's rights, acknowledge her incredible restraint and most importantly, STOP lying. They have yet to acknowedge the crimes of their puppet junta government, let alone demand that they stop. Human rights violations are being conspicuously ignored even encouraged by western governments,

The west is usually the first to complain and make accusations on any suspected human rights violations and threaten military intervention. Their response to everything is always violence. It is now quite evident that the intervention mania/responsibility to protect (R2P) rhetoric and slogans were nothing more than total deception to pursue ulterior geopolitical purposes.

Worth Repeating

Nuremberg established that there is NO IMMUNITY for crimes against humanity. The Rome Statute's Article 25 of the International Criminal Court (ICC) codified this principle, affirming the culpability of persons committing crimes of war and against humanity.In addition, commanders and their superiors are specifically culpable if they "either knew or, owing to the circumstances at the time, should have known that the forces were committing or about to commit such crimes, (and) failed to take all necessary and reasonable measures within his or her power to prevent or repress their commission or to submit the matter to the competent authorities for investigation and prosecutions."Moreover, Nuremberg established that immunity is null and void, including for heads of state, other top officials, and top commanders. Further, genocide, crimes of war and against humanity are so grave that statute of limitation provisions don't apply. 

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Lisa Karpova