An Open Letter to Ban Ki-Moon and the UN

Filtration camps for civilians, innocent civilians burned alive in buildings, civilians being attacked by an illegal government with military hardware, cluster bombs and white phosphorous being dropped in civilian areas, women and children murdered, arbitrary abuse and detention of journalists...these are scenes all too familiar to those who know the history of the Second World War and the behavior of Nazis...but will the UN act and do anything about it and punish the perpetrators or their enablers?

A democratically elected government of Ukraine was overthrown by force and violence by one of the Security Council members. It is no secret that overhead in a phone conversation was Victoria Nuland discussing who was their choice to be Ukraine's leader.

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, are you supposed to be the Secretary-General of the United Nations Organization? Are you not supposed to promote peace and international law in the international community? Yes, or no?

If no, then fine. Let us admit once and for all that the United Nations only does well with a small number of humanitarian efforts, helping refugees, distributing food, upholding gender equality, defending women's rights, the rights of the LGBT community and so on and so forth...

If a nation is one of the Big Three (USA, UK or France) basically they can do whatever they like, correct? Because, for instance, when Russia and the PR China ask these three for details on their actions (as was the case with Libya) they promise to give them later and then are not forthcoming despite what was said before the vote.

So Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, suppose we dissolve the UN as it exists today and admit it is an egregious failure at upholding what it purports to uphold? As for making and keeping the law, let us either admit that international law does not exist, once and for all, or else set up another organization with the competence to practice what it preaches, instead of double standards and two sets of weights and measures.

Some humans are deemed worthy by the Big Three and others are worth nothing, quite in lockstep with Nazi and fascist ideology.

If there is to be inaction when crimes against humanity are approved of by the Big Three, then the UN should be immediately dissolved as a totally useless organization that only panders to the will of western nations, specifically the "exceptional/indispensable" Americans.

Why does the United Nations ignore the war crimes being committed by the Kiev junta against the civilian population there?

Are you just there to pander to America and forget about the gross inhuman war crimes and attacks of fascists and Nazis being done on orders from Kiev and Washington? If you only represent Americans, you may as well fold up and all should go home.

This is a real human disaster in Ukraine that must not be ignored, and it is time to bring the junta leadership up on charges of war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against peace.

Additionally, it is openly known that foreign mercenaries have been hired by the Kiev junta to attack the Southeastern area of Ukraine, including the US Golden Hawks Brigade attacking ‪Mariupol, along with the Nazi Azov Battalion.

In addition to always supporting western pressure against Iran and others, the UN gave full support to the military aggression carried out against Libya, accepting without hesitation the false trumped up claims of the imperialist powers that the Libyan people were "under attack" from their own army troops.  What resulted was the total devastation of Libya, turning the most prosperous country in Africa into a pile of rubble and unrestrained terrorism.

So why was the UN so concerned about the fake, bogus charges against the Libyan government, (they tried the same with Syria), but sees and hears nothing about the massively and well documented crimes in Ukraine?

In its ineptitude and utter frustration, as well, the main targets of Ukrainian forces are hospitals and schools, those unarmed and unable to fight back. In Lugansk, Ukrainians executed civilians, killing 100 people in yet another punitive action reminiscent of German Nazi punitive actions against civilians. Men were shot execution style

Meanwhile, the partisan freedom fighters in the Southeast demonstrate the highest standards of behavior, treating prisoners as they would want to be treated themselves. Many captured have been sent home and downed pilots, abandoned by their own people, have been given good medical treatment even though they meant deadly harm.

The Russian Embassy is attacked by savage barbarians, and yet again the UN is going to do nothing about it and not reprimand the junta in Ukraine for its inaction and tacit approval?

"Western countries at the United Nations Organization's Security Council have blocked Russia's draft resolution condemning the attack on the Russian embassy in Kiev, a source at the organization's headquarters told Itar-Tass. - "Western delegations have blocked the draft statement for the press, which condemns the attacks on the embassy in Kiev," the source said. The UK, the U.S. and France were among those who voted 'contra,' "

I guess western countries would have approved if everyone within the embassy was dragged out and murdered too? This is totally unacceptable.

Mr. Moon, we have the "exceptional/indispensable" Americans continually engaging in acts of brinksmanship. They seem intent on starting World War III? In essence, World War III has already started. Are you ready to face eternity knowing that you stood by, collected your fees and did nothing when nuclear weapons destroyed all of humanity?

Are you ready and able to tolerate the resurrection of fascism and Nazism in the 21st Century?

We have the Ukrainian junta's "prime-minister" on record pledging to "exterminate subhumans." Do you recall the Nazi term, "untermenschen"? We also have the "justice minister" talking "filtration camps" Are we to have 21st Century concentration camps now?

Ukraine's "prime minister" Yatsenyuk: "We will commemorate the heroes by 'cleaning' our land from the evil." Cleaning is another word for murder and ethnic cleansing. Do you approve of this? See the boldly posted statement from the Ukrainian Embassy's website"

Yesterday, 03:17

"We bow our heads to the heroes who lost their lives for the sake of their country, to prevent the war from coming into the house of each of us", - said the Prime-Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk while expressing condolences to the families and friends of those military men killed last night near Luhansk.

"They lost their lives because they defended men and women, children and the elderly who found themselves in a situation facing a threat to be killed by invaders and sponsored by them subhumans. First, we will commemorate the heroes by wiping out those who killed them and then by cleaning our land from the evil", - he said.

The massive violations against Geneva conventions and international law cry out for the decency of an intervention: a word, a condemnation, a reprimand, a resolution, a sanction, a public trial for war crimes.

You might also consult the recent truthful, bold speech in the German Bundestag by Sahra Wagenknecht where she openly criticized the German leader for her utter failure to act responsibly.

Are you ready to act responsibly or will you face eternity knowing that you could have done something to stop the horror of Nazism and nuclear war? Your job is to prevent war and crimes against humanity. Not to pander to the "exceptional/indispensable" Americans. (Are the fools totally insane by referring thusly to themselves?) Stop the insanity!

In case he changes his tune, here is the original:

Photo: A peaceful western-backed Ukrainian Fascist murderer

Lisa Karpova


Author`s name Lisa Karpova