Sure you can trust the government - just ask a veteran

by Joanna Rosamond

Native American veterans will tell you: "You can't wake up a man who is pretending to be asleep". Well, these days the entire mainstream media, subservient to the ruling elite are pretending to be asleep, while human rights of veterans are being violated in a blatant and barbarous manner. The Department of Justice and U.S Attorneys are fighting an ACLU lawsuit against Secretary of Veterans Affairs and the executive director of the Los Angeles VA, for misusing veterans' property, not to mention the abuse of our disabled, often elderly heroes.

Sec.2, of the Congressional Act of 1887 entitled our wounded veterans to benefit from care and shelter," to be admitted to home for disabled volunteer soldiers". One year later, John P. Jones and Arcadia B. de Baker decided that hundreds of acres should go to our disadvantaged protectors. The fund's management has been entrusted to United States Government... Back in 1888, the caring land grantors couldn't have known that the government would one day become an unreliable and deceptive will executor, capable of misappropriation of veterans' property. 20 000 frail, exhausted and neglected military heroes are abandoned in Los Angeles only, their lives endangered, their potential wasted. Meanwhile, Obama's mignons, the "Brentwood elite" members, are squandering veterans' property (388 acres of land in Brentwood, West LA) for a dog park, commercial car rental, botanical gardens, illegal leases for their buddies' private biz, a playground for privileged kids of mega-rich parents...

Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper, made every effort to investigate this case thoroughly. In "Corruption and Cronyism surround the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs"

Brian Hews and Randy Economy observe: "An investigation by HMG-CN has revealed that cronyism and corruption have filtered up to the highest levels in local, state, and even the federal government, all at the expense of mentally disabled and homeless Veterans in Los Angeles".

If the land -grab offers one more Native American analogy, then who are "the settlers" in this country? Treacherous corrupt political elites and illegal emigrants? Does America have some new "aboriginal inhabitants"? With Native Americans living in shameful conditions and thousands of homeless veterans, is BIMA what this country needs? Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs is here "to provide social and economic development to I n d i g e n o u s Muslims in the United States of America"...

Our great warrior, director of Old Veterans Guard, Robert L. Rosebrock has repeatedly protested against violation of our veterans' rights and sent letters to Barack Obama and

Henry A.Waxman, requesting to declare Los Angeles a "State of Emergency" for disabled and homeless Veterans. The President and the Congressman didn't bother to respond with an action and forgot to thank the Old Veterans Guard for Humanitarian Relief Project.

By the way, a blatant denial of humanitarian assistance constitutes a crime under international law... Well, the Commander -in-chief has a lot on his plate right now (quite literally...): a recent dinner at Parisian restaurant Le Chiberta operated by a celebrity chef, preparing some luxury holidays, throwing hissy-missy fits to amuse Putin, sheltering illegal immigrants on military bases, tending to every whim of some "largely secular" organizations...

Isn't it ironic, that U.S military slang for having killed an enemy target is "got waxed"? So what is Waxman's job again? Making sure that our veterans get waxed on the mean streets of L.A?

 If you are not sure how you can help, look at a 94- year-old, disabled World War II Navy hero, campaigning for veterans' rights during325th Rally and 70th Anniversary Celebration of the Invasion of Normandy. What are you ready to do to deserve his handshake? And, sure you can trust this government - just ask a veteran.      

By Joanna Rosamond  

Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov