The incoherence of western foreign policy

To be credible, to be respectable, to have any degree of substance, a policy must be coherent, based upon generally held precepts which strike a chord with the hearts and minds of the majority of the citizens in the international community. Since 1991, western foreign policy has been increasingly incongruent, intrusive and interfering.

Since 1991, the west's foreign policy has confirmed the worst fears of those of us who saw through it right from the beginning, after the Second World War (Great Patriotic War), the worst fears of those of us who saw arrogance, bullying and chauvinism replace diplomacy as the ABC of western policymaking. The status quo was maintained while the Soviet Union remained a sturdy bulwark, acting as a counter-weight to the west's policy of sheer evil, pandering to the whims of the lobbies which control it.

Before we start to examine some concrete cases, let us ask how Washington, London, increasingly Paris and Ottawa these days and the other poodles Washington controls in Europe find themselves in a position which would be untenable in a world ruled by ethics, decency and logic, in a civilized world in which diplomacy was the ultimate art of war and its perfect antidote.

The answer to this question lies in the nonchalance of the western populations and this is a direct result of a careful campaign in the media outlets which shape and control public opinion. Make people feel safe, get them hooked on junk food and junk TV programmes and they will become obese, uninterested, befuddled and therefore easily led.

John Doe in the US or Fred Bloggs in the UK doesn't care about Ukraine, Syria, Libya or Iraq. He probably can't even place them on a map. For him, the member of the electorate who votes Governments or Presidents into positions of power (supposedly), they are some hot or dangerous place where men sport moustaches and where horrific things happen to children. It must be true, they saw it on the television before the football match and after Big Brother, they read it in the newspaper opposite the topless pic and the story of Spanking Sarah and the Willies.

John Doe and Fred Bloggs are too concerned about keeping their jobs, keeping their kids off drugs, too stupefied by the pile of crap they throw in the microwave every day, to be worried about the finer details of international politics. Conclusion: their governments, or the lobbies which close ranks around them, can get away with what they want. Including murder.

The first warning sign came when NATO promised the Warsaw Pact that it would not encroach eastwards if the Pact dissolved. It did. They lied. We saw the Big Plan to isolate Serbia in the Balkans and break up Yugoslavia, creating a mafia pseudo-state in Kosovo (which by the way is and always will be the heart of Serbia), creating micro-states and multiple clients for western goods and guns.

We saw the lies leading up to the illegal act of butchery in Iraq, by which time anyway sanctions were murdering and deforming hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, by which time fields of cereals were being strafed by NATO warplanes outside any forum of law, by which time lists of artifacts from Iraq's museums were being drawn up and handed to plush offices in the weeks before the invasion. We saw the thesis copied and pasted from the Internet proving that Saddam had WMD, only it was ten years out of date, was  a supposition and not based on facts and it was "sexed up" by Phoney Tony and his team in Number 10. We saw the forged document linking Saddam Hussein to yellowcake uranium from "Nigeria" only the letterhead from the IAEA was wrong, the signature was wrong and it's Niger, not Nigeria. Oh and, er... he didn't.

We saw the deployment of military equipment against civilian structures, so that rebuilding contracts could be handed out to the lobbies.

In the west, massive anti-war demonstrations were brushed off by the politicians as a bunch of kooks taking to the streets, as computers were hacked, servers threatened and sites taken down. Fast forward to Libya, where Gaddafi was "strafing his people with aircraft and urgent action was necessary. We'll fill in the details later on".



NATO took out the Jamahiriya and pocketed Libya's resources, destroying the state with the highest Human Development Index in Africa as they set thousands of marauding Islamist terrorists running amok and turned the country into a haven for drugs barons, rapists, torturers and murderers. They also put a full stop to Muammar al-Qathafi's projects in Africa, which threatened to cost the lobbies billions of dollars.

The same tactic has been tried in Syria, where they stooped to the bottom of the barrel, launching chemical weapons attacks then blaming them on President Assad who by the way has just been re-elected by a huge majority... only for the election to be called farcical by the USA, because it could not be held in areas where western-backed terrorists temporarily have control. President Assad did not start and sponsor the unrest, the west did.

And now Ukraine, where a Fascist Putsch was given the nod by the USA and its European poodles, amid cries for the murder of Russians and Jews on the streets of Kiev, and where a Russophobic president-elect called Poroshenko is the new boy on the block, feted by all who wish to sell him weapons and welcome him into the EU and NATO fold; to Hell with the Ukrainian people who are about to see their country sold out above their heads, before they spend the next seventy years paying the price.

This election, of course, is not dubbed farcical by the west despite the fact that it could not be carried out in the breakaway regions in the east, nervous about anti-Russian rhetoric from Kiev, which has to date perpetrated massacres of civilians in Lugansk, in Odessa, in Mariupol, in Slovyansk, strafing women going shopping with aircraft.

From the west, not a word, neither do the stories appear in their papers. But hey! Who cares? Thank God It's Friday. The World Cup is days away from starting, there's a whole weekend of mind-numbing nonsense on the TV and the entire population of the USA, Canada and EU has been grabbed by the testes, force-fed with a funnel of misinformation and has happily swallowed it hook, line and sinker.

The point is, if the populations of western countries do not get involved, they will be deemed guilty through association. Let's be honest: if your father is a serial child molester and rapist, your own street cred isn't that great, is it?

In conclusion, the lackadaisical, disinterested and nonchalant attitude of the citizens of the western world, manipulated by a demonic policy of brainwashing, acts as a green light, a carte blanche for governments connected with and guided by corporate greed to perpetrate crimes rather than make policy.

The credibility of the west today is absolute zero.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


([email protected])


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey