Ukraine: Anti-Fascist freedom fighters take the initiative

The sheer nonsense peddled as the truth in most western media outlets, where Russia is the cowboy wearing the black hat, Russia is the aggressor and Ukraine the poor maiden in distress, which the sheriff and his deputies have vowed to rescue, is a staggering exercise in political propaganda of the worst kind. Suppose someone told the truth?

Russia, the eternal bad guy

All popular movies have a common feature, which must be a mix of boy-meets-girl and good wins over evil. And Russia is big enough to be presented by a hostile, endemically Russophobic media as the bad guy, the cowboy in the black hat, the epitome of a strong "them" to justify the notion of "us", and hence we have NATO, the business side of the weapons lobby, whose member states spend up to 2 per cent on their GDP on systems to kill people.

So here we go again. Remember Georgia, where Georgian rockets firing northwards were paraded in the Western media as Russian rockets firing southwards and where the murderous Georgian incursion against Russians was presented as a Russian invasion of Georgia? What really happened was that Russia retaliated against this act of provocation undertaken by Georgia and its NATO advisors, who all in the end ran screaming back to Tbilisi while Russia launched a very contained campaign and restricted damages to the minimum.

The truth about Ukraine

In any civilized country, the elected President and Government stays in office until the end of the term they were elected for and then if they decide to stand in the next election, the people decide whether or not they should stay. Not with rifles and shotguns, but in the ballot box, casting a vote.

Not in Maidan Ukraine. A Fascist Junta seized power by hijacking the Parliament, using multiple votes from absent members of parliament, which was illegal, and voted President Viktor Yanukovich out of office without the existence of any single one of the four possible conditions for such a removal. The Junta is, in a word, a Putsch and the "Maidan Government" of Ukraine ("Maidan" being the word for "Square" where the Putsch took shape in Kiev - in Independence Square), has no authority whatsoever.

The first legislation this Junta passed was anti-Russian edicts restricting the status of the language and changing the school curriculum to hide the Russian part of the cultural program and this was done to a backdrop of anti-Russian slogans shouted in the streets, calls for the murder of Russians and Jews. And who supported this Junta? Those who had been firing at the police and at the same time on the crowds to incriminate the police, and a motley bunch of Fascists, anti-Semitists, racists, opportunists, torturers, thieves and murderers.

And the West shakes hands with them and pats them on the back. The Junta in Ukraine has no legitimacy whatsoever and today all over Eastern Ukraine, anti-Fascist freedom fighters are taking up the cause to fight against this scourge.

The lies over Crimea

The western media didn't even get the two questions right in the Referendum held in Crimea over the status of the Peninsula. They could not even copy correctly. The choice was very clear, as we shall see:

1: Вы за воссоединение Крыма с Россией на правах субъекта Российской Федерации?

2: Вы за восстановление действия Конституции Республики Крым 1992 года и за статус Крыма как части Украины?

(Translation: 1. Are you in favour of the reunification of Crimea with Russia and all the rights in the Russian Federation? 2. Are you in favour of the restoration of the Constitution of the Crimea Republic of the year 1992 and in favour of the status of Crimea as part of Ukraine?)

The Western media outlets lied, saying that it was a "Do you want to join Russia now or do you want to join Russia now?" choice. It was not. So for those who read this nonsense in Western media outlets, are you going to believe a word they tell you or are you going to inform yourselves as to what is really happening, and why? And are you going to continue to pay, to receive such lies?

In the Referendum the population of Crimea voted massively in favour of a reunification with Russia (Crimea was transferred to Ukraine from Russia in 1954, a historic mistake). This is democracy. Firing against the police, and firing on civilians to blame the police, making death threats against Russians and Jews is not. It is Fascism.

Maidan Ukraine

Maidan Ukraine, the Ukraine ruled by the "new government", is a monster without an iota of self-respect. A maiden, or a slut who does not pay her bills and reneges on her obligations? The illegal Junta is using foreign mercenaries to do its dirty work in the East of the country, probably because Western Ukrainians have no desire to fight their brothers and sisters, as anti-Fascist freedom fighters take the initiative and storm locations controlled by the Fascist Junta.

The West, and the US Jewish Lobby, should hang their heads in shame

The West calls on the rest of the world to support these Fascists. The West supported the Fascists calling for the death of Russians and Jews in Kiev but complains about the anti-Fascist Freedom Fighters in Eastern Ukraine. The Europeans, especially, should be ashamed. Did they not see what Fascism did to Europe just yesterday? And the Jewish Lobby in the United States of America should also be ashamed. Washington supports a Fascist Junta among whom are people who called for the death of Jews? Are they not aware that the Chief Rabbi in Kiev advised the Jewish community to leave the city during the Putsch?

Russian troops are on Russian soil

Suppose President Obama minded his own business? In clear English, suppose he STFU? How dare he make threats to Russia about imposing more sanctions over Russian troop movements inside Russia? Russian troops on Russian soil, this is a Russian affair and is none of his business. American troops on Iraqi soil are however everyone's business because the invasion was illegal and occasioned the deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, Iraqi citizens.

And speaking of the truth, what Russian military build-up? Or are they using satellite images of Russian troop movements during military exercises which took place months ago? Remember the "photographic evidence" of anti-Putin demonstrations in Moscow, which were in fact taken from 1991 when people were demonstrating against the dissolution of the Soviet Union? Remember the "Syrian kids" laying in their hundreds in shrouds, which were in fact Iraqi kids murdered during or after the US-led invasion?

Russia is in favour of de-escalation and not invasion

The West repeats the message day after day that Russia is planning a military invasion of Ukraine. Russia has stated from day one that it is planning no such invasion, and instead of this, favours de-escalation.

On Friday, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov stated:

"We believe that the de-escalation of the Ukrainian crisis is completely possible, but to do so it is necessary to stop imposing facts and stop the legitimization of the 'Maidan government' at any cost... Of course, what is needed is a guarantee to preserve Ukraine as a non-aligned state. We are convinced that Ukraine, our neighbor and a friendly nation, must not be a point of dispute, but rather a link to ensure stability and cooperation in Europe".

Perhaps if western media outlets started speaking the truth instead of just reiterating Russophobic lies, the climate could be created for a de-escalation of the crisis which was begun when anti-Semitic and murderous diatribes were uttered by those in or near the Fascist Junta which seized power in Kiev.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey