Alaska & Others Aspire to be Russian

By Xavier Lerma

In the past, enemies of Russia have torn her apart into some independent states and tried to overthrow her government many times. This century Russia has stood on its feet like a champion with the help of President Putin and his team of experts. They eliminated national debt and gave Russians a better way of life than they had in the 90's. There is obvious room for improvement and even Putin admits there is a lot more work to do and has outlined a plan to further improve Russia in the coming decade. Russia is the rising sun in the East and people from other countries want to join her.

The US coup in Kiev forced Crimea to vote for unity with Russia and they have achieved this goal. Other parts of Ukraine have wanted freedom from US Kiev. The city of Kharkov last Sunday in eastern Ukraine held a rally to separate from Kiev and were chanting, "Russia!, Russia!, Russia!", in the same way as Crimea did when expressing their desire to become a part of Russia. Odessa  held a similar rally chanting "Referendum!" and "Ukraine and Russia are together". 100,000 people voted in favor of becoming Russian in Lugansk.  I am sure they will vote and the Eastern part of the Ukraine will become Russia again. At least I hope so for their sake. After the smoke has cleared perhaps the weary people of Kiev will join Russia also.  If they look to the world they can see they are not alone in wanting to join Russia.

The evil that spread from Russia in 1917 to the West will be destroyed by Russia's renewed faith that will heal the world. Holy Mother Russia's benevolence shines out across the earth and now more than ever people from other lands are listening to her. Alaska has had more than 25,000 people who have signed a petition to secede from the US. The petition can be found here. Russians in the Gaza Strip have planned to hold a referendum to join Russia. The high taxed French also prefer Putin like Depardieu who is now a Russian citizen meeting with Putin here. He also recently started a limited-edition line of luxury watches called "Proud to be Russian". The Trans-Dniester region of Moldova sent a letter to a speaker in Russia's Duma to join Russia. I am sure in the future other countries from the former Soviet Union will want to wave the same flag. The question is when.

I received emails from the US saying , "Its only a matter of time before it falls into chaos and the people of Texas, Montana, Louisiana, North Dakota, Alaska.... etc... will not stand for the tyranny." - Mike.  "Putin appeals to traditional American values. He seems to be the only world leader that is standing up for Christians world wide" - Chris. "President Putin will stand tall because he dared to uphold the virtues of the Christian faith and civilization itself" - Richard. Another American told me to tell Mr. Putin to allow them into Russia and their state will gladly secede. Will states that are more traditional in America follow Alaska?

President Putin's ratings are at an all time high in Russia at over 75 percent. It really is no surprise since most people favor Putin. In the local surveys before the presidential elections of 2012 he was the favorite.  Putin is favored and respected in the world today because he stood head and shoulders over the rest in his handling of the Syrian situation. His wisdom prevailed at a time when Obama and Clinton were beating war drums and shouting for Assad to go. Russian pride became even stronger when we won the Olympics and Paralympics. Common sense and Christianity prevailing, it is no wonder nations and individuals prefer to be under Russia's wing. 

Xavier Lerma

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Author`s name Xavier Lerma