Ukraine - some questions

After Iraq, after Libya, after Syria, we see the same modus operandi in Ukraine, namely western media outlets demonizing the Government, busloads of thugs being ferried around the country, we see the US Secretary of State speaking to the "Opposition", namely armed criminals and agents provocateurs, hooligans and an ex-boxer. What is going on?

Shall we believe the western media outlets which speak about a fight for freedom, or shall we speak to Ukrainians - real, balanced Ukrainians, patriots, not wannabe politicians at the butt-end of their boxing careers or corrupted officials with an eye on a Green Card to enter the USA, not common criminals, murderers, torturers, thieves - and Islamist fundamentalist elements?

Let us ask, for example, who John Kerry thinks he is, in addressing the Ukrainian "Opposition", and who the "Opposition" think they are, given that President Yanukovich was democratically voted into his office, and given the signs that in 2015 he may very well be re-elected. In fact, we could also ask who these "peaceful protesters" are, given that they have been seen with weapons, they have attacked the police forces (how do the police behave in the USA when they are attacked?), given that they have been found with explosives, given that they have tortured and murdered normal Ukrainian citizens going about their daily lives.

And we can ask who are Hisb ul-Tahrir, the Islamist fundamentalist group of between 6,000 and 10,000 terrorists who are infesting the southern Ukraine, with ties to, who else, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

We can ask why so many of these "peaceful protesters" are carrying Nazi insignia and in some cases wearing Nazi uniforms, we can ask why there are Libyans among them in Kiev's Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square), among the "protesters", the Euromaidan, sporting European Union flags. We can ask where these Libyans came from and we can ask why these protesters are suddenly so enraptured by the European Union, which will only close Ukrainian factories, close Ukrainian farms, close Ukrainian fisheries, pay Ukrainians to sit on their backsides for a decade, then tell them it was part of the deal when in 2025 the Ukrainians start complaining the European Union took away all their jobs, as the European Union and its master in Washington syphons off Ukraine's massive mineral resources.

We may ask how many "peaceful protesters" complete with weapons, there are, and whether a few thousand misfits, vandals, thugs and hooligans are a mirror of Ukrainian society. We may ask why the "Opposition" changes its demands to President Yanukovich every time there is a meeting, avoiding any attempt at reconciliation.

We may ask these questions because there is no mention of terrorists and armed thugs torturing ordinary citizens in western media outlets, and we shall answer these questions in the forthcoming days by speaking to Ukrainians - real Ukrainians, not Islamist terrorists or paid mercenaries committing acts of sabotage, creating havoc to undermine the Government which took Ukraine away from the Orange Revolution and towards good management by Ukrainians for Ukrainians.

Konstantin Scheglikov

Pravda.Ru correspondent

In Ukraine

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey