BBC to broadcast anti-Gaddafi documentary as Green Resistance progresses

as it were before NATO invaded the country, BBC Four's Storyville announces the documentary "Mad Dog: Gaddafi's Secret World", to be broadcast on February 3.

Storyville summarizes its latest propaganda piece:

"Colonel Gaddafi was called Mad Dog by Ronald Reagan. His income from oil was a billion dollars a week. He washed his hands in deer's blood. No other dictator had such sex appeal and no other so cannily combined oil and the implied threat of terror to turn Western powers into cowed appeasers.


Like other tyrants, Gaddafi used torture and murder to silence opposition, but what made his rule especially terrifying was that death came so casually. A man who complained that Gaddafi had an affair with his wife was tied between two cars and torn in half. On visits to schools and orphanages Gaddafi would tap underage girls on the head to show his henchmen which ones he wanted. They would be taken to his palace and abused. Young boys were held in tunnels under the palace."

Apparently, 27 months after Gaddafi's death, his idea of the Jamahiriya (government by the people) is still way too terrifying alive, and the powers responsible for his death see no other way to try to stop the return of the Jamahiriya than to once again thoroughly discredit its founder.

History has proven that it does not matter much if the level of propaganda reaches above and behind the hilarious, the fantastic and the bizarre. The majority believed that the German army cut off the hands of Belgian babies during WWI - which afterwards turned out to be a psyops hoax. The majority believed that Saddam Hussein's soldiers threw babies from their incubators in Kuwait - which afterwards turned out to be a psyops hoax. Why won't the majority believe that Muammar Gaddafi washed his hands in deer's blood, before and/or during and/or after he raped numerous young boys and girls? Like the king of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, said: "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."

And by now, the lies about the man who changed Libya from the poorest country in the world into the most prosperous country of Africa, have been frequently and rampantly repeated. A series of abstract photos, called "The Green Book Project", aimed to argue that Muammar Gaddafi's concept of the Jamahiriya government as explained in the Green Book failed miserably and therefore had to be replaced with western style democracy ("great" examples of this type of democracy are not only current Libya, but also Afghanistan and Iraq). A villainous woman from the main orchestrator of the war on Libya, France, wrote an even more villainous book in which she describes Gaddafi's Libya as "a grotesque and horrendous case of Viagra totalitarianism", and the leader of the Al-Fateh revolution himself as a person who "systematically used sex as a form of terrorism against his own people". At the same time, the mainstream media have been anxiously hiding the actual close and crucial alliance between "Saint Mandela" and  "Mad Dog Gaddafi" from the public.

So far the Storyville documentary does not contain anything new, innovative or groundbreaking. We have heard it all before, exactly in accordance with the pattern of a successful lie as taught by Nazi propagandist Goebbels. The only thing new on the list of lies is the deer's blood. Is this a randomly chosen addition to the existing series of propaganda statements, something that is too suitable to leave unused, since the suffering of animals is one of the main means of influencing people's emotions and thus their reasoning... or could it be a cover-up for another crime of the heavily armed Al Qaeda militias that currently rule Libya?

A source claiming to report from within Libya, writes:

"Operations of deer hunting in the desert of Libya have become the new entertainment of every militias, and local organizations concerned with the protection of the environment say that deer hunting are done without a license in several parts of Libya, particularly in the south."

The latest BBC propaganda documentary obviously will pay no attention to the criminal acts of these militias, nor will it pay any attention to the true nature of the man who more than anything respected the earth and the living. The following words are from the "cruel rapist", the "torturer of young children", the "animal abuser":

"You can leave everything, except the earth. The earth is the only thing you cannot do without. If you destroy other things, you might not lose out, but beware of destroying the earth, because you will then lose everything. The source of biological life, at which human life stands at the top, is food. The earth is the container for this nourishment, which comes in different types... solid, fluid, gaseous. The earth is its container, so do not break the only container we have, for which there is no substitute.

If you destroy agricultural land, for example, it is as if you are destroying the only vessel containing your food, without which you will not be able to consume it. If you destroy agricultural land, it is as if you are destroying the only vessel containing your drink, for which there is no other receptacle, so how will you be able to consume it?

The earth is the lung through which you breathe, so if you destroy it, you will have no way to breathe.  If the rain falls down upon you without having land, you will not benefit at all. Therefore, the sky has no value for us without our having land.  If oxygen is found somewhere in outer space, what is the benefit if there is no earth? All of history's conflicts throughout the ages have been led by man against man, or against nature, have been about land. Land has been the crux of the conflict. Even space has been used for the sake of land.

Truly, the earth is your mother; she gave birth to you from her insides. She is the one who nursed you and fed you. Do not be disobedient to your mother - and do not shear her hair, cut off her limbs, rip her flesh, or wound her body.  You must only trim her nails, make her body clean of dirt or filth. Give her medicine to cure any disease. Do not place great weights above her breast, weights of mud or stone above her ribs. Respect her, and remember that if you are too harsh with her, you will not find another. Sweep the accumulated iron, mud, and stone from her back. Relieve her of the burdens that others have placed on her unfairly. Revere the cradle in which you grew up, the lap in which you lay.

Do not destroy your final resting-place, your place of refuge, or you are the losers and you shall truly regret it.  Land remains land only if we preserve its bounty. Land that is bountiful is truly useful land - guard it well. If we lay tile or pave it, build upon it, we will have killed it, and it will no longer give us its bounty. It will then become merely tile or asphalt, concrete or marble. And these things do not give us anything.  They do not grow plants or give us water; they are useful to neither man nor animal. The earth will then have died. Do not kill the earth - do not kill your very life.

The earth is water and nourishment, and the dead land that has been covered by buildings and construction does not give this water and nourishment. Thus, there is no life upon a dead earth.  What kind of people are they who kill the earth and bury it alive? Upon what kind of land will their life depend afterwards? Where will they live, and where will they obtain their food and drink?

The earth is something for which there is no alternative, so whither then are you going? In heaven there are trees, and not roads, sidewalks, public squares or buildings.  Ruining the earth is its misuse, its transformation into something other than land good for producing water and food. Thus, those who turn agricultural land into land that cannot grow anything are the ones who spoil this land."

Excerpt from "Escape to Hell and Other Stories" by Muammar Gaddafi



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey