Obama, don't make me puke!

Why can't President Obama, or any President of the USA, nay, Corporate States of North America for that matter, tell the people the truth, the whole truth and nothing but? Why is the State of the Union speech used to pull the wool over their eyes, an attempt to rubber-stamp the policies of the corporations that pull the strings of the Presidents they close ranks behind?

The State of the Union lies...

President Barack Obama started his State of the Union Speech reeling off a string of American success stories, stating how great the United States of America is and how hard its Government is trying to find solutions for its citizens. Translation: Washington could not give a two-penny hoot about the citizens of the United States of America, except for a window the forward side of election day when promises are made to support the sham that policies are directed by political manifestos elected by the people.

Translation: it makes not one iota of difference which way the people vote anyway because by the time the election takes place, the mechanisms are in full swing, AIPAC has decided who is going to win and the corporate machinery which is going to dictate policy for the next four years has closed ranks behind the candidate, ready to neuter any great ideas or castrate anyone with socially progressive ideals.

Translation: the USA is in fact a Corporate States of North America, ruled by the banking, weapons, pharmaceutical and energy lobbies, whose policies have brought American cities to a standstill, whose policies have destroyed millions of jobs, whose policies have led millions of Americans into endemic poverty, whose policies have left millions of youngsters without a shred of hope for the future. Worse, whose policies are doing the same overseas.

But there is Barack Obama the orator, talking about this woman who worked hard all her life (then lost her job), going round in circles trying desperately and pathetically to deny that Washington's policies have a gigantic F-word painted over them: FAILURE, oblivious to the fact that he swept into Washington with a bill called CHANGE fluttering in his right hand before he fluffed his lines, oblivious to the fact that he has been shamefully assimilated by the corporate machine which pulls his strings and tells him how high to jump.

As we scroll down the speech, more of the same, more of the same, yadder, yadder, yadder and ah! here it is, the foreign policy bit at the end, stand by for the buzz words, freedom, democracy, dictatorship...

Here we go...it starts with the paragraph about the Afghan war ending. Did he mention that Washington has been negotiating with the Taleban behind the scenes, did he mention that the Taleban were paid not to attack in many instances? Did he mention the Afghan opium trade blossoming under US supervision?

As for "setting an example for the rest of the world", what, Guantanamo Bay? You know, the place where detainees are held without any semblance of due process? Is that what the Corporate States of North America stands for, a torture and concentration camp, holding persons without accusation or trial? And why, instead of claiming that "American diplomacy, backed by the threat of force, is why Syria's chemical weapons are being eliminated", doesn't President Obama tell the truth?

Why doesn't he admit that the terrorist elements the west has supported and which have now spun out of control, were using chemical weapons to incriminate the Syrian government, why does he not admit that his own administration made wild and irresponsible claims - barefaced lies - without a shred of evidence, blaming "Assad" for the atrocities when elements within the Washington regime were well aware that the Syrian Government was not responsible for the attacks and could not have used such weaponry in an area packed with its own troops on the eve of an inspection?

As for "a Jewish state that knows America will always be at their side", pardon me, but let me puke, noisily. So Washington is going to stand by a state which builds a wall to divide Palestinian communities, which steals their lands, desecrates their cemeteries, shoots kids in the eye with rubber bullets, imprisons people who try to protect their lands from settler-thieves, and carries on blowing raspberries in the face of the international community? Figures.

And what's this about "American diplomacy"? Sterling job in Benghazi, what? Diplomacy, excluding democratically elected HAMAS from the negotiating table, excluding major player Iran from the Syrian peace process...diplomacy indeed. Napalm diplomacy, strafing screaming kids with chemical agents, nuclear diplomacy, silencing Japanese cities with atomic terrorist attacks, terrorist diplomacy, aiding, arming and training marauding gangs of Islamist fanatics in Libya and now Syria. As Hillary 2016 might say, "despicable".

When speaking about Iran's nuclear weapon plans (which it never had) why does President Obama fail to mention Israel's nuclear stockpile and under what international covenant does such a stockpile legally exist? Or is he too much of a sniveling coward to face up to the truth?

Moving down the alphabet of US disaster stories abroad, we reach the U for Ukraine, where dozens of buses are active ferrying thugs, vandals and hooligans from every corner of the country to Kiev, so that they can hurl missiles at the police force, break the law and create mayhem, just like their predecessors OTPOR did in Serbia. So Obama has no respect at all for his own police force, ambulance or fire service, because the policies he supports abroad see terrorists and thugs targeting these women and men as they sacrifice their lives for their communities?

However, ladies and gentlemen, there was one word of truth in Obama's state of the union lies, this gem: "My fellow Americans, no other country in the world does what we do". Hmmm, maybe he isn't such a liar after all. No other country has dropped atomic bombs on cities full of civilians - twice, no other country has strafed kids with Napalm, no other country has been involved in so many wars overseas, so many acts of treachery, so much support for Fascist regimes, so many murder attempts, so many blows, coups and putsches against democracy or democratically elected governments, so much support for terrorism.

In short, in a nutshell, in the history of humankind never has so much harm been done to so many by just one country.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey