Marion Le Pen: 'I'm advocating intelligent traditionalism against hostile elites'


Marion Maréchal Le Pen is the grand-daughter of French nationalist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen. Elected last year - at 22 - at the chamber des deputes, she firmly defended her convictions and traditional family values during the long struggle which opposed ailing French socialist government to motivated Christian and conservative movement. Illustrating her democratic and paradoxical dynasty, she has answered the questions of Tatiana Popova and

"Miss Le Pen, you're the youngest member of the French parliament. You have also demonstrated a strong reluctance to the so-called marriage for all. Can you explain to our readers the details of your position? And how do you explain the overreaction of the French government?"

"In fact, this fight is close to my heart and I agree with the youth of France who rose in recent months to defend the unsurpassable framework of our values ​​and respect for natural laws. We attended the omnipotence of a "nano-lobby" that alone, with its few hundred members, was able to destroy the institution of marriage as part of the descent and to consecrate the egoistic and individual desire above any other considerations like the well-being of the adopted child, and that against the advice of many recognized French psychiatrists. I also wanted to expose the numerous violations made by the libertarian Left to our individual liberties; the socialist government has underestimated numbers of demonstrators, and we assisted provocations, excessive use of police violence, and imprisonment for crimes of opinion... French democracy is dying before our eyes by the will of an ideologue elite who is forcing the French people to abandon all attachment towards the family or the nation to better impose the global utopia. Fortunately, the strength of recent months has shown that the French conscience was not dead!"

"Science and transhuman agenda continue to challenge  and rebuff all ethics; you've heard of Google babies, bought in Internet, designed in America, and whose delocalized "mothers" are laying somewhere in India, where the human products can be bought and delivered. Do you think a Christian or humanist consciousness can still intervene in these circumstances?"

"The reality is that today we come to the apex of modern nihilism in which man is ultimately a commodity more. In this reign of free trade, the conception of "progress" is modeled on the social development of technical progress. The strange reasoning by analogy leads us to consider that human societies, like technological advances, can only evolve toward greater social progress and therefore to increasingly good. The real danger of this law lies in the excesses that will lead to the arrival of the Assisted reproductive technology for lesbian couples and the Surrogacy for men in the name of "equality." The human body and personality becomes thus a consumable product in the name of progress and equality. True feminists should rebel against such contempt of women."

"Always for our readers, can you give us an idea of ​​your intellectual journey and even family (your relationship with your grandfather, for example)? What is your model of the past, if there is one? Your great historical figure?" 

"I come from a famous French political family whose historical figure Jean-Marie Le Pen, for many years, unleashed passions for defending alone the national current, despised and rejected by our elites in the name of the struggle against "nationalist hatred" and "extremism." My personal life has since taught me adversity and that is why, today, the political arena does not scare me. I grew up in the love of my country and I assume each error and achievement. Napoleon said that from Joan of Arc to Robespierre, he took everyone! I'm not advocating a smug conservatism but an intelligent traditionalism as a nation that forgets its past also forgets his mistakes and may be renewed. My nation is more than 1000 years old and it would be nice to start reducing its history to the 1789 revolution. There are many historical figures that I revere, and Joan of Arc is definitely one of my favorites: think of this war carried by a shepherdess inhabited by Providence to save the country from Anglo-Saxon occupiers..."

"It is customary to complain of the younger generation for at least fifty or sixty years. How do you see your generation - now that FN is 26% in France? Is the common youth uneducated, alienated by the technology, smart phones and mentally abducted by the media? Or is he rather rebellious and ready to support your movement to power in France?"

"The facts are stubborn. Despite the ideological hype operated through mainstream media and national education for years, the youth of France is still full of resources. Today the youth is the pitiful victim of counterculture and moral revolutions of 1968 that have made them a lot of harm. Reality catches up with every day: mass unemployment, widespread insecurity, massive immigration. We pay for the mistakes of our elders and the economic crisis led us to refocus on the remaining natural defenses that are family and the national community. The movement "Family for all", which brought together millions of people for several months, was characterized by youth actors. We saw out of the woods, extremely determined with a real political consciousness, youth fearing neither moralistic judgment of our elites nor their irrational repression. All this is very encouraging for the future and gives me great hope, because with them, I saw that we would be able to build the France of tomorrow."

"What are the factors that could push your party to power in the years to come - probably decisive? Are you ready then you, even without a big party means?"

"One of the reasons of our electoral success is that the French admit now that what we have been saying for years is true. I often say that we were right too soon. The French have now realized that the National Front is the only movement that can bring volunteers and the solutions the situation requires! I think it is the collapse of the elite, fascinated by the power and money, which always brings more French to vote for us. Our opponents have failed everywhere, on everything, and all the time with a real and brilliant constancy! My countrymen are tired of this fair to zero. We have fewer financial resources than others, but we do politics differently and we have maintained the militant culture, so we are now much more efficient than our opponents PS and UMP."

"Nowadays we are facing a surprising problem in France, Western Europe, in the West as a whole, the hostile elites. MPs do not like the people they represent, bureaucrats do not serve them anymore, journalists and mainstream media despise them. How do you analyze this problem of hostile elites?"

"I love your concept of "hostile elite"! That sums up very well what we are experiencing today. The population has, in fact, become the adjustment variable of the political war for more power. The lemma of the European politicians of today is "not to serve the people but to serve ourselves". These elites fight and admire each other at the same time, each wanting what the other has. We are in a satisfying immediacy and frantic desire without restraint. People are involved in issues of business and not at all ideology. Trotskyites and Maoists of the 70s have become the kings of the com' and media gurus of globalization, the great priests of financial economy. The hostility of the elite comes from the fact that they are no longer pursuing the same goals and the same hopes of their peoples. Even worse, the latter because they cling to their lifestyles, our national roots become an obstacle to the will of power of maniac globalization.

"In one of your recent speeches, you have evocated the fact that communist party wanted once to defend French working class against immigration. Why did this party renounce its mission and how the National Front became the first blue collar party in France?"

"Remember 1979. The case of the "Bulldozer Vitry" was the swan song of communism in France. The French Communist Party, which so far had denounced mass immigration as the "reserve army of capital" has yielded to the lure of power with the arrival of François Mitterrand in 1981. The PCF is gradually marginalized today to become the spokesman of «struggles" that is to say all the struggles of minorities, undocumented, paperless minorities. The people have turned their backs on PCF, but instead of self-examination, the "party" decided to defend all that is not the people. The National Front truly defends those who are most vulnerable because they are most exposed to insecurity, decommissioning and the folly of globalization. This is, in my opinion, the reason for our success with the masses, now that the communist party has given up the sickle and the hammer!"

"Europe is a project that was initially attracting, then frightening - when you were a child, and that finally turns sour and ridiculous. Can you get France out of European trap? And in what condition, otherwise avoid other more domestic turmoil?"

The initial idea was to ensure peace and to enable European nations to share resources and expertise. The European Union and its Committee have nothing to do with the founding idea. We are moving towards a federal structure when that of General de Gaulle was confederal. Some say that this is the same thing. But no, it has nothing to do! The confederation is a union of independent countries or the project of the current commission is to transfer as much as possible skills, understanding and sovereignty to a group without popular legitimacy.

"In the same vein, how to control immigration that has become no longer a French problem (that Mr. Le Pen raised in the 70s) but a world-wide one? What are your proposals to reconcile the freedom of movement and the preservation of the nations?"

Above all, we must immediately exit the Schengen area. We must stop the vacuum pumps that benefit world immigration, reserve our social model to our nationals. We must stop making Frenchmen without any conditions; the law of the soil creates unsustainable immigration situations, especially in our overseas departments and territories. We must tighten the conditions for granting and revocation of French nationality. A foreigner who arrives in France must meet his own needs because France with its huge debt has no longer has the means to care for, feed, and housing him, often at the expense of its national ... And of course for this, it is necessary to enforce the law by giving the police the means to carry out their mission. 

"In the fight against globalism and political correctness, Vladimir Putin is often targeted by aggressive Western media groups. Do you dream as General de Gaulle and your grandfather a boreal Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals and beyond?"

"It is clear that we have much in common and much to share with Russia. What is certain is that we have the means and resources to offer an alternative to globalism. Our goals contrast with that of England and Germany diplomatic history. England pushes to the "wide open", as Churchill said, and Germany is still sticking the idea of ​​Mittel-Europa. Both views are quite contrary to the interests of France. Others think we could be relegated to what they see as the second division of Europe and call with disdain Club Méditerranée (France, Italy, Spain, Greece ...). Old Europe is very complicated indeed but I am convinced that France and Russia have a common interest in reaching out because they both respect the tradition of the great harmonies and non-interference."

"What is your position on the Syrian conflict and the so-called Arab spring?"

"We are in the wake of the European Union, which itself takes its orders from Washington. We gave up our own geostrategic vision. The result is the rise of more radical Islamist movements. Libya and Syria are the proof of the glaring gap between emotion and reason. Neither Gaddafi nor Assad is great Democrat and I do not defend them, but we must make the prospective. What the facts tell us? The Libyan and Syrian conflicts have shown that the bursting of a strong state creates conditions for endless ethnic and religious confrontations and with the backdrop of the rise of jihads groups. Meanwhile the countries of the European Union continue to push for an explosion in the Maghreb and the Mashreq. This is, to my mind, a guilty ideological blindness. I sincerely believe that from an error of observation, we are now in the irrational."

"You are very young and still single in your parliament. In the gloomy French context, do you stay in politics very long and under what conditions?"

"You do not choose to make politics; it is the voters who choose! However, I am not one of those who are content to be spectators of their time, so I always think working in one way or another for my country. There are many ways of doing politics, and I could not tell you what could be mine after my term as a member. I do not have a career plan so I go where my contribution can be most useful."

Marion Le Pen interviewed by Tatiana Popova 

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov