Syria: Western-backed terrorists running like rats

The western-backed terrorist filth which has infested many parts of Syria in the last two years is being systematically exterminated and removed from its hideouts before the areas are sterilized by the Syrian Armed Forces, heroically waging a winning war against NATO's mercenaries, special forces and Islamist terrorists they have brought into the fray.

As the west becomes desperate and the common EU policy literally falls apart while bully boys France and the UK gnash their teeth to launch another imperialist spectacular, as they did in Libya, the terrorist strongholds collapse like a house of cards and the demented vermin which has infested so much of Syria over the last two to three years runs screaming.

In the border town of al-Qusayr, the Syrian Armed Forces are progressing steadily, exterminating pockets of takfiri terrorist bands of murderers, rapists, arsonists, thieves and torturers. Sources quote "significant losses" among the terrorist forces as they fled, after denying access to the civilian population of the city to flee, something which the Syrian Armed Forces had insisted upon.

The towns of Mansoura, Aldalbh, Tal Saka and Saka have been cleansed and sterilized, and large numbers of terrorists have been liquidated. The leader of the Descendants of the Prophet brigade, Abdullah Alkhator, was killed, as was the Benghazi Libyan terrorist Ayman al-Bosifi (terrorist filth exported by NATO?).

Meanwhile, there are reports from the Syrian Arab News Agency that another stash of chemical weapons has been found among terrorist forces, this time Sarin Nerve Gas, taken by the Syrian Armed Forces during a raid against terrorist elements in the city of Hama. Along with the nerve gas, a large number of weapons and munitions were apprehended.

The west has repeatedly accused the Syrian authorities of using chemical weapons - there is not one shred of evidence that it has, while on the contrary there have been several incidents pointing towards the "opposition" deploying such weapons, met with a wall of silence by the western backers of those who fight President Assad and wish to turn Syria into an Islamist State.

Russia and Syria have insisted that every alleged case of the use of chemical or biological weapons should be exhaustively investigated by an independent commission. Why have such commissions not materialized and who is blocking them? Not Syria, not Russia. Then, we have our answer.

The UN Commission into the use of chemical weapons did carry out a study in Aleppo, where it discovered that the chemical weapons deployed were fired from a rebel-held area.

Who is carrying out the west's dirty work? There are allegations that the terrorists are moving freely inside Turkey, that Qatari money has been used to finance the terrorist groups inside Syria and that the Saudi government has opened up old smuggling routes through the south-western tip of Iraq.

Increasing number of areas back to normal

The Syrian Armed Forces have sterilized the capital city, Damascus, with peace returning to all its districts after the liquidation of bands of terrorists, rapists, murderers, child molesters, thieves and arsonists. A unit of the Syrian Armed Forces exterminated terrorist bands in Huseinieh village, Um al-Shaker, Kherbt Gimrah, Aqrab and the countryside of Daraa.

Jabhet al-Nusra terrorists were eliminated in the Lattakia countryside as they fled. Among the dead was the Libyan terrorist commander. Finally, dozens of terrorists were exterminated in Bait Shurooq and al-Suda, where the terrorist commander of the Nour Eddin al-Zinki battalion, Bashar Wadfa, was destroyed.

Right from the very beginning, the West, buoyed by its imperialist escapade in Libya to destroy the dream of the African Union which Colonel Gaddafi was financing, got it wrong in Syria. Finally, after all these years, we see who the evil ones are and we see who sides with terrorists.

Shame on the FUKUS Axis (France- UK- US) and their partners in murder, NATO. Their foreign policy has been exposed for what it is: pandering to the whims of the corporations which control

Photo: One of NATO's unarmed civilian darlings

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey