West dedicated to destruction of human rights

Contrary to their posturing, the west remains dedicated to the destruction of human rights.  They have managed to totally skew even the meaning of the concept, much less practice what they preach.

What they usually refer to as human rights:  elections and voting, whereby you get to choose between a couple of the power elites' puppets.  Such a privilege.  Who do I want, puppet number one or puppet number two?  For all the braggadocio about "elections" in Libya, that is exactly what happened there...and elsewhere. 

One need not mention freedom of the press, that's a joke with western corporate media, as well as their purported "freedom of speech."

What constitutes REAL human rights is the right to live in dignity.  The right to housing.  The right to social mobility through free education.  The right to free health care.  The right to a job and recreation.  The right to security in old age or in disability.  Free or subsidized utilities.  A network of social guarantees that leaves no one left behind.

When the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact were dissolved, the only counter force against the Capitalist power elites was removed.  At that very point, the war of the elites against human rights began in earnest.  The years of worry from the threat of Socialist and Communist endeavors for those human rights and freedom from colonialism were set back.

Their first big target was Yugoslavia.  A thumb in the face of Russia.

There, different national groups were living together with some measure of social and material security, and they tended to get along. There was a lot of intermingling and even intermarriage. But by destroying the economy, all went into a tailspin, thanks to sanctions and IMF destabilization. 

It was easy then to orchestrate conflicts and social unrest.

The Western powers provided the most retrograde terrorist separatist elements with every advantage:  money, organization, propaganda, arms, hired thugs, and the full might of the U.S. at their backs. Bin Laden and the mujahadeen from Afghanistan and other states infiltrated the country massively.

The same thing happened in Libya and now Syria...importing terrorists for fun and for profit.

Yugoslavia was built on the idea that Southern Slavs would not remain weak and divided peoples, fighting among themselves and easy prey to outside imperialist interests.

After the Great Patriotic War, socialist Yugoslavia became a great viable nation and an economic success. It had one of the most vigorous growth rates: a good standard of living, free medical care and education, a guaranteed right to a job, one-month vacation with pay, a literacy rate of over 90 percent, and a life expectancy of 72 years. Yugoslavia also offered its multi-ethnic citizenry affordable public transportation, housing, and utilities, with a not-for-profit economy that was mostly publicly owned.

The dismemberment and mutilation of Yugoslavia was then orchestrated by the United States and the other Western powers, against the one country in Eastern Europe that would not voluntarily overthrow what remained of its socialist system and install a free-market economic order.

In fact, their efforts resulted in the transformation of the Yugoslav nation into a Third-World region, a cluster of weak right-wing principalities with drug and people trafficking, a mafia state and unbridled ethnic cleansing and terrorist acts in the heart of Europe.  Human rights have eroded considerably, even where fascists and fundamentalist terrorists do not reign supreme.

In Libya, before kindly western intervention, Muammar Khaddafi had turned the poorest country in the world into one of the richest in Africa. He provided Libyans with a high rate of literacy and a free education, and then paid for University grants overseas for those needing them. Ten per cent of Libyan students studied abroad, in Europe and the USA, paid by the state and with board and lodging also paid.  A dictator educating his people?

He gave each married couple $50,000 USD to settle down.  He paid for half the first car, he provided interest-free bank loans.  He provided free medical care and free housing.  No one was ever homeless. 

He built the world's most advanced irrigation system, bringing water to most of Libya across the desert.   It is the world's largest irrigation project with the largest underground network of pipes and aqueducts, supplying 6,500,000 cubic metres of fresh water daily.  From being one of the driest countries on earth, the Libyan desert was made to bloom.  He provided those who wish to be farmers with land, seeds, tools and instruction.

Libya enjoyed the highest Human Development Index in Africa.  He helped free Africans from the yoke of imperialism and colonialism.  He provided Africans with satellites to free them from crippling payments to western corporations. 

He set up loans so that Africans would be freed from paying usury for the rest of eternity to foreign banks. He paid revenue from Libyan oil directly into the bank accounts of the Libyan people.  All shared in the profits of Libyan oil, no longer going into pockets of multinationals.

He set up a banking system that would eventually have freed all of Africa.  The entire western charade has been about removing him from power because of his humanitarian and developmental projects in Africa and his plan to launch a gold-based currency, the Gold Dinar, which would have been too costly for selfish western financial interests whose only thought is to keep Africans poor, starving and robbed of their own natural resources.

Now Libya is transformed into a third world hell hole, a hotbed of terrorism, where no one is safe, nor do they have any guarantees they will live the next day without being murdered, mutilated, or perhaps raped and robbed.

In Syria, the rights any Syrian citizen enjoys include free health care; free education; subsidized bread, rice, sugar and fuel, as well as free scholarships abroad.  As in Yugoslavia and Libya, different peoples got along very well.  Now what do the terrorists offer the people?  Absolutely nothing, with the exception of having their leaders pander to western interests so that the country can be robbed of its resources.  Their extreme form of Islamic law, unlike the progressive society now, will regress all rights, particularly for women.  Instead of a diverse society, it will be a theocratic hell on Earth, just like Libya.

U.S. presidents subverted, terrorized and bombed countries massively on the pretext of "human rights" - but never the real offenders who happen to be faithful client-state allies dedicated to helping Washington make the world safe for the Fortune 500.

Sellouts and greedy malcontents stand ready to sell themselves and our rights for a price.  Lies, false accusations and deceit are the modus operandi of the monster.  Keep that in mind when these stars of the western media vomit their filth, whether they be called Pussy Riot, Xavier Lerma, Yoani Sánchez or Mustafa the great "opposition leader."

The monster of imperialism rears its ugly head not just in the major hotspots I highlighted, but also all throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America, seeking to overturn progressive victories for human rights.

Slowly, our planet is being divested of human rights and turned into a giant camp where the one percent are served by the ninety-nine.

We have heard much, as well, about austerity measures...which will pay for the errors and unbridled greed of that one percent.  Job security, benefits and guarantees are being removed.

It is time to respond and fight against this monster which has no qualms about extinguishing life on a massive scale and removing every vestige of human rights and dignity.  Take note of the massive psychotic ferocity of their attacks, the "sending them back to the stone age" mentality of these war criminals.  The anti-imperialist fight must begin in earnest.

Lisa Karpova

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Author`s name Lisa Karpova