Mali: FUKUS Axis in action again

After the FUKUS Axis created the situation in Mali by their illegal attack against Libya, after the FUKUS Axis installed terrorists in power in Libya, after the FUKUS Axis sent terrorists into Syria and then recognized them as the legitimate Government, we have the FUKUS Axis on an imperialist adventure in Mali.

Nice one. The FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US) is now in Mali fighting what it describes as "Islamist terrorists", you know, the ones it cavorted with in Libya, in an illegal war breaching the conditions of UNSC 1970 and 1973 (2011) in which a spectacular mission creep by the UK and France (mainly) rendered the word of London and Paris lower and less trustworthy than a heroin addict desperate for a fix.

The FUKUS Axis (France, UK; US) is now in Mali fighting "Islamist terrorists" after siding with the LIFG in Libya, on the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office's own list of proscribed groups, and after sending terrorists into Syria to run amok, torturing and killing, robbing and looting, committing arson, rape, sodomy, desecration of bodies and human rights outrages.

And if the FUKUS Axis had not launched their imperialist escapade in Libya (not to protect civilians, which they murdered in their thousands, but rather to neuter any notion of an African Union with teeth and substitute it by AFRICOM, controlled by who else? Washington), then Mali would not be in the situation it is in.

In short, the history of collaboration with the FUKUS Axis and terrorists is as long as it is shocking. They supported the Mujaheddin to destabilize Afghanistan and destroy the only progressive Government that country has had in its recent history, where women's rights were guaranteed, and stood back as the Mujaheddin morphed into the Talebaan, whose thank-you note was 9/11. Well, with some help from their friends.

This was after the FUKUS Axis collaborated with Al-Qaeda and Islamist elements in Bosnia, after Muammar al-Qadhafi was the first international leader to issue an arrest warrant against Obama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda; this was after the FUKUS Axis collaborated with the Albanian terrorist movement Ushtria Çlirimtare ë Kosovës (Kosovo Liberation Army). As we see, in the equation of international relations, the involvement of the FUKUS Axis with terrorists is a constant vector.

So now, why the imperialist escapade of their own making in Mali? Because suddenly the FUKUS Axis is worried that the entire area could spin out of control? They should have thought of that before they stuck their noses into Libya. Watch this space, as a long and protracted conflict sucks France into North Africa and with it, its FUKUS Allies the UK and US, as predicted in this column a year ago. For how long, remains to be seen.

One day after France and the UK announced their involvement in the conflict, and after the Foreign and Commonwealth said (again, risibly) no boots on the ground before admitting that (cough) actually there will be boots on the ground (just a "handful"), a counter-offensive by the Malian "rebels" (whatever that means these days) has taken the strategic town of Diabaly, 400 kilometres from Bamako, the capital, in what is an increasingly small area of Mali controlled by the Government.

And instead of helping the Syrian Government to defeat the terrorists, what do the FUKUS Axis do? Why, send in more terrorists.

Maybe someone can make some sense out of the FUKUS' foreign policy? Or is the intention In fact, if the FUKUS Axis stayed at home, butted out and stopped interfering, the world would be a far, far better place.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey