A Christmas Story

Once upon a time where were three wise men called Barack, David and François who claimed for themselves the duty of freeing the world from its ills by sending their forces to topple governments they perceived as "evil" and who in breaking each and every clause of international law made themselves criminals.

And so as we enter another Christian (Roman) festive season, let us remember this Christmas Tale and its moral. Once upon a time there were three men who called themselves wise - named Barack Obama, François Hollande and David Cameron who together with their chiefs of diplomacy Hillary Clinton, Laurent Fabius and William Hague, claimed to represent the international community and took it upon themselves to impose their justice on sovereign nations.

Instead of making a difference through development, they chose deployment of their own special forces against every fibre of international law making the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom pariah states, outlaws in the international community that their leaders claimed to represent. Welcome to the FUKUS Axis (France-UK-US). They also took a sinister decision which will haunt them and their countries for decades to come: they chose to use terrorists to do their dirty work, training and arming them and sending them to run amok among civilian populations. Thus they lost the moral high ground.

The massacres perpetrated by the Libyan terrorists which the FUKUS Axis trained are singularly shocking. Women had their breasts hacked off in the street, girls were raped, little boys were impaled on metal rods, men were tortured and burnt and sodomised as the FUKUS Axis' demons went berserk, goaded on by the three wise men and their evil minions.

"Lift your leg, you son of a dog, we will cut off your penis" yelled a gang of FUKUS Axis terrorists as they sodomised a man with a rifle, treatment meted out to all Libyans who refuse to support the FUKUS Axis puppet government run by terrorists. Thousands of Libyans have been tortured, mutilated, raped, abused and humiliated. Ethnic cleansing against black Libyans has taken place under the noses of Cameron, Obama and Hollande and their Foreign Affairs Ministers.

What did they do? Like the three monkeys who could hear, see or speak no evil, they covered their eyes, ears and mouths and said nothing. Members of the Libyan National Resistance, loyal to the Green Libya which Muammar al-Qadhafi built, risk their lives daily getting this information to us. How free are they in the new FUKUS Libya?

How free are people to step out of their homes, to buy a loaf of bread without being attacked and tortured by these demons? And are the three wise men not ultimately guilty by association for the crimes their minions have committed? Why, the group LIFG was even on the British Foreign and Commonwealth office's own list of proscribed groups while it was being supported.

For the first time in my life, I have had to stop viewing the footage sent to me by members of the Libyan National Resistance (fighting against the FUKUS terrorists) who risked their lives getting this video out. I cannot post the footage with this article but those with medium research skills will find it on You Tube. The viewing is utterly disgusting and totally disturbing but it is important for people to know what the foreign policies of the FUKUS Axis truly represent.

In Libya, the country where al-Qadhafi was the first international leader to issue an arrest warrant against Al-Qaeda, we see an Al-Qaeda Salafi Sheikh beating a defenceless man with a stick as he is strung up by his wrists, hanging upside down. How religious is that? And then the wise men turned to Syria and employed the same tactics, recruiting youngsters into the so-called Free Syrian Army, arming them, training them and then unleashing them on what was under Bashar al-Assad a peaceful society.

"Allahu Akhbar! Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahu Akhbar!" they scream as a Syrian soldier has his head hacked off by some crazed demented lunatic with a machete. Teenagers are drafted into the gangs, controlled by Al-Qaeda, trained by FUKUS Axis special forces and financed by their bedboy in the Middle East, Qatar.

And speaking of which, this Christmas Tale ends with a parting thought for David Cameron, Barack Obama, François Hollande, Laurent Fabius, William Hague and Hillary Clinton as they tuck into their turkeys this Christmas in their comfy little homes, stuffing themselves stupid and chortling in self-congratulatory delight as they sip their brandies and over-indulge on port wine as they tell their families how great they are and how family issues really matter most.

How many families have their forces destroyed in Libya and Syria over the last two years? How many children do not have a father sitting at the head of the table because he has been tortured to death by the forces that they themselves unleashed? Hopefully with every mouthful of stuffing they will remember the burnt and seared guts of a policeman who was turned into a human torch because he dared to try to stop these gangs from smuggling weapons and drugs in Libya.

How many children have lost their mothers in Libya and Syria because she had her breasts sliced off and then her dying body was gang-raped by these monsters? As these self-satisfied pigs tuck into their Christmas dinners, and look at their families, they know very well what they have done but they are blind and deaf to the horrific images and screams they have caused by their actions.

I sincerely hope that this Christmas night, the above-mentioned will hear the screams of a Syrian soldier screaming in agony as his anus was stretched to the size of a football by Free Syrian Army (terrorist) personnel, which the FUKUS Axis have recognized as the legitimate spokespersons for the Syrian people, and as he was sodomised with an array of tools before being seared with a red-hot poker.

And as I wish them a Happy Christmas, breaking news has just come in: The Syrian "opposition", their little darlings, have just used chemical weapons.

Merry Christmas. Have a good dinner.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey