Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Syria: When will the west stop supporting terrorists?

In answer to this question, let us examine the connection between NATO and terrorist organizations over the last decade and let us examine what NATO did to leaders of sovereign states who dared to stand up against Al-Qaeda. The findings are very curious and bring into question the entire credibility of the myth of "western democracy".

There is no doubt at all that out of the five terrorist groups operating in Syria, support from NATO is a constant factor (by "NATO" read also the GCC, the Gulf Cooperation Council, in the words of al-Qadhafi, "donkeys ridden by foreigners", or else Turkey, the state which complains about the Kurdish activists but which then sponsors terrorist organizations in Syria, or allows them to use its territory as a base).

Syrian terrorists admit arms supplied by US

Yet this is hardly surprising for those who wish to present an overview of the last few decades. All we have to do is re-read the history book, albeit the history book not present in western media, and we can draw our own conclusions.

In 1998, according to Pakistan's Dawn newspaper, an interview which vaporised from the Internet (together with a good many of my articles, for example), Mullah Omar (the leader of the Talebaan) stated that the United States of America had offered his government 5 billion USD to build a pipeline across Afghanistan and through Pakistan to the Indian Ocean.

Syrian terrorists admit arms supplied by US


This article I read and copied at the time. It has since disappeared from the Net, giving rise to the favourite accusation of pro-NATO toadies, "prove it". Cyber terrorism after all is "kosher" when perpetrated by those who have a birth-right to break the law, namely NATO countries in general and the FUKUS-Axis in particular (the epicentre of NATO, namely France, UK, US). Stuxnet.


Stuxnet? Cyber terrorism?


Well going back to basics, the Mujaheddin movement in Afghanistan was fuelled by whom and by what? The Madrassah in Pakistan, yes but who and what was behind these religious schools? The CIA, using them as an instrument against the USSR's excellent governance in Afghanistan (strategically important because of the Central Asian energy resources).


Syrian terrorists admit arms supplied by US


But by then Al-Qaeda had reared its ugly head. Muammar al-Qadhafi was the first person to issue an international arrest warrant against its leaders. Saddam Hussein also had problems with Bin Laden, who targeted him as a pariah and look what happened in Iraq.  And look what happened in Libya.


What happened in Bosnia? (Al-Qaeda and the west engaged together). What happened in Kosovo? (Al-Qaeda/Albanian terrorists and the west engaged together). The current affairs in Libya and Syria only underline what we have suspected all along.


Syrian terrorists admit arms supplied by US


Freedom? Democracy? Freedom of expression and of the press? Or a cynical manipulation of the truth through misuse of media resources, sabotage, terrorism and subversive activities?


I believe everyone knows what we are talking about here.


Syrian terrorists admit arms supplied by US


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey