USA: Big decision time

There are times when an election is simply a choice between two parties, more or less the same, slightly left or right of centre; there are times when an election is a waste of time and it doesn't make a difference which way you vote; there are times when it is up to each and every individual to make their vote count and 2012 is one of those years.

There are those who somehow manage to get their articles printed in reputable international newspapers, claiming that a vote for Obama is a vote for "murder" or "destroying America" or "lack of freedom" but then again there are those who trick their way into the homes of the stupid and gullible selling dreams and promising the Earth in exchange for a pay-check or a pledge to clean the windows once a month.

They never turn up again, just like the "birther" tsunami which peaked a few months ago and has whittled down to nothing after being shouted down from all sides of the political spectrum. The "birthers" claimed that President Obama was not eligible to stand for office, despite the fact that he would have been vetted by everyone, by every newspaper and journalist, from the day they announced he was a candidate.

These same people support Mitt Romney. Who? You know, the gaffe guy, the one who opens his mouth and insults people, or accuses them of things they never did. In short, a foul-mouthed oaf, a wannabe President with no credentials beyond the Governorship level.


Peter Principle and the US elections


Dr. Laurence Johnston Peter (1919-1990) wrote The Peter Principle in 1969, collaborating with Raymond Hull, in which he formulated the Peter Principle, namely: "in a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence." Applying this to US politics, Barack Obama has risen to the top of the political pile and he has done so competently.

Mitt Romney, without this competence, without Barack Obama's skills, wants to be there, and so do those ousted elements from the Bush regime dying to get back in. Rumour has it that Senator McCain is ear-marked for Secretary of State. Ask a Nam Veteran what they think of McCain and then decide whether this Bush regime remnant is the perfect external image of the US of A.

Governor Romney's position in the Peter Principle is...Governor Romney. Not President Romney. Everyone knows it, the Obama freeze in debate number one gave rise to some flights of fantasy (OK Barack Obama is better at being President than debating maybe, and so?)...and so we can conclude that he is better at handling the extremely difficult conditions bequeathed to him by the Republican Bush regime than at making an idiot of himself in televised debates getting everything wrong, as Mitt the Twit does.

Time for Responsibility

The American people are famous for a lot of things, infamous for a lot of others. One of the latter is being fat and stupid, a ridiculous assumption from the ignorant and idiotic in Europe who should try and get into an American University, and then call them stupid, or go around at seven in the morning and call those power-walking up and down the sidewalks fat.

The American people may be a lot of things, and being so many and with so many ethnic origins, thankfully they are, but collectively, stupid they are not.

They know how to weigh up what President Obama has done, in the face of dreadful economic problems inherited from the Republican Bush regime and they know very well that they do not want to go back there again.

See, Romney can promise the Earth, but remember Bush Senior's "Read my lips", "No more taxes"?

Right, same old, same old Grand Old Party. The same Grand Old Party which just four years ago had the United States of America synonymous with sodomy, illegal detention, rape, urination in food, sleep deprivation, murder, torture, water-boarding, concentration camps...

And on a more serious note, would YOU trust a guy who has never had a glass of beer in his life? Or says he hasn't...

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey