Syria and the Siren's Song

As time goes on, and as the evidence comes out from the field, it is obvious that what is happening in Syria today is different from any of the crises confronting this country throughout its long and dignified history. However, it is important to say that Syria has always faced and overcome these challenges and shall do so again.

As was the case before, this crisis has an external component and once again we can see the modus operandi of the NATO member states, with the spider at the center of the web being the FUKUS Axis (France and its Anglo-Saxon masters, the UK and US). This modus operandi can be described in two words: the Siren's Song.

The Siren's Song uses slogans, noble slogans: Freedom, release from tyranny, democracy (whose democracy and what form does it take? Stealing plasma TV screens? Hiding behind Parliamentary immunity?), these slogans striking a chord with economic crises and the poorer sections of society, to whom the Earth, the Moon and Saturn is promised, while at the same time a demonology campaign is waged.

Now add to this equation the arming, training and control of terrorist groups first within Syrian society (or the society of the intended victim) and in a second phase the use of foreign terrorists (in the case of Syria it is Tunisians, Libyans, Afghans and terrorists from the GCA - the Gulf Cooperation Axis) and you will see a deep wedge driven among the different sectors of complex societies, where thousands of years of balance can be swept away at a stroke.

The past history of the FUKUS Axis is sufficiently evil and their recent behaviour since the turn of the century is such that nobody in their right mind can have any doubts as to who or what they are - lobbyists, or rather, political fronts pandering to the whims of the arms, banking and energy lobbies whose greedy piggy little eyes have set themselves upon the riches of Central Asia. The last stop on the line is of course Siberia.

To put the puzzle together for those who do not know, or who have not been informed, the chess game started before 9/11, in fact in 1998, when the USA allegedly tried to bribe Afghanistan to allow them to build a pipeline across it through Pakistan to the Indian Ocean. The negative answer gave the go!go!go! for NATO to turn against the monster it created, the Talebaan. Iraq? Energy and strategic position, and a Bush vendetta against Saddam, a CIA creation.

Libya? Gaddafi's humanitarian projects were costing the lobbies too much in lost revenue and a British vendetta against him because of the IRA (of course without taking into account the earlier contribution of the British Black and Tans in Ireland which gave rise to the IRA in the first place). Next stop? Iran and then Central Asia (look at the map) but before that, secure the western flank (Syria) and also deny Russia its last Mediterranean base.

This is the bigger picture. Back to the smaller one. What the western media has not told anyone is that the position of the Syrian government, right from the beginning of the unrest (true, there was a home-grown focal point based on economic difficulties, exacerbated by the recent food crises - again, created by whom?), has been constant. Namely, that all sectors of Syrian society are welcome to participate in dialogue to implement the reform programme.

The result is that most of the population has closed ranks around their President, His Excellency Dr. Bashar al-Assad, and this includes some former Opposition groups which have joined the Government.

Those who wished to hear the siren's song of the West and their mail-order terrorists have found a wonderful terrorist master in Erdogan (Turkey), a country which has allowed its territory to be host to terrorist groups and from where terrorist operations are launched. They have found wonderful terrorist financiers in the Gulf Cooperation Axis and of course wonderful terrorist colleagues-in-arms in the countries "liberated" by the FUKUS Axis, endemically terrorist lovers.

But slogans of freedom and democracy mean nothing when they represent false values, crocodile tears and hypocrisy. The Syrian government will not negotiate the Golan Heights or Palestine, the Syrian government has from the very beginning stressed the need for an all-inclusive process of national dialogue over foreign interference. Those against, are traitors to Syria and to the Arab cause.

With the past history of the FUKUS Axis clear for all to see, their policy is discredited. They are the sirens and their song spells intrusion and destruction of sovereignty. Those who wish to be ridden like donkeys listen to the Siren and her songs, drugged and enchanted, being pulled closer and closer to the rocks upon which they will be shipwrecked.

Countless peoples have been, for several centuries. Why should anything change now?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey