Kate's photos, the media and integrity

OK, Kate Middleton, or Princess Kate, has two breasts. As an adolescent, they developed, as an adult, they flourish. As a human being, they are hers to reveal to whosoever she pleases and as a wife in a loving union with her husband, William Wales, they belong to that union. Not to the public, not to the press.

I believe that the paparazzi who snapped Kate Middleton's breasts and that the publications that publish the photographs are targets. Not only them but all those involved in the process... and their families. Not targets for violence, but hey! What about the titties of the mothers, wives and girlfriends of those who thought it was cool to take advantage of the Duchess of Cambridge and insult her and her husband in this way? Suppose someone inserts a microphone into their toilets, or under their dinner tables? Would they like that?

Fair do's eh what? Or do two wrongs not make a right?

As I stated, the physical integrity of the Duchess of Cambridge is her birthright and the secrecy of her intimate body, consecrated in the norms in force in any civilised society, is inviolable. Add to this equation what happened to the mother of her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, virtually murdered by the paparazzi, then we have a most shocking violation of human rights on our hands. And a total lack of respect for two young people who are doing their best (and making a very, very good job of it) to fulfil their role in society. Just when they should be encouraged at the excellent start they have made, we have French, Italian and I am ashamed to admit, Irish persons involved in insulting their image.

Praise to the British media which for once has decided to do the decent thing and decide that Kate Middleton's body is hers, that her breasts are not newsworthy because they are not news and shame on the disgusting publications which decided to sell their souls to the Devil to make a quick buck with those "people" (?) who get a kick out of opening the newspaper at page three and then saying "Weh hey, eh?"

"Cooorrrr, get a look at those beauties! Cor!! I'd love to squeeze THOSE!" Yes, because the type of person who gets off on the breasts of someone's wife is the type of loser who never gets to have his own to feel, unless it is paying for it or else weirding off on the Internet. Kind of sad, what?

That is where these publications are at. I seriously hope Prince William sues the backside off them, I seriously hope the editor who decided to place those photos gets to rue the day he decided to side with Satan and I seriously hope such an outrage against human rights never, ever gets to the international press again.

As an international journalist, and with a certain reputation, I have been fed over the years multiple titbits of information, photos, CDs and documents incriminating public figures. Could I have used them? Yes I could, and I could have sold them for hundreds of thousands of dollars...nay, millions, which would have paid all my bills until the time I go to meet the boss. No bullshit. Fact.

Did I use them? No I did not and I did not even think of using them for one second. I thanked those who sent them and clicked the OFF button. Naïve? Hopefully, yes. Stupid? Not really, my IQ is my business and my emotional intelligence is even higher; a bad journalist? No, because I believe in journalism and not smut.

The ones who give journalism a bad name are those who spend their time waiting for a snapshot, those who pay for it and those who print it. Why? We all know why and the bottom line is to make a quick buck at the expense of someone else's misery.

As I wrote on the day when Prince William and Princess Kate got married, leave them alone. Take pictures of them when they are on duty, leave their toilets alone, leave their intimate moments alone, let them grow together as a couple, let them grow together as a family, show some respect. And I go further, those who do not, should be targets. Suppose someone decided to hold a demonstration outside the offices of...? And investigate all those who work in the publication? Hmmm...not so funny now is it?

As I said, why should the families of the nasty and spiteful hateful demonic pieces of excrement who make money from this type of commercialisation of images not be targets? Probably because such images would be more befitting of a freak show.

Oh I am sorry, I do apologise. To excrement.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey