Obama needs four more years

Any politician who criticises President Obama on his four-year-record is either stupid, or incompetent. Anyone who wants to go back to the Bush-style Republican Regime needs their brains tested and anyone who seriously considers Romney as a candidate for the Presidency is dangerously naïve. This Republican Romney/Ryan ticket is the gateway to Hell.

Rewind four years. The Bush Regime (Republican) bankrupted the United States of America, the Republican Bush Regime made the name of the United States of America synonymous with illegal and murderous attacks on sovereign nations, war crimes, the breach of the Geneva Conventions, torture, sodomy, rape, illegal detention, urinating in food, the most shocking and barbaric human rights abuses (CIA torture camps and flights set up in Europe) and concentration camps (Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay).

The economic and financial crisis which has swept millions of families into the poverty trap had its roots and stem in the Bush Regime (Republican), the Bush Regime (Republican) destroyed jobs instead of creating them; the Bush Regime (Republican) saw the government of the United States of America pander to the whims and caprices of the Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rumsfeld Axis, the representatives of the lobbies and not the people who voted for them (or not).

Pensions across the United States of America have either been slashed or else are in danger of virtually disappearing, not as a result of four years of Obama but yes as a result of eight years of the Republican Bush Regime. And who is seriously thinking about going back to that?

Let us see who is supporting Romney and Ryan. Right-wingers, the ra ra ra Republican type that sit in New England tea rooms, moustaches twitching, fantasising about their exploits in the Korean War, Texas sheriffs warning about a civil war, and the wackiest wackos of all time, the Birthers, subversive elements who on their cloud cuckoo-land idiocy insult everyone's intelligence by even considering the notion that Barack Obama's birth issue was not vetted decades ago by the Democratic Party.

Have those people seriously considering the Romney/Ryan Republican ticket forgotten what the GOP is all about? Let them read back over these lines and remind themselves. Let them study Mitt Romney's own personal record of jobs destroyed. And for those who criticise Obama for what he has or has not done in four years, let it be crystal clear that in politics and policy implementation, the minimum cycle required to produce anything tangible is six to seven years, which is why in many countries that is the term of office.

What Obama inherited four years ago was the most massive economic tsunami since the Great Depression, largely the fruit of eight years of Republican Administration. First, how could he be expected to clean things up in four short years and secondly, do the American people really want to go back there again?

True, Obama is not perfect - his Libyan exploit proves that his Presidency, too, was tarnished by the lobbies, ably represented by Hillary Clinton (Gaddafi was removed because his African projects were costing too much to vested interests) - but then again, who is perfect? Certain not Mitt "I insult people the second I open my mouth" Romney and Paul "I ran the Marathon in under three hours" Ryan....

Welcome to the GOP, same old, same old. Same policies, same approach, this time led by a foul-mouthed oaf... and a barefaced liar.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey




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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey