Mitt Romney: Arrogance, belligerence, chauvinism, the ABC of a Failure

I have always been suspicious of women whose dogs come up to me and start licking my legs.  When it comes to wannabe politicians who issue veiled threats to an absent third party to gain points, as Mitt Romney did with "Mr. Putin", then it is the sign of a nasty, cowardly, little and sinister man.

"Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and Mr. Putin will see a little less flexibility and more backbone."

Those were the exact words coming out from the mouth of Republican Party candidate Mitt Romney at his acceptance speech on Friday, August 31. For a start, how dare this ignorant, arrogant, upstart nobody from the middle of nowhere mention "Mr. Putin" without any provocation, especially in the cowardly way he did, firing off without the intended victim being present.

Secondly, what has "Mr. Putin" done to "Mr. Romney" or even to the United States of America? Has he dropped atom bombs on two cities? Has he murdered one hundred thousand civilians "to save lives"? Has he strafed civilians with Napalm? Has he deployed Agent Orange against screaming groups of terrified children? Has he strafed civilian structures with military hardware as the FUKUS Axis (Romney's "friends") did in Libya? Has he bombed a water supply and destroyed electricity grids "to break their backs"? Has he supported terrorists as the USA is doing in Syria? Has he conducted pharmaceutical experiments on human guinea pigs? Has he supported Israel or vetoed condemnation against it when it used American weapons against defenceless civilians, bombed funeral parties or sprayed phosphorous bombs on schools?

The answer is no, he has not, then why should God "Bless America" or the American people? Only a follower of Satan would condone such behaviour, call on God to "Bless" it or those who perpetrate such evil or criticise those who follow international law, those who uphold the principles of the UN Charter, those who respond to outrages with diplomacy using the UNSC as the proper forum for crisis management. And Mr. Romney, Mr. Putin does uphold these noble principles.

Only a nasty, little and sinister man, with a small M, Mr. Romney, would start mouthing off about Mr. Putin and Russia, making puerile and idiotic comments such as showing more "backbone", when the Man you are addressing, a Man with a capital letter, Mr. Romney, is absent. How about saying it to his face instead of blurting his name out behind his back like a coward, like a grade schooler?

Thing is, Mr. Romney, that is exactly what you are, isn't it? Some people are born to lead, others are born already branded with the words "also-ran" firmly and squarely on their foreheads, permanent "number two's" who just don't have what it takes to make it to number one.

The British press already calls you "Mitt the Twit", you insulted three countries on a three-country tour as the Olympics got under way, and now on your acceptance speech you prove that you are the same old, same old...Mitt? playing the Russia card to try, desperately, to gain some kudos and gravitas. You have neither, Mr. Romney.

The United States of America has its responsibilities in the international community trying to build bridges after eight years of the Bush regime which bankrupted America and saw her met with a seething and sullen hatred around the world. The result was that thousands of Americans claimed to be Canadians when travelling abroad, as the GOP which you represent betrayed the heart and soul of the Founding Fathers of the USA.

Four years of Hillary Clinton have done little or nothing to redress the imbalance but thankfully, the female is leaving the scene. Four years of your administration would see the scales tipped in favour of Armageddon.

So, Mr. Romney, go to Moscow and speak about "backbone" next time your country goes crawling round Russia's legs to send stuff up to the International Space Station. I'll give you a tip. If you ever do get to sit across the table from Vladimir Putin, which you won't, make sure you don't double your laundry bill, which you will.

Small-town, rude, wannabe, insolent, cowardly, arrogant, belligerent, chauvinistic, demonic and Satanic upstart, why don't you inflict yourself on Salt Lake City? Obama may not be perfect, especially after what he did to Libya, but by God he smacks the stuffing out of you any day. At least he is polite, which you, Mr. Romney, are not.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey