Satanic Western culture turns people into monsters

Nicolas Bonnal speaks about the destructive power of the Western culture. According to him, the culture of the West is aimed against humans and their ability to think and feel. This culture is connected with the training of people; it has vile goals and global plans. The USSR, among other things, was disliked in the West for reasons other than political. The USSR did not produce The Beatles, but it did produce Prokofiev and Shostakovich.

Society can not understand this weapons, so it can not realize that it is being attacked, that it obeys this weapons.

Silent weapons for quiet wars

The reverse side of the Pussy Riot case deserves carefully explanation. This is a political, but not just a political case. Tocqueville said that any social structure never ignites so much anger as it does at the time when it should disappear. In today's West, it touches upon both the church and the state. The madness of the market and the dark forces of it bursts with hatred against social security, against the law-enforcement forces and the churches that protect all that.

For our elites, the decline of Christianity in the West is not enough. Churches are empty or filled occasionally with elderly people and onlookers seeking spiritual experience. Only a small number of Christians remains, who enjoy less and less support in our society. Our entire history is encrypted and encoded in Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings", as I wrote in my book, which was translated into Russian (Nicolas Bonnal.  "Tolkien, les univers d'un magician" ("Tolkien. Peace Miracle Worker") - Moscow, Sofia, 2003).

The Pussy Riot case proves that Satanism became an official and popular culture of the West. The West is ready to do anything to protect this culture. We can see this in "Harry Potter," MTV programs (zombies, vampires, the possessed, cannibals), Madonna's anti-French provocations in Tel Aviv with underlying reasons of occultism. Such reasons can be found at almost all rock and pop concerts). Messages of Satanism are meticulously calculated. They incarnate the hidden guise of democracy, which is always ready to generously drop bombs on Syria, Iran or threaten the Russia of Vladimir Putin. The target is anything that does not fit into the system, but the main target is Christianity. Provocateurs like Madonna are Zionists; provocateurs like Pussy Riot are those who respect and fear Islamists and kick the cat in the church - the church that was accused of being the open expression of the heritage, which the West simply can not stand.

Churches do not let our demons celebrate, and our democracies are furious because of that. The liquid society, as Bauman described it, wants to eliminate every trace of purity and spiritual roots. It wants to destroy even memory itself. Because the perfect consumer - is the one who forgets what he or she just bought.

Let's go back in time. The Soviet Union was disrespected in the West for political reasons, but there were also reasons of cultural and artistic nature. The USSR did not make Pollocks, but it did make artists working in the genre of figurative painting; he did not make the Beatles, but made Prokofiev, Shostakovich, or folk dancing; the USSR did not glorify the Lucifer-like freedom but it did glorify socialist discipline. This, as we say, is old-fashioned and was outlived. Give us something new, and every morning!

As I will show below, it was the American services that were promoting the degenerative culture, the goal of which was to exert spiritual influence over the masses, to depreciate and vulgarize humanity. Soviet socialism was on the ring, fighting the opponent that would hit only below the waist. That socialism gave us Tarkovsky, the Bolshoi Theatre and the Red Army Choir. In response, the Soviet Union would receive "Rosemary's Baby" and rappers! The Soviet Union was not of the same level!

Modern culture - we'll go back to the 1960s - served (in an elite form) rather grim purposes. The culture (whether it is Lady Gaga, Swedish "Millennium" books, jazz, rap, neo-punk fashion or movie "Avatar"), in which we live, has turned away from our cultural heritage. The emergence of this culture is not incidental; it is not the fruit of audience tastes or the naive genius of its creators. This culture is no longer a Christian culture; it is not rooted in the history of the land of the given nation. It is associated with the spiritual training of people, it is abstract and massive; it has vile goals and accurate globalized plans. Its history can be drawn from the so-called "modern literature" to post-classic cinematography. Contemporary music should drive people crazy, Adorno said. Solzhenitsyn pointed out in his Harvard speech that the world was conquered by intolerable music, that people forgot that they were alive. Black magic is in power everywhere in the West, and there is no need to be paranoid about it - just turn on the TV.

Daniel Estulin, a writer of Soviet origin, wonderfully wrote about the occult plan of the hidden side of contemporary subculture. It has long been known that the rock-like culture of the Beatniks was launched and encouraged to develop and separate most active political movements. The enthronement of drugs and counterculture meets the police and political project (such as MK-Ultra, Cointelpro, Artichoke), which Hollywood took as a source of inspiration. And, as we know, the author of the controversial "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" Ken Kesey tried drugs for mind control programs. It was easier to control parallel worlds than create political parties. I have already shown the role that was played by the American "conquest of space" and science fiction that smelled like Scientology sect. Regarding the sexual revolution, it was prescribed as some sort of a miracle cure already in Huxley's "Brave New World" ...! It resulted in widely available mass pornography and angry roars of political correctness. While we boast of our sexual madness, the Catholic Church faces millions of accusations of pedophilia!

The conditioning of mass consciousness begins in childhood, and even earlier. "Teletubbies" were created to influence the consciousness of ... babies (anti-racism, socialization, worshiping the sun and animals). The body of a little monster is decorated with a big screen. A child turns into a hard drive and must function as a certain program. Teens follow their iPods, super violent video games and MTV-created Satanism. The cultural influence on people's minds is associated with the influence of food, which results in obesity, inactivity and eternal chewing. All those pastries were thoroughly studied laboratories.

The culture of "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll" acts in the same spirit. It had one goal - to make our youth dumb for generations to come, to distribute drugs, alcoholism and nihilism, and to turn human beings into channels, husk (see definition of 'pod') and tubes (YouTube).

The latest references to Satanism are quite evident in heavy metal music (Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Dead Kennedy's). Children's literature and contemporary pop culture come next, translated through people like Madonna, Rihanna, Gaga and Beyonce, who shock the gallery of viewers with their bazaar Masonic symbolism. Repentant old rappers explain everything on YouTube. Music also serves as an invisible tool that makes people go shopping in malls. After all, we know its hypnotic and narcotic role in history - together with Wagner and Nazism.

We shall proceed further. Sociologist Bauman describes the "liquid society". So, we have passed the stage from hardening to liquefying and mass liquidation. America carried out the philosophical attack through advertising, which has war propaganda in its origins, and then - the Frankfurt School with its constant hunt for authoritarian figures (now it is Putin!). Also through television, which Adorno foresaw, they introduced the image of a homosexual individual, having denigrated the role of father and having turned woman into the serial Madame Bovary, with her eternal debt and divorces. The image of a teenager is an eternally dissatisfied and explosive individual, who wears the cap backwards (a good example is how Brando in 1953 replaced the traditional characters of John Wayne and James Stewart.) Family was destroyed, the very idea of ​ nation was destroyed too. It was recognized as a fascist idea, which led to the destruction of civilization. As for races - we won't even speak about it! Therefore, Russia and the Slavic peoples must come to realize that they shock the West (at the Olympics, for example) with their white athletes. Of course, it's quite involuntarily, but still it's shocking!

We shall finish on quite a historical note. Everything is soaked with idle and playful Satanism - everything, especially American fraternities. They adore the devil, skeletons, skulls, wild sex, sorcerers, and magical powers. They endorse a world without faith (which only knows the law of money), a rough and trans-human world. And it is not incidental that the Denver killer (and many others before him) came from famous brotherhoods with Kabbalistic names that accepted only academically successful students. American universities turn people into mentally unbalanced Nietzscheans. Their communities, their codes, their rites, their Satanic messages are no longer hidden. They took power in the U.S. and they continue to parade their elites and themselves in full bloom of Lucifer Crusades.

Nicolas Bonnal


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Author`s name Nicolas Bonnal