Batman massacre: Time for the USA to take stock

Turn on a television set these days, and the chances are that within a short space of time you will see images of terrified Americans fleeing in panic from a building where some lunatic has run amok with a weapon, massacring people at random in a mindless act of mass murder. Isn't it time the Americans took a good look at themselves?

The Batman massacre was carried out by a brilliant young man, a Ph.D. medical student. Why? Not because he was unbalanced, not because he had issues with himself or his school, not because he had issues with a girlfriend... but because he had easy access to weapons. And that is the bottom line under the many massacres committed in the United States of America. A Google search reveals a shocking yet telling list of tragedies which have left countless families devastated.

And the bottom line is this: young males, Caucasian mainly, Anglo-Saxonic in origin bar very few, and the tale stretches from the USA to the UK to Australia. In many countries, when you are a teenager, your birthday present when you are thirteen or fourteen or fifteen and so on is a machine gun. It does not mean you use it, it means you have the potential to use it. In the USA, it is beyond doubt that there is a huge potential for an incident to happen in a population of 300 million, fed on 100,000 scenes of extreme violence on TV/computer games/images before the age of thirteen.

Especially when in the majority of States it is a question of filling in a form, with ID, waiting three days for a check on mental health issues and criminal record (as if a criminal would buy a gun legally anyway) and then you can buy your gun, ammunition and even gunpowder. How much sense does that make in this day and age? None, but then again common sense doesn't speak for much in the United States of America, does it?

It's all about lobbies and agencies and NGO's controlling Washington, neutering any President who dares to stand for "Change" (look at how high Obama squeals as Clinton holds his anatomy...after he allegedly paid half her election campaign expenses...why??), spreading freedom and democracy overseas as terrorists are created and supported, officials are corrupted, civilian structures are strafed with military hardware, so that contracts can be shared out among White House cronies.

In fact the US policy overseas is a mirror image of these massacres at home. As some lunatic steps into a cinema saying he is The Joker and murders people indiscriminately, in the ultimate attack against freedom, Americans are burning Korans, urinating on corpses, torturing people, committing cyber terrorist attacks, trying to silence the alternative media. I know what I am speaking about.

Is this what the Founding Fathers stand for? Is this the psyche of your Average American? While some people say it is, those of us who know Americans and speak to them know perfectly well it is not. The people of the USA are, like anywhere else, horrified by violence and as victims themselves of terrorism on 9/11, have first-hand experience of it.

What the average American does not know is that 9/11s are handed out by American pilots overseas on a shockingly frequent basis and that Batman massacres have occurred almost daily in a growing number of countries round the globe over the last few decades.

Maybe it is time for the American people to take stock of who and what they have become and to do something about it. Voting for the same old same old...may give them a sense of security, but what has changed? Nothing.

And nothing changes as regards access to lethal weapons. We all know that 99% of Americans are decent, law-abiding citizens and are family and community-oriented which is most commendable. But give one per cent of 300 million people access to a weapon, and they are going to use it. Those who need a power game to gain kudos are going to use the opportunity because in their "real life" it is never going to happen. They know that and the "id" inside their mind knows it. The rest is the murderous history witnessed by a Google "Massacre America" search. This part of the equation is a constant factor, it will happen again, and it will happen time and time and time again.

So, citizens of America, you send your sons and daughters to school with a kiss and a hug. Do you know if they will come back home again? Or will you have to visit them, kissing their frigid and pale faces lying in a coffin? True, your government renders thousands of families around the world sobbing and crying and hating your country because its heroic pilots and armed forces do the same thing overseas...

However that does not mean that those of us who know what is going on in Syria and Iran wish you any harm. Like me, Syria and Iran want peace, and freedom from the terrorists your country supports just like you want to send your families out to see a movie without fear of being massacred by a nutcase with a gun.

The only way this is going to be solved is if the USA has a serious reflection on the availability of weapons and issues concrete laws like those in force in those countries where it is nearly impossible to buy a gun (look and learn) and this may be a first step towards countering the murderous policies of Washington that get all Americans such a bad name. Suppose we all live together in peace?

That means not supporting terrorist elements abroad and creating false flag events to create a casus belli, such as those rumoured for the London Olympics. They speak about Iran and Syria. Maybe someone should check more closely and see who or what is behind any attempt. It sure as heck isn't Iran or Syria, believe me...

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey