Libya: Elections by Goebbels

We ask everybody to remember WWII history and try to imagine what could have happened if Germany was stronger and UK with US had created an alliance with it. Germany would have called all its wars humanitarian and Europe's occupation could have been called "European spring". So here is an alternative history: the first elections in France after "people´s revolution" victory:

On July 7, 1942 the new transitional government, under the leadership of the Marshal Petain, held the new parliamentary election.

These were the first free elections in new France after the French people in the spring of 1940 had discarded the regime of Edouard Deladier and chose the path of the development of democracy under the leadership of the 3rd Reich.

International organisations and funds such as Straferlass Internationaler ( Amnesty International), Uberwachung der Menschenrechte (Human Rights Watch), Durchschaubarkeit Internationale (Transparency International), Haus der Freiheit (Freedom House) which were created with the aim to provide democracy worldwide, have considered the elections as free and fair. Of course, as in every young democracy during the elections in France there were minor drawbacks. However they had not significantly influenced the high quality of the elections as a whole.

The British Minister of Foreign affairs Anthony Eden had previously said that the French people made a historic step towards freedom and democracy.

Special envoy of the League of Nations for France Ian Martin called the first democratic elections a «great success». According to him, the elections in France were «free and transparent».

The French people can rely on support from Germany. This was stated by Adolf Hitler in connection with the elections to the Parliament of France. The German Leader acknowledged that the French are still facing "serious challenges" and that "voting is to be completed in some areas.»

On the 8th of July parliamentary elections in France will continue. Voting was held on the eve, but because of the tense situation in the country several hundred election 'offices had not been opened. 2500 candidates are fighting for 577 seats in Parliament.


Tension remains in the cities of Bordeaux and Montour in the west of France on the day of the Parliamentary Deputies Election. According to the "Neue Rheinische Zeitung" and "La France", several polling stations in the cities of Bordeaux and Montour were attacked by the gunmen who took with them voting equipment.

In the capital of France - Vichy, the situation remains calm. Meanwhile, the head of the Transitional Government, Marshal Petain declared that "the French will surprise the world" with this election. According to him, the country remains under stable security situation, which is controlled by the authorities.

Vichi, July 8th, 1942. BBC (with reference on French CEC) says that about 60% of French citizens with voting rights have voted at their first free elections in France.

La France tells that the National Forces Union is leading in the elections. This is a union of liberals and independent politicians with Head of Transitional Government as their leader. The Party of Justice and Building (National-Socialists) is opposing NFU. This party is considered as a branch of International National-Socialists Association.

Official voting results will be known at the end of the week.


Fast-forward, Libya 2012

At this moment an occupational regime in Libya is proceeding its semblance of the creation of democracy with NATO's support.

The Global Media are keeping silent about concentration camps for the non-loyal to the new regime, where Green Resistance members and those who try to bring the truth via the Internet are held. Those camps were created with NATO support too.

Global organizations and funds are spreading disinformation where they are decreasing the number of executed and deaths from torture in these camps, as they decreased the number of civilians who died from NATO bombs (by a thousand times).

They are representing Green Resistance military operations (Libyan partisan movement) as tribal wars or firefights between armed gangs.

They will continue to lie to us about Libya. They are lying about these elections. And here is the truth:


Laws that were released by the Libyan occupation regime bind the voting right by political, tribal and religious signs.


Libyan occupation regime declared:

"Anyone who will not vote on elections will be accused as pro Gaddafi (one can be jailed and tortured) and is being a traitor of 17th February Revolution".


Rats threaten to block salaries if people will not vote.


Rats have forced students in universities to vote or they will be banned to study in university.


People were forced to vote under threat of force.


People are afraid to be jailed and tortured so they are voting.


Anyway, Libya is an occupied country and any elections can't change this fact. Libyan Resistance is still fighting with occupants and local traitors.


Konstantyn Shcheglikov

Worldwide movement in support Libyan Jamahyria

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey