No taxation without representation!

By Xavier Lerma

Clinton couldn't do it in the 90's but Obama's paid off justices in the Supreme Court were able to kick in government health care. Obamacare was forced to pass whether you like it or not. Wacky Judge Roberts just changed the word "penalty" and called it a "tax".

What was called unconstitutional by other courts is now legal. Whatever happened to "no taxation without representation"?

"insane children and adolescents in charge of our government" -Alan Keyes

The line has been drawn in the sand and although health care "sounds" good it is unconstitutional for the government to force anyone to buy insurance. Not to mention the fact that in Obama's world "transparency" means you can't see what's in the health care bill until it passes. That too is unconstitutional. All illegal and all un-American.

Now, they can force any church that opposes abortion to fund abortion. They now force every US citizen to pay for it. Freedom of religion has been choked in the last fifty years now churches are dying and will soon be underground.

Obama's cut his throat for re-election but Soros doesn't want him anyway. Even if Obama loses the election will the world really change? How can America really force out these elites that control America when they cannot vote for them anyway?  The people who really control America love no term limits for congressman and may even introduce a bill to allow a president to stay longer than 2 terms.

The ugly news is if they can pass Obamacare then they can pass anything, They can pass any law and make it sound good with their small minded propagandists in the MSM. The question is what new law will be next? No home schooling or more internet control? How much higher will the taxes get?

 The revolution against the British started with no taxation without representation. Will Americans storm the White House? Is there any possible way to change things or is it too late? "No taxation without representation" should be the battle cry in America until the American government actually serves the people.

America should shout, "You work for us!" Take America back, it was paid for in blood by the men who fought for it in the revolution. As I wrote in my article,"We the People Say, You Work for Us!": The independent thinkers of today still wave the old independent flag , "DONT TREAD ON ME!". It was waved over 237 years ago in the face of the British. They also demand the same thing as Dr. Martin Luther King demanded in his day :

"America, be true to what you said on paper"

P.S. America, God cannot be on your side unless you are on his side first.

 Xavier Lerma

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Author`s name Xavier Lerma