Karen Klein, the lessons

The Karen Klein story is one of a brave, nice and good woman doing her job and being set upon by a group of evil, sociopathic children. The lessons are how the Internet can be used for good reasons, how common values bring people together and how inadequate some people are as parents. In fact, do they deserve to be parents at all?

Karen Klein, 68, bus monitor, New York State. Monday June 18, 2012. Sitting on the bus with seventh grade school pupils. At a certain moment, four of the pupils started taunting the lady, threatening her, calling her names, insulting her and referring to the suicide of her son. It went on, and on, and on, and on, and on.

Karen Klein reacted professionally, apparently ignoring the relentless bullying, hoping it would stop. It did not. They continued, filmed what they were doing, and demonstrated degrees of cruelty well the other side of the line which defines a psychopath. These kids are not normal, they are evil.

For those who wish to experience the demented and depraved repertoire of these demons first-hand, there are plenty of videos on the Net.

To begin with, Karen Klein is such a nice person that she just asked for the boys involved to apologise (which of course they did not, at least until Thursday and probably not yet) and suggested that they be grounded, but not hauled before a juvenile court. What a difference between Karen Klein and these monsters.

What they deserve has been spread across the Net from New York State all the way round the world to Australia and for their own good, and that of their families, their identity has been protected, because if their names and faces were to be shown, they would almost certainly become victims of a worldwide manhunt as every lunatic with access to an Internet account considered them as fair game. They would spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders, waiting for the day to come when the bully meets his Nemesis.

And here is the crux of the matter and the lesson to be learned. The lesson is that while the Internet is constantly derided as being an instrument of evil, it is also so obviously a vehicle for good. What that lady went through, and the magnanimity of her reaction, claiming that the kids were not always that bad, that an apology would be nice and insisting that criminal charges should not be brought, are proof to all across the globe that even being the victim of the most horrendous act of emotional violence, Karen Klein was forgiving.

The reaction was a fusion of common values of goodness triumphing over the sheer, barefaced evil demonstrated by the demonic filth which assailed her, acting like animals, a show of strength, playing off one another, the alpha and the beta leading the pack in a power game such as those enacted among packs of wolves, flocks of sheep, herds of pigs or nests of vipers.

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These are feral children, devoid of any sense of morality or decency, totally de-socialised and sociopathic, demented and psychopathic, Petrie dishes for utter monsters in the future, pariahs of society hopefully with no place in any community anywhere on Earth. These are the feelings of outrage expressed by millions of people around the world who feel nothing but hatred for these beasts and the filth that spawned them.

While Karen Klein has benefited from the goodwill of Humankind, and rightly so, her experience serves as a lesson for future generations. For a start, it is the lesson of a good person who although she was a victim, showed restraint (how many of us would have smashed their God damn little snouts the other side of their necks, just for starters?) and forgiveness (how many of us would throw the book at the horrid little... bustards... and their families?)

Secondly it is a lesson in abominable parenting because scum like this behaves like that at this age for a very good reason: the evil born within them has not been smacked out of them, they have been allowed to be festering pools of nastiness and cruelty to such an extent that they think they have the right to behave in this way to a lady old enough to be their grandmother, demonstrating a total lack of respect, anti-social tendencies of a shocking degree, irreverence and insolence.

Where have the parents been, and why haven't mothers and fathers behaved as parents, showing responsibility in bringing up children who are respectful members of society? If what we saw on the bus makes us sick to the stomach, then the parents of that crap are to blame, in which case the question arises, do they deserve to be parents, and should those feral elements be carted off to a school of correction?

The bad news is those pig-headed, revolting kids. They didn't apologise because it is not in their nature to apologise. They will do so if forced, in a cynical demonstration of false morality, then three seconds later turn their backs sniggering because they had their fingers crossed when they said sorry. Imagine what they will do tomorrow? Will they send the hamster for a ride in the microwave? Next week will they rape a three-year-old and next year stab a school colleague (a defenceless one of course) in the neck, just for the shit and giggles?

The good news is the generosity of the American people and the goodwill towards Karen Klein by the citizens of the world as they come together on the Internet to demonstrate goodness and to celebrate the triumph of good over sheer, unadulterated evil. Common, human values, compared with the subhuman uncivilised apologies for people now under the spotlight.

May the souls of that spawn of Satan rot in Hell for eternity together with the filth that bore it and may we ask God to sterilise them all before they can contaminate our planet with more of their ilk...

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey




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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey