Arab League: Violation of Universal Rights

The Arab league has violated all norms existing as per Freedom of Expression and Freedom of the Media by blocking the Syrian satellite channels from the Arabsat and Nilesat systems, so that Syrian news channels cannot broadcast what is really happening in this country. What are they trying to hide?

The Arab League we now see is living in the pocket of the CIA, the FUKUS Axis and their western masters; to be honest the Arab League has as much gumption in it as a squashed syphilitic slug stamped on by a thousand camels and left to rot in the baking sun outside some brothel where certain Princes and Kings are perhaps indulging in some serious sodomy with some underage boys, possibly from a country with a city whose name is something like White House, in Spanish.

Oh yes, one knows. Payback time for Libya.

So nothing new here. The CIA/USA/FUKUS Axis says JUMP and the Arab League reacts in a knee-jerk reaction like Pavlov's dog...or goat. In fact, it is difficult to find a more humiliatingly disgusting collection of kowtowing individuals complaining all the time about the individual whose anatomy it...

It sucks....such an attitude. Either the Arab League stands up and protects all Arabs or else call it the FUKUS League of cowards standing up for western paymasters or those who provide favours for those who preach something in the Gulf and by God do they practise something else outside it... As the British Foreign Secretary says, If only they knew, if only they knew.

So the latest outrage and clear indication as to what is said above is true, is provided by the fact that the Arab League has requested that the companies which control the satellite providers Arabsat and Nilesat ban Syrian channels.

This is a clear violation of international norms on freedom of expression, but hey, what the hell does the Arab League care about that?


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov