We the People say, You Work For Us!

By Xavier Lerma

Have you ever hired someone to do a job for you? Instead of doing their job, they tell YOU what to do. Any business would go belly up if they ignored the customer. The same will happen to those arrogant U.S. government politicians who continue to force their own ideas upon the country. Thus far, they are trillions of dollars in debt and refuse to hear the voices in America.

Remember how Obama tried to sweet talk America again but Velma Hart was able to ask a question that broke his spell that blinded millions.

"deeply disappointed"

In America, the people elect those who will represent them. Once congressmen are elected they work when they want and can give themselves more money anytime. The American dream job! They have groups of people who give them money. The more you give, the more you get from them. They are called bribes in other countries but they are called "donations" in America.

These congressmen can stay in office until they die so long as people vote them in. Shame on the US media complaining about Putin's 3rd term and not questioning "no term limits" for congressmen in America. Time to clean your own house first. Oh, but the media receives those "donations" too.

Perhaps the constitution should have read, "We who have the most money" instead of "We the people". Ah, but "We the people" was not changed on paper. Which means Americans can warmly tell any elected official, "Screw you! You work for us"; and not for the people who bribed you or gave more campaign contributions! America, live propaganda free and watch this great video:


Abraham Lincoln is an American legend. As president he saved the Union. He is a sign of strength, honesty and leadership. He listened to the voices of his people. He served America even giving up his life for it. He has said:

"Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people."

"The legitimate object of government, is to do for a community of people, whatever they need to have done, but cannot do, at all, or cannot, so well do, for themselves - in their separate, and individual capacities."

How many of America's elected can we truly say serve America as Lincoln once did? Even as early as 1939 a movie about corruption in congress was made. "Mr Smith Goes to Washington". Mr. Smith is a good man fighting corruption in congress. Great performance by Jimmy Stewart:

Is America a lost cause?

Rep. Joe Wilson, called Obama a liar in front of Obama and Congress. Obama was talking about his mysterious health care bill where the president insisted illegal immigrants would not get free health care. Rep. Joe Wilson rightly said he was a liar. Even today Obama is wasting millions of tax dollars suing Arizona for treating illegal immigrants as "illegal". Rep. Joe Wilson lost his backbone later and apologized for fear of reprisals. Well, at least he tried. Nevertheless it was a great moment in history.

"You lie!"

Heroic efforts from men like Washington and Lincoln are all true and seldom found. Where is America's backbone? Truth was spoken fearlessly by America long ago. Dr. Martin Luther King certainly was not afraid against the government. His focus was equality for all. The "character" of a person is more important than the color of his skin. He held America accountable to enforce the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

"America, be true to what you said on paper"

- Martin Luther King

Dr. Alveda King (Dr. Martin Luther King's niece) surely had courage on August 2010. She was unafraid to speak what she believes to be true. Money and her constituents did not influence her speech. She apologized to no one and knows that God is more important.

"I too have a dream"

- Dr. Alveda King

Elected officials seldom speak that which is true and necessary. They need money and votes to stay in power. They are either like Obama who vote with their party and do whatever their puppet masters tell them; or like Joe Wilson who try to do the right thing but become afraid and lose heart.

So, now America's future depends on the "people". Are there enough people willing to sacrifice their time to protest and vote? Can they at least "pray" that God blesses America? Bernard Goldberg called America, "United States of Entertainment". Americans are fat and happy as long as they are entertained.

Yet, the drums of discontent started in 2010 with the Tea Party. They were called "racists" even though blacks and Hispanics were among them. They were called militant even though they were the most peaceful in comparison with the "occupy wall street movement". Nevertheless, the "United States of Entertainment" has gotten off its' couch to protest.

Alfonzo Rachel goes to Tea Party rallies often. He talks about the NAACP as the  "National Association of Crying People" and that the "Democrats fought to keep slavery legal".

Tea Party Truth

Which brings us back to the job of a congressman, president or any elected official. They are supposed to fulfill their promises to Americans and stand by the constitution. To allow a state like Arizona to protect itself from the drug war it has with Mexico. The president's job is not to take over health care and force all Americans to buy it with little choice. The president's job is not to allow chaos to grow so the government can take over businesses.

Passing the health care bill was Obama's main focus. Obama promised transparency in government yet the public never had access to the bill before it was passed. Can you imagine trying to buy a car and being told you can't see what's inside until you've bought it? Well, that's what the government did.

At first, Obama blamed the Republicans for stopping the health care bill. His Democrats had the majority in the House and Senate for 2 years and they did nothing worthwhile. In other words the Democrats outnumbered the Republicans which meant they should have easily passed anything they wanted but were only able to pass Obama's sacred cow with difficulty.

When Obama's own Democrats questioned the health bill, Obama blamed the Republicans. The Republicans looked at Obama like the RCA Victor dog. Obama made a media campaign that blamed the Republicans but what he really was doing was trying to persuade his own doubting friends. It worked.

"Obamacare" passed yet the Supreme Court is deciding to overturn his bill because it forces everyone to buy it and forces Churches who are against abortion to provide it. Both reasons are unconstitutional. Recently, Obama has been trying to intimidate the court to agree with him. We'll see if he got away with it. America has to wait no later than June 25th for the answer.

Why the Democratic obsession with health care? Hillary Clinton was not elected in '96 yet she was pushing the same health care bill as Obama. Why? The government makes money from the businesses they control. Money = Power. Hillary is on the same Democratic team as Obama. Once they control it they can tax it.

The Democratic agenda is big government, more taxes and abortion funded by the government (killing babies with your money). They want to control as much as possible. However, America is the United States of America. Every state has their own rights just like an individual. The Democrats contradict the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

The Republican agenda is smaller government, less taxes and support pro-life. They traditionally have fought against slavery (Lincoln was a Republican) and now most fight for the rights of the unborn. When they are in charge companies make more money and more people are employed. They also get payoffs and cater to those who bribe them. They do not seem to strive hard enough to make things better for families and individuals.

They do better than the Democrats but it seems they just sit on their hands most of the time. They cater to big business but big business keeps Americans employed. The Republicans are not all conservative which is why they easily betray Christians who vote for them.

One of Obama's broken promises was to keep jobs in the USA, but unemployment continues to rise. No one expected him to keep his promises, but why have Republicans allowed American jobs to go overseas even before he was elected? It's cheaper for big businesses who support them. Also, fewer jobs have been created in America ever since Bill Clinton (Democrat) set up shop overseas in China.

Thanks a lot Bill! Thanks for allowing American nuclear and missile secrets to go to China. Thanks for allowing American jobs to go overseas. Thanks for saying you would give back the money the Chinese illegally gave you as campaign contributions. It sure did help China not America. Now look at them both. China's getting stronger and Bill is having fun in Monaco with porn stars.

President Nixon was threatened with impeachment for spying on the Democrats. Clinton gets illegal financing from the Communist Chinese and it's ok. "Oops!",said Clinton. "Bring in Monica and start a war in Kosovo. They'll forget about China!" They don't call him "Slick Willy" for nothing. Obama does the same.

Former presidential candidate Dr. Alan Keyes made a good point when he asked why everyone was counting every penny under President Bush but now Obama can spend trillions. America never gave Obama and congress blank checks to spend on bailing out their friends. Almost all of the companies who supported Obama were bailed out by Obama.

PAYOFFS THE CHICAGO WAY! Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs were among the many reported by the American media as being "bailed out". I have never heard anyone disprove Dr. Keyes. They always resort to insults. "Alan Keyes Rips Obamanation".

"insane children and adolescents in charge of our government" - Alan Keyes

Dr Keyes said it ALL!

I would like to mention also those who were not bailed out but support Obama. George Soros, Google, SONY Pictures and 20th Century Fox. Soros owns millions of shares of Time Warner. He owns the SKG film library from Viacom. Which means he controls movies like "Gladiator" and "Saving Private Ryan". Money can make a lot of propaganda. Imagine what Obama could do with Google's help? Already lawmakers are controlling the internet while making it look like they are helping us. Michelle Malkin has a great article on this here.

"When bureaucrats talk about increasing our "access" to x, y or z, what they're really talking about is increasing exponentially their control over our lives. As it is with the government health care takeover, so it is with the newly approved government plan to "increase" Internet "access." Call it Webcare."

It's no wonder Exxon recently made a huge deal with Russia. When Americans needed help from Obama during the Gulf Oil crisis. He told everyone to stop drilling in the Gulf and sent billions to Brazil so they can drill offshore. George Soros invested in Petrobras from Brazil. Soros owns Obama so that is why the American government helped Brazil. Reuters, Bloomberg, Agence France Press ,the Wall Street Journal and now even Fox News have all reported this.

Obama sends billions to Brazil as Soros profits

So, when will congress and the president serve their own people in America? It all depends how many people vote and if there is anyone out there who can honestly represent them. Weak hearts on both sides. Even, the Tea Party which is cleaner and more civilized are not as popular as before. Will the "occupy wall street movement" be effective?

Blame both parties! Dr Alan Keyes sarcastically spoke the feelings of the Democrats and Republicans,

" Oh, the horror of it all. The pro-Constitution rabble, so many thousands of Americans, cheering, rallying and organizing themselves to re-institute consent of the governed - defying the will of their masters in both major parties, and selecting by fair ballot their own nominees! These peasants - who do they think they are? Free men and women?"

LOL! Yes, how dare Americans want true representation and the American Constitution to be upheld. Why is it only 2 parties in America can be effective? Is it because they are the richest? Is that what America has become, "Land of the $$$"?

The independent thinkers of today still wave the old independent flag , "DONT TREAD ON ME!". It was waved over 237 years ago in the face of the British. They also demand the same thing as Dr. Martin Luther King demanded in his day :

"America, be true to what you said on paper"

- Martin Luther King

By  Xavier Lerma

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