UNO: The sick man of the world community

It is difficult to know at times whether the United Nations Organization is one organization or two - one doing an excellent job in defending human rights and culture (UN Women, UNHCR, UNESCO, among others) - and the other rubber-stamping imperialist escapades for the FUKUS lobby (France, UK, US) or pandering to the whims of Washington's lobbies.

Let us take for example the ICC at The Hague, a kangaroo court which illegally kidnapped Slobodan Milosevic from Serbia against Yugoslav Federal law and against the law of the Republic of Serbia and then declared him guilty even before the case had opened. Let us take the UNO as a law-making and enforcing body. What has the UNO done about the massive human rights crimes and war crimes committed by the NATO/FUKUS Axis in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in Libya, now also in Syria?

And now we have a classic quotation which says it all, from the President of the General Assembly, Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser, at the opening of a high-level meeting on the role of Member States in mediation: "Mediation is a valuable and effective tool for conflict prevention and the peaceful settlement of disputes, top United Nations officials stressed today, while also highlighting the need to strengthen the world body, which plays a central role in such efforts".

Well, duh! Isn't that what the United Nations Security Council was for? Where was that council when Iraq was invaded outside its auspices? Where was that council when the FUKUS three gave guarantees to Russia and China that they would fill in the details later on their mission in Libya and then proceeded to do a spectacular mission creep breaking all the rules in the book?

Why, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office was even backing a terrorist organisation on its own list of proscribed entities.

In fact today's declaration by Al-Nasser sums up the ludicrous clown-like status the UNO as a lawmaker and law-enforcer has become, or never once managed to be, if we dig more deeply. Mediation is exactly what the UNO was invented for, yet mediation is not its middle name. It has proven useless in preventing the most horrific human rights violations and war crimes by the NATO/FUKUS Axis in recent years, murderous imperialist orgies which have pandered to the caprices of the lobbies which gravitate around the White House, dictating its policies and in turn, the foreign policies of the NATO member states.

So the UNO as a mediator is a joke. And as regards strengthening the body, how can you strengthen a body that is sick to the core, riven with the most debilitating diseases wracking it? How can you strengthen a UNO which purports to represent the world community when it has an obvious bias against Serbs and Africans, when it pretends its ICC is an international court while for example citizens of the USA cannot be tried there?

So what kind of a joke, or circus, is this, and what kind of a clown is the UNO? If the UNO wants to represent the world community, then why in 2012 is the Security Council composed of nations in the northern hemisphere and does not have one representative from Oceania, from Africa, from Latin America?

Let us split the UNO in two and praise its wonderful humanitarian work, let us praise UN Women for its tremendous strides towards gender equality, women's empowerment and defence of women's rights, fighting against gender violence, against Female Genital Mutilation, sponsoring girls' schooling... Let us remember António Guterres for his amazing work in UNHCR helping refugees... Let us praise its enormous strides taken in science, in protecting cultural heritage...

And let a new United Nations Organization rise up which is not controlled by the handful of cliques pulling its strings, an organization which is composed of and represents the peoples from the four corners of the Earth and fundamentally, one which uses the same set of weights and measures in the implementation of international law, which it upholds for all.

If we cannot implement this in 2012, then let history be our witness and let the hypocrisy stop here. Without such a body, the world today is an oyster in the hands of the USA and the lobbies which control Washington. Like it or not, it is what we see. Look at Libya.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov