Mr. President or Mr. Popular?

By  Xavier Lerma

Mr.Popular is the real President of the United States. Anyone can be president if you have the most money. Obama proved to America and the world that anyone with the most money wins. He spent nearly a billion dollars on his last campaign. The most in History! He's not the only one guilty. Politics is all about staying in power but shouldn't there be a better way to vote for America's leader?

Obama even had his own TV channel on cable 24/7 proving anyone from the Senate that voted along party lines could win with excessive propaganda. Obama is sure to raise billions more since he's been running for the 2012 election ever since he won in "08. It sounds crazy but Mr. "O" is coming to your TV any day now. It's a circus out there and maybe Ringling Brothers Circus should be in charge. At least they could balance the budget.

I doubt the Founding Fathers could have envisioned such a billion dollar popularity contest for president. Elections with voter fraud where the dead and Mickey Mouse can vote. Illegal aliens can vote too. No Identification is required. Interpreters are there to help. No wonder the Democrats love Mexicans and all Hispanics. There are hundreds of signs on the U.S./ Mexican border with Obama's smiling photo that says, "Mi Casa es su casa!

Obama welcomes the illegals but cares little for their well-being. "Mr. President, thousands were killed last month along the border because of the drug war!". "Well, how many made it to the U.S.? I need those votes!", said Obama. Obama could care less about the Mexicans who suffer and die. His sign should read, "Come to America! If you survive the heat, snakes and drug dealers you can vote for me".

Can you imagine if every professional was voted in like Obama? Would the average American get the help they needed? "Dr. Obama, what should I do about the pain?", moaned a young man. "I will create a commission that will solve your problem", said Dr. Obama. "Officer Obama, that man stole my money!" "As I said before, times are tough for everybody. So, I understand your frustration.", said Officer Obama. "Nurse Obama, I need the bed sheets changed, help!", cried a patient. "Well, I can't change that but I can change America", said nurse Obama as he smiled.

As a psychologist he would work wonders. "Dr. Obama, my kids spend too much of my money. What should I do?" "That's easy, spend trillions more!", said Dr. Obama. A poor lady screams, "My house is on fire! Help!" Fireman Obama confidently said, "I intend to use the full force of the federal government to protect our fellow citizens and the places where they live. I can assure you of that." As Obama boldly speaks, the house goes up in flames.

Raising money to influence the useful idiots. Money, money, money! Money will get you as popular as Angelina Jolie or Bill Gates. Is that what America has become? What a shame! A billion dollars could have been spent on something worthwhile that would actually produce something good. Obama is a failure and it is time to look to other ways to get a qualified leader. He's broken more promises than a cook has broken eggs. He looks cool and his speeches are inspiring that's what's important. Yeah, right.

Professionals all have qualifications. Why doesn't the most influential job in America have better qualifications? Age, citizenship and term limit requirements are the only qualifications to be president. First, America needs qualifications that are enforced. We all know that the rule of being a natural-born citizen in America went out the window in 2008. Obama was born in America. If you question it you're a racist. All Mexicans were born in America. Yeah, we know. If you question it you're a racist.

All presidential candidates should have some record of success. They should have been at least a governor of a state or mayor of a big city with over 1 million people. Americans could easily see if they screwed that up or not. To lessen the number of candidates only the 10 most experienced who completed governorship or have finished their term as mayor would be accepted. Experience would be the most important factor as far as being eligible.

Forget the ads and TV.  Remove propaganda and the money factor. Sorry, CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC. You're not reporting. You're telling us what to believe. Outlaw the media from commenting or reporting on the campaign. Against "free speech" you say?

Does America still have freedom of speech? Do all Americans receive the truth? Did they receive the truth about the Russian presidential elections where you actually need ID and where only Russian is spoken? Where 91.000 cameras were installed in every polling station with foreign observers as well as 600,000 volunteers watching for voter fraud. I guess the U.S. media never got that memo.

I actually wrote Reuters, AP and all major TV news networks making them aware of what I saw in Russia. I did not ask them for money I just wanted the truth reported. The media only focused on the protesters and some even got that wrong. They showed films about the Greeks protesting and telling the world they were Russians. They were not lazy in investigating the truth they were lying. "FOX News Propaganda against Russia."

Do they even know about Putin's beliefs? "Vladimir Putin's Christian Faith - in his own words"

How many Americans even know about the millions of Russians that were killed in WWII?

Or that Senator Obama, Bush, Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, McCain , and all of the US media were lying about Russia starting the war with Georgia in August 2008?

The U.S. media really screwed that one up. Even Fox News (before Soros got the goods on Fox News' owner Murdoch) refused to hear the truth when it looked them in the face:

Most Americans don't really believe the news anyway. The decline in News ratings seem to reflect that. Hopefully, the ratings will get so low all news anchors will be laid off. They'll find work as a DJ with a karaoke machine or push fries at McDonalds. Alright, so we can agree we can lock them up in the closet until after the election.

Why can't Americans vote on candidates just by looking at their record? Just post their resumes on the internet so everyone can see their qualifications. There should be at least 7 live online debates funded by the government with questions emailed from citizens. Then post all debates on YouTube. The transcripts should be posted on the internet. In this way you won't need reporters. All this forces everyone to think. Oh, I'm sorry, is that too hard? Is it too difficult for most people to think and figure things out?

Maybe we're looking at the wrong end of the horse

Instead of looking at qualifications for the presidency maybe we should look at the voters. Maybe voters are just not smart enough to vote the right person in. Perhaps only people with an IQ over 120 should vote. Whoever voted for Obama should be banned from voting altogether. Another answer could be focusing on the future.

If America's "precious commodity" are the children, then perhaps only parents and grandparents should be allowed to vote. Along with those who protect and help the kids, like the military, police, firemen, doctors, nurses, clergy and teachers. That will weed out the punks for sure.

Today's president is not the best qualified. Not even close! There are many things America could do to have the most qualified president. Which ones are most effective?  There are other ways to ensure voter integrity. Whichever end of the horse you look at we know one thing. Today, the way the American president gets elected is a joke.

Will the voting process change? No, of course not! Voting will not change. It is too much of a profitable business. It's unstoppable! Those already in power in congress would make sure the current process does not change. America would need a big reset button to start over and that will never happen unless the current president and congress are voted out of office. A foreign intellectual who helped defeat Communism in Russia once noted long ago:

"The Western world has lost its civil courage"

- Alexander Solzhenitsyn, 1978 Harvard Speech

Will America show the government what "CHANGE" really means? We'll find out if Americans still have courage like their Founding Fathers this presidential election. Are today's Americans spoiled brats or do they have a backbone? Half of Congress was kicked out in November 2010 so there is hope.

However, the nominees seemed to have been already chosen by the media. Ron Paul was ignored or ridiculed by the media so he's out. Herman Cain was given an "electronic lynching" so he's out too. Is Romney almost the same as Obama? One of the owners of the U.S., George Soros seems to think so.  Romney seems to be his pick. Look out America!

If that is true, then conservative American Pat Buchanan must be right in his interview in 2010 and 2012,  "U.S. Pushing for War"

If Obama wins again in 2012 or if Romney dances to the same tune, you can call in the Chinese to finish the job and kiss freedom goodbye. If there is no real change for the better you can bet America's Founding Fathers in Heaven will echo Heston's famous words:

By  Xavier Lerma

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