America's instruments of oppression

By George Green

On May 8 of this year United States President Barack Obama traveled to the capital of New York State to visit an institution commonly referred to as 'Albany Nano'. While it is not unusual for a campaigning president to visit many cities, especially in areas that rarely have the opportunity to see the president, it is rare to visit a specific institution rather than hold rallies, or perform ostensibly moral tasks like feeding the poor.  Instead the president took a trip to 'Albany Nanotech Institute'. The question is why?

Only days before the president's trip DARPA, the US Army's Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency, announced they are developing microchips for the purpose of implanting, likely without permission, into US Troops.  These chips would 'monitor health, and location' of US Soldiers 'for their safety.  Albany Nano is one of the leading developers and research centers of the technology that would enable this to become a reality.

Today Americans are already tracked when traveling with their passports through RFID microchips that can be read from up to 500 feet.  Mobile phones, and credit cards, make it relatively easy for the government to find citizens.  With relative ease the government can tell if you bought a ticket to a political rally, purchased a book critical of the government, or donated to a non-establishment candidate.

Protest against the government are quickly met with aggressive military style force by police.  The American government has also recently authorized the use of microwave radiation beam weapons to 'disperse crowds'.  Recently, an admittedly provocative, outspoken critic of America, was killed by a US drone in his home abroad.  So much for the constitutional right to protest.

In the United States several vaccinations are required when children are born. Many are already shown to be potentially dangerous to a child's health due to compounds used in the injections.  Parents refusing such injections can face prosecution; after all these are for the child's safety, just as these microchips for soldiers are for 'their health and safety'.

Americans regularly assume the KGB knew everything about everyone during the Soviet Era and think nothing has changed. Yet America's government is building a network that can ensure anyone who isn't a 'party member' is 'taken care of'.  In numerous cases protesters have personally seen how quickly the government deals with anyone, regardless of whether they are liberal Occupation Movement protesters, or conservative 'Tea Party' members.

So one wonders, within days of DARPA's declaration they intend to implant microchips in soldiers what the President's motivation for taking a break from the Campaign Trail really was.  Was it to congratulate the minimal economic impact Albany Nano has had on the local economy, or to make sure things are going to plan?

George Edward Green III has been a journalist since 1997, and written for several Technology, Financial, and Libertarian Publications.

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