The Russian Presidential Election and Foreign Intrusion

Was the Declaration from the OSCE written before the election process took place? One asks because it seems to be the mirror image of the petty accusations of intrusive third parties who seem to think they have a God-given right to give Russia lessons in how to conduct elections. And has anyone read the independent CIS report? No, I thought not...

The declaration from the OSCE Panel of Observers on the Russian Presidential Election on Monday morning was very clear: Vladimir Putin is the clear winner in an election with a great number of actively engaged observers. However, after hearing details about "irregularities" the question arises,  was the report written before the elections? The CIS report conclusion states precisely the opposite.

But first, let us examine the figures and let them speak for themselves. With 99.5 per cent of the votes counted, Vladimir Putin has 63.71 percent of the vote, translated into 44.9 million votes. Second is the leader of the Communist Party, Gennadi Zyuganov, with 17.19% and 12 million votes. Third is the Independent Mikhail Prokhorov, with 7.86% or 5.4 million votes. Fourth - Liberal Democrat Leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky (6.23%, 4.3 million votes); fifth - Sergei Mironov, Just Russia candidate (3.85% and 2.7 million votes).

Vladimir Churov, President of the Russian Central Election Commission (CEC), declared on Monday that "According to preliminary data, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been elected president of Russia."

Now for the smaller picture: the OSCE monitors agreed that the result was a landslide victory for Vladimir Putin, while quibbling about details and demonstrating a clear failure to understand Russia, Russian politics or the political setting. Talk about "irregularities" and "not having a level playing field" was mirrored by the expression delivered by Tonino Picula: "The point of elections is that the outcome should be uncertain."

Has anyone entertained the notion that if the outcome was certain from the start it was not because the elections were fixed, but rather, it was because around 65 per cent of the population consider that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the right man in the right place at the right time, who stands for an improvement of living conditions for the Russian people based on sustainable development and a fair distribution of the country's resources - Russian resources for Russians, not Americans or their poodle states?

Has anyone reported that Vladimir Putin himself ordered that video surveillance equipment should be set up in 91,000 of the 96,000 voting stations, precisely to monitor whether fraud or manipulation took place? Has anyone bothered to read the declarations by Russian CEC President Vladimir Churov, when he said that out of 300,000 monitors only 77 were expelled from polling stations, for a variety of reasons?

Has anyone read the declaration by the Commonwealth of Independent States on the election, which stated that the election process was transparent and conducted fully in accordance with the law? CIS Representative Nauriz Aidarov declared: "International observers from the CIS came to a clear conclusion. There was a high degree of political activity at institutes of civil society, all participants of the electoral process were not hindered from conducting meetings and demonstrations, there was rapid response by the authorities to their suggestions...the CIS observer mission assesses the conduct of the March 4 election as transparent, conducted in conditions of fair competition, openness, and in accordance with generally recognized international norms."

Has anyone bothered to report the conclusions of the findings of the group of 122 independent foreign observers, namely that 89% of them stated the election process was "good"; 9% stated it was "acceptable" and ONE per cent, "bad"? Spokesperson Kline Preston, a US attorney, declared that no outright violations were observed, however the issues that affected the ratings were questions such as malfunctioning webcams and access for disabled voters in some stations.

The larger picture

We live in a world where criminal and murderous activity has been performed and right now is being planned in sovereign states by the FUKUS Axis (France, UK, US and Israel). Against this axis of evil, which strafes civilian structures with military hardware, which murders children in their homes without batting an eyelid, which arms and supports gangs of terrorists and rapists and racists and looters and arsonists and religious fanatics which desecrate cemeteries, stands the Axis of Reason, led by the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin stands for respect for the law, he stands for a balanced and intelligent foreign policy, he stands for using the UN Security Council as the proper forum for crisis management, rather than the imposition of democracy from 30,000 feet, he stands for debate and discussion and dialogue. He is a champion of peace. He stands against arming groups of terrorists to destabilise target Governments.

That is why the world, as well as Russia, needs Vladimir Putin and that is why his enemies try as hard as they can to weaken him with their lies. We know who they are, we know what colour they are and we know their agenda.

That is why they stupidly lump together all of the candidates who did not win as "The Opposition", not taking into account the enormous differences among them, that is why they focus so much on "rallies" and "demonstrations" and that is why they are already speaking of "an Arab Spring" in Russia as SKY News already is. And we know what that means.

The message rings out loud and clear: The Russian people have made their choice. Now butt off and back out and mind your own (freakin´) business! Patience has its limits...

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey