American Revolution: County Sheriffs vs. the Federal Government

By Mark S. McGrew

American Revolution: County Sheriffs vs. the Federal Government. 46388.jpegGet one thing straight and get it right!

Americans are not revolting against the Federal government and we are not planning a revolution against the Federal Government of The United States of America.

The Federal government revolted against us. They are the ones constantly violating our Constitution, from the street punk who calls himself President, right on down to local government employees.

The Federal government has set a tone in this country where they murder us with impunity. Federal and local cops murder unarmed citizens with mace, tasers and guns. And they get away with it, thanks to the help of corrupt higher ups.

They drug our kids, with mind altering "anti-depressants" and all manner of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. They harass and arrest people growing wholesome food. They prohibit citizens from going on "public" lands that have been used for centuries.

They have created enormous amounts of laws to criminalize normal behavior. Over 40,000 laws were passed in the United States of America last year alone.

They invade our homes in the middle of the night with armed psychopaths, to arrest people for minor "crimes": Hint: If they know enough to believe that a criminal is at home sleeping, wouldn't they also know enough to just wait outside until he comes out?

They shoot our dogs, they shoot mentally handicapped people, they shoot physically handicapped people, they shoot our kids, they shoot our mothers and shoot our grand parents, when there is no apparent threat to their own safety.

Without mercy, they beat those same people to the ground and hospitalize them or beat them to death when there is no apparent threat to their own safety. They do it for fun and laugh about it afterwards.

There are cops on permanent duty in schools, arresting kids on criminal charges, for things as non-threatening as using perfume in class or farting in class. Rather than call the parents for a misbehaving child in a school for problem children, they arrest them, mace them, taser them and even shoot them.

They rape, they kill, they deal in drugs, they steal, they frame people for fictitious crimes and get away with it. They even rape other men.

They stop people on public roadways, for no apparent reason, search the passengers and the car and when they find cash, they confiscate it, with no charges being filed. They intercept drug dealers and make deals with them: "Give us the cash and you can walk away from here."

They have run guns to Mexico and other countries in order to make a case for gun control in America. Approximately 50,000 people have been murdered in Mexico in the past 6 years that we know about. Based on the proven facts that mass graves are occasionally found and the well known fact that the Mexican government lies, that figure in all likelihood could be twice as high.

In the first nine months of 2011, an average of one person was murdered every 30 minutes.

Over 2,000 guns have been sold to criminals in America, under the permission and direction of the American Federal government, knowing they were being taken to Mexican drug cartels. Based on the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder and his government agents have been consistently lying and withholding evidence of this international gun running operation, that figure may be 10 times higher. They have also been caught selling illegal guns to gang members inside America to be used inside America.

It would be difficult to find one line of text in our Constitution that they have not violated. It would be difficult to name one of the 50 States that they have not murdered, robbed, framed, imprisoned or sexually raped its citizens.

Don't believe any of this? Go to or and type in the phrases: Cops murder, cops kill, cops rape, cops deal drugs, etc.

No, the American people have no plans for a revolution.

It is crystal clear that the Federal government has committed a revolution against us and the entire World.

How do we stop this ongoing revolution? How do we stop these people who are committing a violent overthrow of our government?

As in France during World War II, there is in fact an American Resistance and an American Underground. We are everywhere. We have more people and we have more guns than do the traitors. Does anyone think that they are not afraid of us?

Then why else do they secretly hurry through a Federal law to pick up and imprison any American citizen without charges, without trial, without legal counsel, without evidence and put them under military dominance in a secret location? Why else would they be trying to pass another Federal law that strips the citizenship away from anyone who opposes their ongoing criminal behavior? A 14 minute video explains it here:

There is one group of people, one authority that has privilege above and beyond the Federal government, that has the authority and the power to obstruct, detain and arrest Federal employees, including FBI, DEA, BATF, IRS, Federal Judges, politicians and anyone else who is an employee of the American people. It's a no brainer. So simple that it was right in front of our noses and we didn't even see it.

In 1773, a group of people boarded some ships in Boston Harbor and tossed over the cargo, to protest unjust taxes. That "Boston Tea Party" started a firestorm of aggression against the British Empire. In 1775, the American people went to war against the British. In 1776, we declared our Independence as a free Nation. In 1787, out Constitution was written by some of the most brilliant men in the history of humanity. They knew government has a quest to be tyrannical. They knew government would use force to enslave its citizens. They knew government was corrupt.

They knew that government was not the answer to the world's ills. Government is the problem. They decided to let men govern themselves.

"We the People" of America is the government of this Country.

The people of the previous British colonies formed individual free States. Those States later formed a national government with strict and defined limits on what they could or could not do. The Federal government did not form us. We formed it. No different than a man and a woman who create a child, "We the People" created the Federal government.

Does it make any sense to anyone that a five year old child tells his parents how to live, what to eat, where they can or cannot go? What they can or cannot do? Does it make more sense that a 15 year old child can tell his parents how to live? Does a 40 year old son tell his parents what they can or cannot read?

We created the Federal government. We the People are the parent. And it appears as if the child needs to be taken out to the wood shed and given a severe beating with Dad's leather belt.

We the People created something to protect us against a Federal government gone wild.

That something is called a County Sheriff. A County Sheriff can tell Federal agents to get out of town before sun down. A Sheriff can tell armed Federal agents to leave their guns at the saloon. A Sheriff can arrest Federal agents and the only thing that agent can do is shut up or draw his pistol.

That is just the way it is.

Federal employees are just beginning to learn that little inconvenient truth of American life.

On January 29, 30 and the 31st of 2012, there will be a Constitutional Sheriffs Convention of over 100 sheriffs from across America, learning what they can do to stop the unconstitutional and criminal behavior of Federal employees in their State. They will be hearing stories from various Sheriffs who have actually confronted the Federal employees and won. 

Future conventions will focus on "Training the Trainers" to instruct citizens to go back to their States and educate their County Sheriffs on how to stop the Feds.

Further plans are to form citizen Grand Juries as granted by the US Constitution, to indict corrupt local government employees and have their constitutional minded Sheriff enforce those indictments.

County Sheriffs have stopped the federal agents from abusing their citizens. Here are a few examples.

December 18, 2011 Elkhart County sheriff intervenes against feds in raw milk case. 

November 22, 2011 New Mexico Sheriffs Standing Tall by Larry Pratt.      

October 28, 2011 8 minute YouTube video of several Sheriffs telling their stories. 

August 3, 2011 15 minute YouTube video of Infowars Special Report With Sheriff Richard Mack, the Sheriff who challenged the Brady Bill all the way to the Supreme Court and won a landmark victory for state sovereignty and founder of the Las Vegas Constitutional Sheriff's Convention.          

July 2, 2011 Oregon Sheriff stands up against the US Forest Service by Sarah Foster.  

May 5, 2011 Letter from Oregon Sheriff, Gil Gilbertson, telling the US Forest Servic that he has the authority, not them.    

May 31, 2011 Letter from Grant County, Oregon Sheriff Glenn E. Palmer telling the US Forest Service that he is the authorized law enforcment in his county and that their only jurisdiction is limited to their own federal building.

July 30, 2010  Nye County, Nevada Sheriff, Tony Demeo, was told that the BLM federal agents intended to arrest Sheriff DeMeo and use armed force to take a citizen's cattle. Sheriff DeMeo advised the federal agent that their SWAT team would be faced with Sheriff DeMeo's SWAT team if they proceeded. The Feds stopped illegally harassing the cattle rancher and did not arrest Sheriff DeMeo, to this day.

March 23, 2010 Audio of Bill Meyers radio show about constitutional classes for Sheriffs.

Go to  to read about those cases.

These Sheriffs hold that the Federal government has no authority or jurisdiction over their citizens as per United States Codes 40 USC 255 and 50 USC 175 amended to 40 USC 3111 and 3112. Accordingly, the United States Supreme Court has ruled many times that the Federal government has no right to tell individual States what to do. One Supreme Court Justice, wrote, "States are not puppets to a ventriloquist Congress".

Is the Federal government of the United States of America so insane, so drunk with power, so out of touch with reality that they would actually gun down constitutionally authorized peace officers protecting the Constitutional Rights of citizens?

I think they are.

We have a supposed President who time after time, either ignores our Constitution or intentionally violates it with impunity and scorn. A willing Congress follows his lead. The US Attorney General flaunts his illegal gun running business. Federal employees brag about it. State Governors pretend there is nothing they can do. What Attorney General of any of the 50 States has made any statement objecting to the ongoing criminal actions of the Federal employees?

The men and women who will be attending the Sheriffs Convention are prepared to call the Fed's bluff and put their lives and careers on the line. And with each success story, more will fill their ranks.

Some States are already trying to eliminate their Sheriff departments. So what? The people of those States can just elect someone else to enforce our Constitutional Rights. Call that position anything you want, but all powers are granted to the people, not the elected or appointed Federal and State employees.

The Federal government has to be taught that their charade is over. Their Alice in Wonderland lifestyle is not going to continue forever. In their drug addled brains, they think it will. Let them think that. I'm sure Hitler was a bit surprised too, when we came for him. We know Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were more than a little surprised. I guess these gangsters will be too.

We the People have to stand with these Sheriffs. We need to stand with them physically, as armed volunteer deputies. Let the Feds fire the first shots. Let them show the World what they really are: An out of control gangster government. And to the World, I will say quite clearly, "If they will do it to us, they will do it to you".

On September 23, 1779, Captain John Paul Jones, of the American colony's Continental Navy, when asked by the British Captain he was doing battle with, if he would surrender, is quoted as saying, "I have not yet begun to fight!" That may not be entirely correct.

Historians believe that what he actually said was, ""Ay, ay, we'll do that, when we can fight no longer, but we shall see yours come down first! For you must know, that Yankees do not haul down their colors until they are fairly beaten!"

And that is the position that, We the People, are in, once again.

None should reprint this article, lest ye believe it true.

Mark S. McGrew

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Author`s name Mark S. McGrew