2012 The Year We Entered the Tunnel

2012 The Year We Entered the Tunnel. 46365.jpegWhile many of my predictions were optimistic on the time lines, the overall trends have stayed in the same direct. The main exception were the US/EU-created twitter revolutions in the Arab world, which to tell the truth, I had not predicted, but which do, over all, move us towards the ultimate confrontation that will lead to the destruction of Turkey, the collapse of NATO and the final rise of the Fourth Reich, thus reserving a future battle between are reborn Orthodox Block and the Fourth Reich.


Russia will more than likely face a mild recession this year, as demand for exports (primarily oil, gas, steel and wood) falls, first due to the US/EU fall and then due to the Chinese hard landing. The Russian economy weathered the over all 2008 Crisis, the start of the Super Depression, quite well, regardless of statistics and returned to strong economic growth the following year. 2011 was characterized by strong growth with many European companies, especially the British and Germans, moving production into Russia, to avoid the insanity of the EU, meet minimum criteria for local production and be in position to survive the EU/US collapses. From Siemens to Microsoft, new facilities are popping up everywhere.

However, the second half of 2011 was also marked by a major assault by the US/UK's Masonic elites upon Russia's stability. As I mention in my article ((article)), the West, knowing it is on the brink of an irreversible collapse, must make sure not to leave the stage for the decade or so it will take to recover, without knocking Russian down too, otherwise, they will face a new order they are not willing to face.

This, in effect, has already plaid itself out and failed, though the US media may continue to hype it and push for a new Cold War, to get the attention of their destitute off of their pathetic plights. The coup failed, though it did, to some degree , rock the boat. On the bright side, the rocking will be used to further needed reforms, as a new excuse exists to move some of the blocks out of the way. In the longer term, it had the effect of bringing nationalist, and thus monarchist elements to a more central position and these seeds will continue to grow until some time, probably within the next 10 years, the monarchy will be reinstated. Of course, this will be even more detrimental to the US Masons, one of the most vile enemies of Christian Monarchy that Satan has even loosened upon the earth. But then again, that is what the term blow back is for.

I also predict that two wars will erupt: more than likely another war with Georgia, early on in the year. The Americans will need something else to push on Russia, now that their pathetic purchased coup has so utterly fallen on its face and their hoax media "coverage" was exposed for the utter spliced rubbish that it is. More than likely, the US/Georgians will use another major occasion, such as a holiday (Pascha) or sporting event, to start their war, for which they have been hyper rearming, on the US dollar, since 2008. It will be another short and bloody failure, again sacrificing several thousand Georgian lives for US propaganda value. Since the Russian international information services have failed to come to western standards, over the past 3 years, it will lead to the same results: victory on the ground, defeat in the opinion/mass media. It will, however, be a major blow to the US bought politicos inside of Russia and will lead to major instability in Georgia.

The main war of the year will come in the summer with Turkey, as I predicted previously. It will be a culmination of Edegan's mad scheming to return the hated and barbaric Ottoman Empire to life and will instead result in the utter destruction of Turkey and the final collapse of the NATO rouge regime.

United States

This year, more then likely, America will transfer fully into a police state dictatorship. Sure, they will still have an "election" but the Republican candidate will be handpicked by the party's elites, to make sure he loses to Obama and that Obama remains in power. By midyear the government will have the right to arrest without warrant or accusation "terrorists" and their "enablers". This will be just in time, as inflation will continue to sky rocket and nations will continue moving away from the dollar. An example of this was the recent announcement from China and Japan that they will no longer use the USD in inter-nation trade, just another blow against the only real export the US has, outside of scrap metal and corn. Several major standoffs and shootouts with groups of sovereignty seekers will occur.

Black and Mexican on White and Asian violence will also escalate, but the partisan federal police will look the other way on the "oppressors" getting theirs. 

As the economy continues to fall, as real unemployment, vs the fictional figures, continues to creep towards thirty percent, the public will grow ever more disenchanted and angry. More radical elements in Texas, the old Confederacy, Hawaii, Alaska, Maine and Vermont will call for independence and will be crushed. This will work out as all repressive measures work out, drawing instability underground but it will remain so.

Especially problematic for the US will be returning military, who will face little real employment outside the military. Equally problematic, will be the collapse of Mexico and the full wash over of the violence into the US. 

Mid summer, when the Turkish war begins, the US, leading NATO will charge in. However, strong initial losses coupled with internal unrest, will cause it to pull back, to deal with the internal fractures.

Passports out of the US will also become much harder to get, as brain drain will become a serious issue. 2012 will be the year that many of the brightest will finally throw in the towel and head out, especially after the Nov elections.

Of course, than there's the God factor. God punished the US with the many plagues, but the US elites have continued to practice greater and greater evil while the mindless masses screaming its not our fault (but we're a Republic damn it!) continue to holler and yelp in glee at every new warfootage to entertain them. God gave America 1. Heavy winters, 2. Flooding, 3. Fires, 4. Drought, 5. Hurricane Flooding in the NE, 6. Crop Failures, 7. Earthquakes, 8. Early and heavy blizzards in Oct....eight plagues that have all been ignored. As is the way of God, things will only get worse as His rage grows. 


I know I have been predicting this for two years now, but the collapse will finally come this year. I am amazed how the Mexican government has been able to hold on, but with even the most prestigious resort areas of Acapulco and Cancun war zones and violence flooding into the capital of Mexico City, the end is neigh. This year alone, over 300 gangland murderers occurred in the capital.

With America pumping weapons, keeping the borders open and thus the drug trade going and allowing a safe place for the cartels to hide and recoop, the collapse of the state, that already holds less then half the country within its grasp, is inevitable. 

This violence will spill over into the Gulf, further into Arizona, creating absolute chaos in that oblast and into Texas, New Mexico and California.


The Brazil carry trade will finally collapse, along with the iron ore trade with China, as China suffers a hard landing. Coupled with a much lower demand for oil and gas, the main economies crash down, Brazil's tens of millions of poor will bring the country and government to a standstill, bringing about civil strife and marshal law. The country will survive, but will exit 2012 in much worse financial shape then it entered.


Argentina, having passed an insane "terrorism" bill that labels everyone and anyone who opposes the elected government as terrorists, open for indefinite detention, will face ever growing civil strife and the possibility of civil war. To that end, the government, as every government of its type and as Argentina has done in the past, will seek an external enemy, in this case, the traditional Falkland Islands. That there is great deposits of oil and gas already being exploited will just add to the bonus.

Argentina will launch another invasion and Britain will respond. However, the English navy is a shadow of its former self and it will not have US intelligence on its back. The Obama will be backing the Argentines and will give them vast intelligence which will cause the British to lose a carrier and several other ships. The Falklands will be occupied and the British will be unable to land reinforcements on it. To make sure it controls the islands, there will be a whole scale cleansing of the British population, placed on transports and sent to the UK.

No resolutions will pass in the UN, with the US blocking and calling for "cool" heads, while aiding the Argentines.


Fidel will finally meet his maker this year and a nationalist government will seize power. This is not the good news that it would seem to the US, as those very same nationalists will start agitating for the Florida Keys and Miami, both effectively Cuban territories due to the mass migrations over the past 40 years.


Iceland will continue to go its own way and will be blocked from European trade, as limited as that will become this year. For that reason, there will be major moves from the Kremlin to align the Icelanders into a Russian alliance. The Icelandic economy will be kept afloat, in large part, by Russian trade and monies, not the first time. While there will be realistic discussions about setting up Russian bases on Iceland, as long as NATO stands, which will be through most of this year, this will only be talk.


Ireland, with the final collapse of the present EU system and the reformation and rise of the Fourth Reich, will be forced, by its people, to follow the Icelandic route, casting out the last vestiges of the EU. Economic turmoil will wrap the nation, but its low taxes will remain and several major US corporations, fleeing the Fascist regime in the US, will transfer and reregister in Ireland. 

United Kingdom

Chaos, war, collapse and the signs of the return of the British. The whole cycle is in wake for the British, with large doses of pain and equal doses of hope. As reported two days ago, over 40,000 businesses look at shut downs in January alone, after another disastrous Christmas season.

The British will not follow the EU into the Fourth Reich formation, outright, but will hang around on the outskirts for the first half of the year, as the decent begins, unlike Ireland, Greece, Spain and Portugal, the first four that will leave outright.

When the British are defeated in Argentina, there will be massive unrest in the streets. David Cameron's government will be able to hang on, however only by slim margins.

The Islamics, never missing a chance to make enemies, will be out in force mocking the defeated British. This will of course feed into the various right wing nationalists groups.

When the Turkish war explodes, the British will ever willingly to join in behind the Americans, as part of the NATO force. However, after losing several combat ships, they will back out quickly, as internal decent will bring down the government. Right wing Nationalists will grab for power, rallying around the monarchy, specifically the crown princes. The rest of the year will see street riots and battles with various Islamic groups and mass deportations by the new government.


France's elections will go as planned, that is, Mary Le Pan will come no where near power, even though she has the majority of popular opinion behind her. The fellow Fourth Reich architect Sarkozy will remain in power, through every dirty trick, which may include the assassination of Mary. France will be a main figure in the Fourth Reich.

She will support the war against Russia, Greece and the Orthodox initially, but at the signal from Germany will pull out, allowing NATO to collapse and driving the last of the US vestiges out of Europe proper.


The German elites will continue at the full clip moving their nation into the full Fourth Reich union, regardless of what the people proper feel or want. When the war against Russia and Greece begins, Germany will back it and send some planes, though no ships or ground troops will be supplied. When NATO is full invested, which will not take long, Germany will pull out, along with France, crashing the party.

By the end of the year, the EU will be around in name only and NATO will be a crushed and discredited organization. The Germans will be running the whole thing, through their Belgian puppets.

Spain & Portugal

Spain's economy will continue to implode and so will that of Portugal, neither nation able to control its currency. The war against the Orthodox and the collapse of NATO will cause major governmental turmoil and will crush the present right of center government. By the end of the year, they will eject themselves from the EU, as nationalists come to power. The two will form a free trade zone of their own, as well as continuing to make out reaches to Latin America and North Africa.


Italy's downward spiral will continue and the NATO war will be a major embarrassment. However, as much as people want to leave the EU, it will not work, as the Brussels controlled government will not leave and Italy will become a second tier state, its finances controlled by Brussels but still not part of the EU "Core" aka Fourth Reich. There will be many civil disturbances throughout the country, especially in the south, which will continue to be flooded by North and Central Africans.


Poland's alliance with the collapsing US empire will become fanatical. Caught between a resurgent and pissed off Russia and the rebirth of the Fourth Reich. Poland will remain in the EU but will continue to distance itself further and further. 


By the time the war with Turkey erupts, the Serbian Judases in power will be doing the famous helicopter on the roof run. When the Turkish tanks roll into Greece, the Serbian Radical party will rally the people to them, over throwing the puppet regime. Serbian fighters will already be heading down to fight the Turks, even as the government reorganizes and mobilizes the military.

Only part of the military will head to aid Greece, with the rest heading into Kosovo, over running and destroying the NATO forces in the area, and driving out the Albanian invaders in mass. NATO will pull out to a hostile Croatia, whose own nationalists will be rallying to the threat of the hated Turk.


Bulgaria's leadership will face a similar problem as Serbia's. When the military is ordered to stay out of the war, as the Turks drive in, there will be a military coup as Orthodox Bulgarians take to the streets in defiance of their bankrupt puppet regime.

Bulgaria will also enter the war. American bases in Bulgaria will be besieged by the locals and the Bulgarian military will place the Americans under arrest, for the duration of the conflict.


Romania will stay out of the war with Turkey but its leadership will barely hold on to power, as it too is rocked by internal decent. They will then become an ever more fringe player in the "new" EU structure.

The Fourth Reich

The new and revised EU, one of close close and even closer cooperation, that is, one where all the fiscal power and thus all the power of the individual states is controlled by Brussels and thus by Berlin, will finally come into reality. The weaker states on the periphery will either be rejected, ejected or will self eject. The core states will be: Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia (the last 3 for strategic reasons). The dictatorial union of the unified elites will of course be weak, at first. They will effectively gut NATO and fully back their EuroForce. Not all states will leave the EU but those not part of the FR will be a second tier at best and will have strong secessionist views in place.

The ultimate strategy of the FR will be no different than that of the Third Reich, but they will require several years to rebuild their economies and put themselves back on their collective feet, as well as create a real war machine. Of course the FR will still be part of the EU and will use that cover name, adding something to the tune of core states or some such.


Greece will over throw its government within the first half of the year, by a military coup. They will be the first EU puppet regime running for the roof top helicopters. Greece will equally exit out of the EU and will restart printing of the Drachma. There will be talks about alliances with and the appearance of Russian bases. 

However, before these come to fruition, Greece's alliance with Cyprus and Israel will pull it directly into war with Turkey. The Turks will be fighting a three front war, but a large enough force will drive into Greece. The Greeks will fight as hard as they can but will be overcome. The Turkish assault will stall in Thessaloniki amidst massive street to street fighting and also in the mountains to the north. The northern Greeks will be bolstered by Serbia, Macedonian and Bulgarian volunteers, which will further stall the Turkish drive. NATO and the EU will stay out of the fighting, at this point, calling weakly for all sides to come to terms. The Turks will enter central Greece, though much slower than expected, as their forces will be drawn off by a general Kurdish uprising and continued heavy fighting in northern Israel.

Russia will at first stay neutral, also calling for peace, however, it will cut the Turks off from gas and oil. Russian humanitarian aid will fly into Greece, over Bulgarian airspace, even as the Bulgarian government falls to its own military. After that point, active Russian aid will be drawn in. 

Images of dead Orthodox Greeks, from Turkish atrocities, will drive the masses into the streets demanding direct intervention. The UN will be blocked by US/UK/French vetos, even as Russian volunteers start to flood into the Balkans. Russia will start to threaten Turkey and this will quickly escalate into air skirmishes. NATO will come alive, directly threatening Russia to stay out. Russia will, by this point be drawn deeply into the fighting, with Ukraine close at the hip. 

The Russian military will attack directly through Georgia, who after four days of resistance, will collapse. Tbilisi will not be besieged by major forces, surrounded and forced into submission, as the bulk of the military will drive into Turkey proper. At this point Armenia will enter the war on Russia's side and Azerbaijan on Turkey's.

NATO will confront Russia in the Black Sea and will suffer a full defeat, cut off from Bulgarian support bases, with only Romania's bases left. These will be degraded by Russian missiles and bombers. NATO ships will be sunk, most being American. NATO fighters will also be confronted at the edge of their operability over the Balkans and the Black Sea. This defeat, and Ukraine's entry into the war on Russia's side, will be used by the Germans as a reason to pull out and thus crush NATO from within.

By the end of the year, the Turks will have been checked in northern Israel, will be facing continual Syrian partisan warfare. They will have lost the eastern half of their country to Armenian, Kurdish forces, while Russia will be driving on them, sitting at the outskirts of Ankara. They will still hold Thessaloniki, but will have withdrawn from central Greece and will be under constant attack from the north by Greek, Serbian and Bulgarian forces. They will also have lost Cyprus by this point to S.Cypriot forces, unable to resupply it due to the other fronts.

The final destruction of Turkey, a Russian landing in Constantinople, as well as the capture of Ankara, will come in the first half of 2013. At this point, Turkey will face full dissolution as a nation, being divided into at least 3 maybe four parts: Greek (Byzentine), Armenian (Trebzon) and Kurdish south and southeast and maybe a smaller Bulgarian zone in the north of Turkey proper as well as a slice of northern Thrace.


Cyprus will ride out the war relatively easily compared to the rest in the area. Cyprus will suffer initial missile and bomber strikes by the Turks, directly on their infrastructure, including civilian zones, and on their gas drilling, shutting it down. However, the Greeks and Israelis will be involved and the Turks will suffer losses of planes needed in Greece and Israel. South Cyprus will instantly launch an assault on N.Cyprus and through hard fighting will drive out the Turks within several months.


This year will bring Turkey its last war. Turkey's government will continue to be run by the Islamic demagogue Erdegan. He will form a close alliance with Egypt and will back the Syrian Islamic Sunni revolutionaries, including an invasion of Syria, which will fall. Thus surrounding Israel.

Erdegan will seek the mantle of the new Sulman and will launch an assault on the Israelis and thus their Greek and Cypriot allies, pulling Turkey into a war it will not win. 

By mid 2013, Turkey will be on the dust bin of history, a dead nation.


Syria will fall to the Islamic Sunni jihadists, driving out the Alluwate and Christians, as well as suppressing the Shiites. Syria will also become a major battle ground in the war with Israel that Turkey will launch.

Syrian patriots will attack and bog down Turkish forces, fighting them throughout much of Syria, especially in the cities.


Jordan will ride out this year as a neutral nation, keeping down their own Sunni fanatics with brutal force. However, Jordan will have to deal with a mass influx of driven out West Bank Palestinians.


With its tourist economy dead, the fanatic ran Egypt will face economic ruin. Much of the manufacturing will also flee, along with much of the intellectual capital. In a desperate bid to stave off a military led coup, the Islamics will help launch the war on Israel. 

While the Israeli army will be busy fighting with the Turks on the north, the airforce will carve up much of the Egyptian army as it drives through the Sinai. Egyptian forces will reach the Israeli borders and will drive into southern Israel but will not get far, their supply lines over stretched and heavily damaged. Once Russia enters the war, Turkey's main forces will be pulled back to the Russian front and Israel will counter attack, driving the Egyptians out of the Sinai and closing the Suez Canal. Israeli missiles will destroy the dams along the Nile causing massive destruction downstream. 

Egypt will pull out of the war within 3 months of entry, its economy destroyed, its key cities devastated, having lost the Sinai and with a military civil war between the moderate and Islamic forces.


Israel will suffer heavily in the war, its cities will be under heavy fire by missiles and aircraft bombs. Israel will survive, loosing over 20% of its population. It will take this opportunity to drive out the Muslim Palestinians from both Gaza and the West Bank.

Saudi Arabia and Iran

While at first supporting the Turkish drive, both with limited military assets and money, SA will soon be faced with a stark reality. With NATO's collapse and the US retreat, Saudi Arabia will have lost its main military protector and will watch helplessly as Turkey is dismembered, like a Christmas bird. Across the border, Iran will waste little time securing its positions in Iraq and will cause a major standoff over the Straights. Along the Persian Gulf, Iranian backed Shiites will become a major problem for the Sunni Arabs. The area will remain tense but mostly peaceful.


Endless civil war.

Sudan/South Sudan

This year will see a continuation of the war between these two states. Neither side will get to far, before Sudan collapses from its own civil war, between the black Arabs and the African tribes. Ethiopia will finally step in, crushing the last vestiges of the Sudanese military. South Sudan will become a protectorate of Ethiopia.


Ethiopia will become the full power house of East Africa. It will crush the remains of the Sudanese military and its own will be on the borders of South Sudan. It will reenter the Somalia mess, beating down the Islamics and will form an active alliance with the Kenyan Christians driving out the Somali Islamic from northern Kenya, back into war torn Somalia.

South Africa

Taking advantage of the total global chaos, the Marxist fanatics of the black South African government will launch a final solution on the white population. The Boers will retreat into their own well armed enclaves, recreating the Boer republics and will fight it out with the SA forces, which themselves will lose their white components. There may be an alliance with the Zulus. Many non Boer whites will either join the Boers or flee the massacres.


NATO forces in Afghanistan will face total catastrophe and the majority will be cut off and destroyed, unable to be evacuated out of Afghanistan. Iran will allow German, French and Italian forces out through its borders, as a show of good faith to the FR. US, UK and other forces will face disaster. Some will make it and be allowed into Uzbekistan, most will perish, along with the Karazai government.


Pakistan will collapse, as a full-fledged civil war gets under way. The Pakistani missile forces will secure the nuclear weapons and disarm them, so that the Islamic fanatics will not be able to use them, except as dirty bombs. Many will be smuggled out of the country to either India or Iran for safe keeping.


India will sit back and enjoy this year, working on its economy whose export markets will have collapsed. With China in the middle of a hard landing and Pakistan collapsing, there will be minimum security threats to India. Have fun this year.


China will have a full economic meltdown, or in today's jargon, a Hard Landing. What started with the property crash in October 2011, will only pick up steam. With the continued economic collapse of the EU and US, demand for exports will all but dry up. Internally, China will have hundreds of thousands of protests (last year it was measured at 180,000 protests alone). It will have a full insurgency again in East Turkmenistan (Xingjian) and in Tibet. These will be put down eventually, but the Chinese giant will be on its knees for years to come, dealing with the super Keynesian economic collapse and various street battles. What will arise in a half decade to a decade will be a much stronger and far more dangerous China.


Japan will spend the year rebuilding and reshaping Asia. With China temporarily out of the way, Japan will move quickly to first help S.Korea re-conquer N.Korea and two, to form a close alliance of the South China Sea, that is, with Taiwan, which Japan will recognize as an independent state, the Philippines and Vietnam. Japan will also work hard to entrench alliance with Russia, based on economics, while working for secession of Hawaii from a flailing and failing US. US forces will be asked to leave by the end of the year.


This could finally be the year of reunification. With a weak new ruler and its master China on its knees, the N.Koreans will face heavy unrest and a military coup, which will lead to an "invitation" for S.Korea to enter the nation. Backed by Japan, S.Korea will reunify the nation, with little real fighting.

Stanislav Mishin

The article has been reprinted with the kind permission from the author and originally appear on his blog Mat Rodina

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov