Libya latest news: Chaos

Libya latest news: Chaos. 46305.jpegNo wonder the media is silent in that clique of nations which perpetrated the latest round of war crimes in attacking Libya, violating the UN Charter, violating the UNSC Resolutions, violating the Geneva Conventions, because the news we are receiving from the ground is shocking. Here are some front-line reports from credible sources inside Libya... just what has NATO done?

How many of your tax-payers' dollars are being squandered on Libya? Well, quite a few it would seem. No wonder there is no money for your son's education, Mrs. Brown; no wonder the maternity wing has been closed, Sharon; no wonder Mr. Price has just been told his mother's cancer treatment will have to be suspended because "there simply isn't the money" and anyway "do you know how much she is costing the system"?

Interesting, because NATO has stirred up a hornet's nest in Libya. The picture we get from reading front-line reports is one of utter chaos, with the so-called "NTC" now fighting among itself in a myriad of terrorist factions rather than providing any form of "Government", which it was always going to be utterly incapable of anyway. How can a bunch of terrorists and thugs, rapists, murderers, torturers, arsonists, looters and thieves constitute a Government?

Yesterday, December 3: reports of mass fights among groups of "rats" (terrorists) in Tripoli city centre and at the Mitiga air base. Misuratah and Benghazi terrorists fought each other and 30 terrorist officers from Benghazi were executed. Baniwalid tribe marching on Tripoli, the population (anti-TNC/NATO terrorist forces) set to welcome them.

Sirte: Strong fights among groups of terrorists and with Libyan Green Resistance (Jamahiriya forces).

More and more, the Zintan Militia fights alongside the Green Resistance against terrorist Al Qaeda Bel Haj militia (Bel Haj is an Al Qaeda terrorist who fought against NATO, now befriended by the FUKUS Three - France, UK and US - and used against the people of Libya). Zintan Militia holding Saif al-islam al-Qathafi (who has reportedly married a Zintan bride) say they are not giving up the son of Muammar al-Qathafi to any foreign court because the ICC does not have jurisdiction in Libya. Bel Haj and Hefter militia fighting each other in Zintan

Misuratah:  Racist NTC/NATO terrorist forces destroy a Taourga cemetery.

Al-Zawiyah: Green flags flying everywhere, city sterlised and fee of TN/NATO terrorist forces.

Sabha, Gharyan, Tarhouna: Green flags everywhere as the Green resistance sterilise vast areas free of NTC/NATO terrorist forces. Green flags over Ghadames, liberated from NTC/NATO terrorist forces by the Green Resistance. Bel Haj terrorist militia fled from Gharyan. In Sabha, a huge caravan of Green Resistance heroes chanted "Oh God Muammar Libia Bess". NATO knows that the people pf Libya do not accept their criminal terrorist forces as "Government".

TNC/NATO terrorist forces attacked Tobruk and were driven back by citizens' Jamahiriya militia and Green Resistance.

Chief terrorist, the traitor Mustafa Abdul Jalil, warns of civil war. It is already civil war and was from day one when this murderer allowed NATO to launch terrorist attacks using foreign forces from Qatar inside Libya.

What did NATO expect? The Libyan people had peace and prosperity for 42 years. The Jamahiriya system of government is participative democracy, far more participative than western-style Parliamentary systems where for instance someone like Cameron can be Prime Minister with a minority of the votes. In the Jamahiriya system communities organise what they need and the Government distributes what they want.

Libyans have enjoyed prosperity, free housing and utilities. They will not give up these birthrights, certainly not to foreigners and foreign-imposed terrorists who have raped Libya's women, who have perpetrated racist attacks, who have beheaded people in the street, who have tortured children, who have invaded private property, who have committed sodomy, arson, robbery...

These are criminals and in supporting these torturers and terrorists, NATO is liable for war crimes, along with its political and military leaders.

NATO will have to pay a massive reconstruction bill, will have to pay compensation to Libya and Libyans affected by this lunacy and NATO's terrorist forces will have to be tried and punished. Otherwise, get ready for more of the same.

Libya is totally out of NATO's control and the British and American taxpayer, mainly, is paying for it. Who else could it be? So sorry Mrs. Smith, if you cannot afford to pay your electricity bill this winter, you will have to freeze to death. Look at it this way: Think of how much money you will save the National Health Service if you do... then we can afford another cruise missile to strafe water supplies in Libya and deprive babies of sanitation "to break their backs", eh what? Talk about an ethical foreign policy...

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey