Russian Presidency of UNSC - What does it mean?

Russian Presidency of UNSC - What does it mean?. 46259.jpegThe United Nations Security Council is supposed to exist to uphold international law, not to rubber-stamp imperialist ventures by NATO or to turn a blind eye when NATO decides that the UNSC is an impediment to such ventures. Enter the Russian Federation, current President of the UNSC. Time for international law to be respected.

NATO - sit down and shut up!

The Representative of the Russian Federation at the United Nations Security Council is Vitaly Churkin, whose voice will no doubt be heard more and more as western imperialist forces eye up Syria after reports they are once again instigating violence through subversive activities, aiding and abetting terrorist agents, using terrorists as insurgents as they have done in Libya. He has stated that the Russian Federation wants the UNSC to use its weight to end violence in Syria, however not acting as an auxiliary of regime change policy.

Indeed, the Russian Federation stands for the rule of law, not inventing or flouting the law by breaching the UN Charter, breaching the conditions of UNSC Resolutions, breaching the conditions of the Geneva Conventions, invading sovereign nations, murdering civilians, supporting terrorists, opening concentration camps, committing torture, committing rape, committing sodomy, urinating in food, causing sleep deprivation, stealing, looting, committing arson, destruction of public and private property and strafing civilian structures with military hardware to then dole out lucrative rebuilding contracts, which is synonymous with the foreign policy of western nations today.

The UNSC stands for, or is supposed to stand as, the proper forum for crisis management and is supposed to be the temple of diplomacy. Under the Chairmanship of the Russian Federation, it has every chance to remain so, despite the fact that in recent history the US Secretaries of State (and those who run the Foreign Department in their poodle states in NATO) have proven to be anything but diplomatic, in fact the last three have insulted every fibre of diplomatic norms and have disgraced the history of their country - first the feeble liar Colin Powell whose "wonderful evidence" to the UNSC on Iraq is not risible, then the Rice/Clinton duet, in which it is difficult to see which one is worse that the other.

The UNSC is not supposed to rubber-stamp separatist or terrorist movements led by those who have been branded as terrorists by NATO itself, it is not supposed to sanction war crimes, such as those committed by NATO in Libya and for which NATO now stands indicted (indictment as yet unanswered by the Hague Tribunal or ECHR). The UNSC is supposed to be the forum in which parties sit down together and manage crises.

Although several members of the UNSC, including permanent members with the right to veto, cynically sit in this organization while outside it their agencies spread terror and side with terrorists who commit acts of rape, torture, murder, sodomy, theft... with the Russian Federation as Chairperson, it will be far more difficult for these members, namely the USA and the poodle states UK and France, to continue to behave as they have been doing.

As for the UNSC, with Moscow at the helm, we are set for a period of peace and stability in international relations. Moscow, for one, respects and obeys the rules.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey