A Nightmare Scenario for America

A Nightmare Sccenario for America. 46159.jpegImagine one day that suddenly and without warning, every single vehicle in the United States built after the 1970s was totally incapable of running. No going up to the grocery store, in fact no more food deliveries by truck anymore to your local store.

There would be no trains, planes or buses running. Only muscle powered canoes on the waterways.

Imagine that there is no longer any electricity. You cannot keep your food from spoiling in the refrigerator. There is no heat, no air conditioning. No electric tools or appliances work. There is no way to pump water to your house, so you are also without water.

Imagine that there is no telephone service of any sort. You cannot communicate with anyone unless you walk to where they are. Which means, too, no computers, no internet, no cellular phones or iPods, no television or radio.

Your world is silent except for the occasional bird chirp or dog barking...which won't last long with no food for the dog. Perhaps there might be human screams of hunger...or despair.

The country has been transported back to the stone age. Your ability to grow your own food is limited to your access to seeds and whether or not you get enough rain.

There are riots in the cities. The only people who have access to fresh food are those with guns who can hunt and those by bodies of water with edible fish.

The supply of canned goods is rapidly going down to nothing. As are the matches that light your grill, the only way to cook. Factories are not producing anything to replace what is consumed.

Does that seem like science fiction? It's not. In fact, it may be right around the corner.

This is what would happen if someone exploded a nuclear weapon 300 miles up in the atmosphere above the country. It would involve every single state on the continent. It would even involve vast parts of Mexico and Canada.

No missle defense could prevent it. It is commonly referred to as EMP, electromagnetic pulse explosion. The energy released by such a weapon "would interact with the Earth's magnetic field, producing an extremely fast and powerful electromagnetic burst that rushes to the ground at 94% the speed of light, slamming everything on the ground with as much as 50,000 volts per square meter at high amps." *

Simple to do with a nuclear device, it's almost a given that some power or group might get put out with the behavior of the U.S.A. and decide to go this route. Note that there are also non-nuclear devices capable of producing an EMP.

This explanation and description have been very basic. For the scientific and technical details, there are any number of sources available to give more information about using a nuclear device to set off an electromagnetic pulse.

If Americans knew about this very real possibility, they might utterly panic. It is up to them to make their government stop angering others, tell the government to mind their own business, take care of the home front and stop interfering all over the globe.

No one seriously believes that U.S. troops overseas are "defending freedom" or defending their country. You defend your country only if you are on your own territory or very close to it, not an ocean away.  Fighting terrorism?  No, they are aiding and abetting terrorism, creating the conditions that give birth to more terrorists.

Perhaps they ought to close the bases, dismantle NATO and bring the troops home where they belong before they have nothing to come home to and no way to get there.

*Pakalert Press

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Lisa Karpova