The rape of Serbia: NATO/Terrorist ethnic cleansing campaign imminent?

The rape of Serbia: NATO/Terrorist ethnic cleansing campaign imminent?. 45374.jpegTension in northern Kosovo is reaching breaking point, with NATO/Albanian special forces units getting ready to take action against the Serbian residents in what is under international law a province of Serbia. Meanwhile the Serbian Government in Belgrade facilitates as the West rapes the soul of Serbia and tears out its heart.

Serbian political analyst, journalist and candidate for the Serbian Presidential elections in 2004, Milovan Drecon (Serbian revival) presents some shocking information, backed up by sources within Northern Kosovo, who are trying to get the news out of a generalised mobilization against the concentration of the Serbian population in this province of Serbia.

As the international media commits yet another blackout and as the Serbian politicians in Belgrade look on and do nothing, appearing to many like bunch of traitors and snivelling cowards, there is evidence that Albanian ROSU special forces are being deployed to the area and that American Apache helicopters are being readied for action. They have been flying over the region in recent days continuously and we have seen how these are used to "protect civilians" in Libya - strafing them with machine guns.

Milovan Drecun further informs that vessels are prepared on the Lake at Gazivode to carry the ROSU special forces and KFOR forces to attack the Serbian positions in the demilitarised zone. It is claimed the majority of these forces will be transported through Podujevo-Bajgora-Banjska so as to avoid the Serbian blockades set up at Zvecane.

Due to the fact that NATO (KFOR and EULEX) has already authorised the deployment of heavy military equipment, there are fears of an imminent onslaught against the Serbs in what is after all their own country, by foreign elements and the terrorist forces they protect (as we have seen in Libya, where Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office aids a group listed in its own documents as a terrorist organization - LIFG - in direct breach of the UK's Terrorist Acts in force).

Eye-witnesses have localised 80 mercenaries from Albania and Macedonia stationed at Bajgora and Svinjare. The operation, according to Milovan Drecun, is set to begin after September 16. Will this be another act of ethnic cleansing, as happened in March 2004, when 70,000 Serbs were cleansed out of their homes by Albanian terrorists while NATO looked the other way?

"These are the details of planned military-police operation, scheduled immediately after September 16th. I succeeded to get in possession of this plan, and I am very disturbed with the prospect and potential for crisis and destabilization of entire region, this plan has! I brought it publicly, because I believe that knowledge of this plan is crucial to all powers that have potential and willingness to oppose to this dangerous and criminal adventure. We are talking here about planned joint operation of Kosovo police force, "ROSU" Albanian special forces (Albanian police and "ROSU"- are made of former KLA terrorists), KFOR and EULEX western forces. This is classic military operation, more precisely "combat assault" and likely will result in number of casualties among unprotected Serbian population. It is crucial that domestic and international public be advised of these details..." (Milovan Drecun)

Eye-witness accounts in the region have also provided credible evidence that the ROSU elements are ready to move into the area at any moment, giving rise to the fear that September 16 is the date the operation will start to take control of all the checkpoints on the frontier with Serbia.

This is effectively a knife in the heart of Serbia, as the birthplace and heart of the Serbian Nation, Kosovo Polye and the province around it, is carved off by western imperialist powers to give control to Albanian terrorists who in turn will obediently provide for control of the lucrative drugs trade in a mafia state of Kosovo, vassal of NATO and the cabals which control this evil organization.

Next stop: Vojvodina, to eliminate Serbia once and for all from the Balkans equation. Payback? Why, membership of the EU! For those who represent the Serbian people in Belgrade, it is difficult to find adjectives which express the utter contempt people who sell their people's souls deserve. If the Serbian people think the EU will get them anywhere, take a look at Greece.

May history bear witness against those who have sold Serbia and may the history book register that not all the Serbs allowed their country to be raped by foreigners and that not all the international media looked the other way.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey





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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey