What they don't tell you about Libya

What they don't tell you about Libya. 45360.jpegWe all saw Khamis al-Qathafi killed and resurrected five or six times by the "mainstream" media, we all saw William Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, lying through his teeth by affirming that Colonel Gaddafi had fled to Venezuela, then not even issuing an apology after such a blatant example of disinformation and slander. They are quick to tell you everything, it seems, except the truth.

And what is the truth? We all know what they did tell you, now let's see what they didn't. For a start, let us see the reply from the British Ministry of Defence to a perfectly simple and straightforward question:




Have French and British special forces been operating inside Libya at any time since the beginning of the conflict?


"We do not normally comment on Special Forces matters and we see no reason to change that policy on this occasion."

So, no categorical denial. No vehement or indignant affirmation that such would be a violation on the United Nations Security Council Resolutions covering the case (1970 and 1973 - 2011) and so of course not. And why?

Let us see the news coming out of Libya from sources either inside the country or linked to sources outside with credible information. Obviously, one cannot be everywhere and one does not have the gift of omniscience; however, the "credible" "mainstream" biased media sources which were in situ and have been reporting from Libya have been reporting what? Lies. Remember the "air strikes" by the Libyan Air Force against civilians? There weren't any.

They said nothing about the democratic nature of the Jamahiriya system of Government (a Google search will make interesting reading, as will Muammar al-Qathafi's Green Book), they said nothing about the terrorist and foreign nature of this so-called rebellion, they said nothing about where these "rebel" flags suddenly came from, they did not explain why the "rebellion" started on the western and eastern frontiers and not among the youth in the capital Tripoli.

They tried to play down the world's largest demonstrations in support of their leader, 1.7 million residents of Tripoli coming out to support Colonel Gaddafi, which in comparative terms would be 20 million Britons or 100 million Americans. Would a fraction of these turn out to support Cameron or Obama? Probably to throw eggs and tomatoes, yes. To support, no.

So what is the information coming out of Libya?

There are reports that in recent days, NATO-backed Terrorist forces have been repelled in Bani Walid and Sirt - and that over a thousand terrorist elements have been liquidated (pending confirmation). There are reports that two NATO helicopters have been brought down over Sabah and that all the NATO mercenaries inside were destroyed. A group of terrorists heading towards Bani Walid to terrorise its citizens was intercepted by the Alassabaa tribe and 35 of these elements were destroyed.

A ratfight (fight among terrorist groups) took place in Tripoli, today leaving 30 of this scourge dead.

There are reports that 35 British SAS operationals were liquidated in a successful defence against this illegal aggression by the Libyan Armed Forces and in Abu Saleem district at the weekend, 7 British special force elements were destroyed. On Tuesday, a large number of terrorist forces were liquidated by the members of the Al Magarra tribe south of Tripoli as they headed south. In Ghadamis, there are reports of two French special forces captured.

On the eastern front, 50 terrorists who tried to enter al-Brega were eliminated. The manipulated and biased press are saying nothing of NATO war crimes, violations of the UNSC Resolutions or the fact that the NATO/terrorist forces control around 30% of Libyan territory, at most.

On the legal front, David Cameron and William Hague have been aiding and abetting the LIFG group inside Libya which is proscribed on the FCO lists as a terrorist group. Therefore under the UK's own Terrorism Acts (2006), surely a crime has been committed by the British Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary?

The biased media has said nothing of NATO's continued war crimes and breaches of the Geneva Conventions, strafing civilians with helicopters, taking sides in an internal conflict, violation of the terms of the UNSC Resolution, attacking civilian structures and supplies with military hardware.

The result is that NATO and its political and military leaders have lost all credibility, as they face the call from millions of people around the world to put them on trial for their war crimes.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey






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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey