Does the international community exist?

Does the international community exist?. 45109.jpegNATO is committing war crimes daily in Libya, the latest massacre of children and civilians in Zliten demonstrating its cold-blooded and reptilian callous disregard for human life as it proceeds to bomb indiscriminately in a desperate attempt to aid the terrorists it supports, knowing full well the TNC has the support of some 2% of Libyans.

And what is the international community doing? The people of the international community are doing a lot. They are networking, they are pooling resources, they are discussing how to get the war criminals in NATO and their political leaders into a court of law (taking the legal path and not the violent one, unlike NATO), they are collecting and passing on information.

In so doing, they are bypassing the controlled media through which NATO wises to pass its squeaky clean message of dastardly dictators siphoning off money for themselves and their families, the poor, poor people held down (sniff) and (tear) the children being killed and screaming in hospitals (right on cue, SKY shows a screaming boy...careful, hold the camera straight, make sure you don't get that needle in, they might see he is having a routine inoculation).

In so doing, the international community, or those of us who want to find out what is really going on, are very well aware of the facts. After all, the uprising in Libya did not come in the capital city, Tripoli, where 2.7 out of Libya's 6 million people live. It started along the borders, already controlled by NATO after the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt and in the port city of Misratah, where NATO warships could ferry in terrorists and supplies at will.

We found out that around 100,000 foreign mercenaries had indeed been shipped and transported into Libya from the Eastern frontier and we found out that these were not Gaddafi mercenaries - after all, he has 99% of the Libyan armed forces with him. We found out that the supposed attacks by the Libyan Air Force did not exist and we found out that these allegations were behind the UNSC Resolutions spurring NATO's action. Being false flag events, we know very well that UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) are under international law, void.

We discovered that the massacres being committed were by the terrorists unleashed and aided and abetted by NATO countries, primarily the UK and France, backed by Big Brother the US of A, we discovered that NATO was illegally involved in an internal conflict, we discovered that NATO was actively supporting the terrorist forces by bombing Libyan Armed Force positions ahead of attacks.

We discovered the heinous atrocities committed by these "rebels", we discovered the flagrant disregard for international law demonstrated by an arrogant clique of criminals - the NATO countries involved - in arming these terrorists. We discovered NATO's attacks against civilians, we discovered NATO's war crimes, we discovered that NATO wantonly murdered the family of Colonel Gaddafi in a precision strike against a family home, occasioning the death of his son and three of his grandchildren while he was outside feeding the animals.

And what has the leadership of the international community done? Absolutely nothing. They have sat on their backsides either watching nonchalantly, or else they have suddenly become fascinated with their fingernails, the palms of their hands, their navels or their feet, swallowing silently like a sickening bunch of snivelling cowards, a useless collection of specimens which are the worst possible apology for human beings and for humankind.

This disgusting act of collective cowardice or worse, collusion, is entirely unacceptable and goes wholly against the grain of the collective will in the hearts and minds of the people of the international community, who stand shoulder to shoulder beside their brothers and sisters, the heroic people of Libya and their beloved Brother Leader.

Shame on those who could and should be doing much more to stop this. This said, it is the duty of every civilised human being to take this matter up through the proper legal channels. Let us continue networking to bring the NATO war criminals to justice. We have been abandoned by those we looked to to support us and to uphold international law but this does not mean we cannot take up the fight ourselves.

Does the international community exist? Yes, it does, and Libya has shown us what it is really made of - not the sickening turncoats whose pockets are lined by the corporate elitists to whose wills and policies they pander and grovel but rather, by the rank and file of humankind. More and more of us are coming together, like brothers and sisters, from the four corners of the Earth, learning from each other, interacting with each other and drinking deep from that cup which is human knowledge. We are black, we are white, we are yellow, we are brown, we are Moslems, we are Jews, we are Christians, we are monarchists, atheists, conservatives, communists, radicals, women, men, straight, gay...we are human beings.

And we are now the international community. We do not need those who have allowed Libya to happen and who are perpetrating the crimes. Libya has taught us that we have surpassed them and now, we can hold them accountable in the ballot box. Did you vote for NATO to control your foreign policy? Then why does it? Bring it onto the political agenda.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey