Nato's sheer evil revealed

Since when and under what international laws is a children's school a legitimate target? Since when and under what international law is it allowed to purposefully precision-bomb a family home and murder children? Since when and under what international law is NATO permitted to bomb, bomb, bomb, day after day after day, supporting terrorists?


The answer to these questions is never and no. It has never been legitimate under international law to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign state, it is not allowed under any law to have fostered and fomented the problems in the first place, it is not allowed under any law to actively arm and support terrorists and it is not allowed to target civilians and civilian structures with military hardware.


Yet this matters not to NATO. It considers itself above the law, no legal entity has the guts to counter it or even to launch proceedings, nobody in the international community stands up to this evil terrorist organization. And the result is what we see:


Bombing the power plants, targeting the electricity grid, bombing the water supply network, targeting civilian buildings, bombing houses, destroying families, murdering children, bombing schools, bombing shops, bombing furniture stores, bombing bakeries, bombing hospitals, bombing clinics, bombing markets.


Tripoli pounded day after day, night after night after night, in an endless and mindless bombing campaign, a campaign of wanton, wilful, murderous destruction and criminal damage, blasting away at the same targets, spending tens of millions of dollars on what?


Farms are being destroyed, Universities are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed. Bab Al-Ziza, formerly a residence and office used by Muammar al-Qathafi, is bombed every single night - an inane and pointless policy without any tangible results at all because nobody is using it, just a singular criminal act of terrorism and a total waste of taxpayers' money, precision-targeting a structure where NATO knows civilians will gather.


Yet despite this onslaught, despite this demonic wanton act of murder, the Libyan Armed Forces continue to liberate towns and villages, who welcome them with open arms, freeing them from the criminal gangs of terrorists unleashed by NATO (many of them foreigners including soldiers from NATO countries) who slaughter, rape and pillage.


It is difficult to imagine any act of evil more pure or more sinister than NATO's Libya campaign and it defies logic that the rest of the world looks on like some impotent voyeur witnessing a child being slaughtered and doing nothing. Nothing whatsoever.


What a sickening international community we live in, and how fitting will be the epitaph written about us collectively by future generations.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey