Libya: The other side of the coin

Libya: The other side of the coin. 44860.jpegAnalysing the speech of Muammar al-Qathafi last Friday to the packed crowd in Tripoli, we can see how the Libyan Brother Leader thinks. Here is a summary of the speech with some comments, for our readers to see the other side of the story. And there is another side, as the mainstream media are starting to see. NATO committed a huge mistake.

For a start, the crowd packed into central Tripoli was massive. Eye witness reports of it being one million strong, and 1.7 million the previous Friday, would mean that these are among the largest demonstrations of support for a leader in history. Muammar Gaddafi started his speech by referring to "the masses of the free Libyan people" who in their great numbers, "send another message to the whole world".

Muammar Gaddafi then goes on to predict that "NATO will fall". Given that NATO obviously launched the "rebellion", arming and aiding thousands of marauding terrorists who proceeded to torch government buildings, destroy private property and run amok, slaughtering people in the streets, impaling young boys and raping little girls, NATO indeed has a lot to account for. Not least is the intended murder of the Colonel himself and the slaughter of his son and three grandchildren.

Certainly, NATO never expected Colonel Gaddafi to remain in power until mid-July when the "rebellion" began in the endemically separatist Benghazi in mid-February and NATO has done everything it can to take sides, bombing and strafing the Libyan Armed Forces, trying to spur on a rebel advance. The result is that the country is more and more divided upon tribal fault-lines, providing a very dangerous scenario for the future unless there is an immediate cessation of hostilities.

Is Gaddafi the one man holding it together? Not according to the Brother Leader himself: "They believe that the revolution will be over with the end of Gaddafi. No, this is a revolution of the Libyan people, the authority of the Libyan people, this is the political system of the Libyan people, chosen by the Libyan people, approved by the Libyan people, the decision-making is by the Libyan people, practised by the Libyan people". Here he is referring to the unique system of Government called the Jamahiriya, the State of the Masses in which government is conducted through People's Congresses, through which the people exercise political and economic power and implement policies.

Muammar Gaddafi then goes on to blame Colonialism and foreign powers for the trouble in Libya, claiming "the Libyan people never had a problem". He added: "The problem is with colonialism. It is with the power of colonialism that you want to capture the oil, you envy the Libyan people, how God gives the oil to the Libyan people". Indeed, it is Libya's massive oil (prime quality) and water resources which are coveted by so many.

Not only this. Another main issue is the fact that Muammar Gaddafi has invested so much time, energy and financing into the creation of the African Union, giving Africa its own Institutions, freeing millions from the yolk of payments to western organisms, setting up e-learning and telemedicine facilities which reach everyone on the Continent and freeing African nations from the payment of crippling charges for external services.

The Brother Leader then pointed out the enormous differences within NATO, regarding what to do and how to proceed, while the populations of the NATO countries involved in this Crusade start to question why there are not better facilities and public services when their Governments say they cannot afford it, yet then spend up to 100,000 USD per aircraft per hour in bombing Libya and aiding terrorists, many of whom have themselves fought against NATO in Iraq and in Afghanistan. Their leader, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, has admitted as much himself.

He said "The democracy defended by NATO" is the scenes witnessed in Benghazi, where the armed gangs slaughter and rape, burn property, pillage and desecrate bodies. Claiming the Libyan people are united (and the massive turnouts in the demonstrations send a clear message of this), he said NATO should withdraw because the Libyans will stand firm and show courage to defend their homes and their children, bombed daily by NATO.

Muammar al-Gaddafi then asked NATO if "protecting civilians" was bombing them and bombing the Libyan Armed Forces, while he claimed that the "rebels" are traitors who act as the agents for NATO powers, which in turn will colonise Libya's oil resources (concentrated in the East).

Claiming that Libya could send thousands of soldiers to Europe to carry out suicide missions, he said "Let us give them a chance" to withdraw and see the folly of their mistakes. He also stated that lawyers in Europe are drawing up suits to file against the NATO leaders for war crimes: "they must be arrested and brought to the International Criminal Court or transferred to mental hospitals".

He then threatened to form alliances with all independence movements in Europe, since NATO has fostered the independent streak running through the veins of the Benghazi terrorists.
Next, the Brother Leader of the Libyan Revolution reserved particular venom for the Gulf States, calling them "shameful" because they have allowed themselves to be ruled by foreigners and calling them "donkeys" and "cowards" who walk on their hands and feet being ridden by colonial powers.

This was a message of defiance: "Our missiles are the masses, our planes are the masses, our strength is the masses; who wants to challenge, come to challenge the masses, and who wants to negotiate, they should come to the masses. The masses should be ready to send crowds of one million in any area in Libya controlled by the traitors and agents of colonialism. Those agents of colonialism, they are soldiers of France even if they are Libyan, they are soldiers of France and England," the only two of the NATO countries left in the alliance against Libya, striking Africa.

And finally, promise for the future: "The wealth will be for the poor people. Oil will be only for the poor, tomorrow when victory is coming oil will be in the hands of poor people. Also, young people, ...who will be leading all the facilities, this is the Revolution of the young people. You will enjoy more power and wealth more than before, you deserve it, because with your steadfastness you will defeat NATO, NATO will withdraw".

Steadfast, resilient, defiant, a champion of his people and a champion of Libya. This is the message from Muammar al-Qathafi to the leaders of NATO countries who made a huge mistake in breaching international law, taking sides in an internal conflict, committing war crimes. With his people behind him, Muammar Gaddafi sends a strong and clear message to those who must by now be wondering how to use a get-out clause.

It is perfectly simple: NATO should claim the no-fly zone has been imposed successfully and allow the African Union and the Libyan people to hold talks on their future.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey