Libya and the Sound of silence

I am beginning to despair with the international community. Not the bogus one the Empire speaks of (a true minority), but the real one. Those who in physical actuality are the majority of the world population. Those who know what's going on, but are doing absolutely nothing about it.

This enables the Empire to be more and more arrogant. Witness France's flagrant admission that they are outrageously violating the UN Resolutions on Libya by openly admitting they are arming terrorists. Is anything being done about it? Is anyone dragging France before the UN Security Council to answer for its behavior?

Not a word. The silence is deafening.

The US Congress registers their disapproval of their President's starting a war against Libya without consulting Congress, but yet the same dirtbags vote to continue funding for this illegal, immoral, genocidal filthy war. The American taxpayer doesn't need health care, a home, a job, an up-to-date infrastructure or any type of security for the future when they grow old.

The western coalition of barbaric savages doesn't try to hide their objective to assassinate Muamar Ghaddafi so that they can install terrorists as the Libyan government, people with open and easily observable connections to al Qaeda, and unknown individuals deep into corruption. Even the Los Angeles Times and the Daily Telegraph were forced to admit the al Qaeda connection of the terrorists.

The terrorists and their benefactors do not accept the free and fair elections offered, because they are well aware their loss would be most embarrassing.

Libya and the Sound of silence. 44796.jpeg
helpless unarmed civilians

One of the recent requests by the terrorist National Transitional Council to their NATO benefactors was to destroy a building in Libya containing information that would expose their corruption.

They are clearly terrorists in every sense of the word. Heavily armed, they are conducting summary executions, hangings, torture, mutilations, beheadings, rape, pillage, wanton destruction...all the nice and fuzzy things terrorists are known for.

If you are black and you are in Libya, your days are numbered if this murderous filth has anything to say about it. Racist anti-black ethnic cleansing is being actively implemented by the terrorists, all with the approval of the western barbarians.

The terrorists have already driven most foreign workers out of the country. They are going through money like it grows on trees. This money was stolen from the assets of the Libyan people and filtered by western trash countries to the terrorist treasure chest, which is nothing but a bottomless pit.

All this happens with the total complicit silence of western corporate media.

As insanely ferocious, evil, psychotic and demonic as the bombings are, the war of lies and disinformation is just as bad. They continue to repeat the same mantra...Ghaddafi Is attacking "his own people" you know, those poor innocent unarmed civilians.

Nevermind that the accusations that started the whole thing were shown to be lies, there never were any bombings by the government on "peaceful" protesters or any protesters for that matter. The satellites showed that no such thing ever happened. But do they stop repeating the lie? Of course not.

They try to give the impression that the government of Libya is ready to fall at any moment, that the rag tag impotent, pernicious terrorists with no support among the population are "popular" and doing well in their destructive campaign.

A decent person cannot help but feel utter righteous indignation, seething hatred and disgust as their sensibilities are offended by this utter arrogance and evil, these never ending, ceaseless, unpunished crimes, their god-like feeling that they can act with impunity. These crimes are being perpetrated to enrich the global elite who are pulling the strings of the Empire.

They have no legal or moral right to interfere in and exacerbate this internal conflict. Although there is substantial proof that the conflict was planned, funded and instigated by outside elements for some time. It was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a part of some lovely, feel good "Arab spring" that came out of some desire for "freedom and democracy."

When the west talks about "freedom and democracy" what they really mean is a country's or leader's willingness to do what they are told. Neither do they feel compelled to engage in the preferable, more human, more rational approach of discussion, dialogue and debate.

All the west is capable of is enforcing the law of the jungle, might makes right. Well, no, it does not. Righteous people are utterly horrified by their arrogance.

Every empire thought it was invincible, indestructible and eternal. So where are they now? The same is going to happen to the current evil Empire. Don't think for a moment that it cannot be brought down, that it is too powerful, too whatever.

This too, shall pass. But at what price? The time for action is now. The time is now to end the stranglehold of international corporatism and capitalism, the worst and most dangerous form of fascism.

In closing, I can only say you will get the governance you deserve and if the innocent are to be put through the fire, the international community is not to remain silent. Every Libyan that is killed has died for our freedom. For you and for me. They are being made to suffer horribly and we will not remain unmindful of their pain and suffering.

Do something, people, or it is no great loss if some huge comet or asteroid hits this stupid planet.

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Lisa Karpova