Michelle Obama: What a difference

Michelle Obama: What a difference. 44718.jpegWhile Barack Obama insulted the Nobel Prize and the international community with his sickening act of murder in Libya, bombing an African brother relentlessly, spending hundreds of millions of dollars siding with Islamist terrorists, his wife Michelle encourages the world's youth to respect human rights, women's rights and attack gender violence.

What a difference! While Barack Obama willingly entered the sickening game NATO is playing in Libya, attacking a sovereign nation whose armed forces were defending themselves against Islamist terrorists, who themselves fought against American and British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan (the "rebel" leader, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi was arrested for being a member of Al-Qaeda and himself has admitted that he recruited the Benghazi Islamist terrorists to be suicide bombers in Iraq and to fight NATO in Afghanistan), his wife Michelle uses her position intelligently and behaves in a way that the international community would expect and respect - speaking out for women's rights, for inclusion, against racism and against gender based violence.

Now why wasn't Michelle Obama elected President of the United States of America? She is a credit to her country, she is a credit to her gender, she is a credit to her race and she is the embodiment of how Humankind feels at the beginning of the Third Millennium. It matters not whether she writes her own speeches: she stands up before hundreds of young people at Universities and Churches around the world and speaks about the future for generations of young people, a future we all hope to see and a future millions of us have spent decades striving for.

In her visit to the South African township of Soweto, Michelle Obama paid homage to the young Africans who fought for their rights against Apartheid. What she did not not say was that the man her husband is trying to kill - Muammar al-Qathafi - did more to help the Black South Africans than any other leader; indeed he has done more than any other international leader to bring prosperity, healthcare programmes and e-learning programmes to the African continent - for free.

However, she addressed humanitarian and social issues which strike a chord with the rest of Humankind. While her husband, now dubbed Obomber, is busy gallivanting with his NATO cronies Cameron and Sarkozy, wasting hundreds of millions of his taxpayers' money on strafing schools and hospitals in Libya, murdering children and civilians as NATO protects the Islamist terrorists who started this unrest by slaughtering black Africans in the streets (making Obama a traitor to his nation and a traitor to his race), Michelle Obama uses her position to spread not only words of hope but also a message in favour of inclusion and against violence, corruption and bad governance.

Addressing women's groups from across the African Continent in Soweto, she called on young Africans to be the generation that fights AIDS and also the stigma of having AIDS, she called on young Africans to rise up and claim for themselves good governance: "You can be the generation that holds your leaders accountable for open, honest government at every level, government that stamps out corruption."

It is a pity Michelle Obama is not the President of the United States of America. She would have handled the Libyan conflict with dialogue, as her husband had promised, and would have tried to understand the underlying issues before jumping the gun, and in a cowardly fashion allowing the war lobby to spring into action, something it is constantly vying for behind the scenes.

Michelle Obama would have seen that the "rebellion" was fuelled by Islamist terrorists, she would have seen that the supposed "massacre of civilians" was a false-flag event and a tissue of lies, that the real atrocities were committed against women and children by the "rebels" and that the attacks against unarmed civilians simply did not take place.

She would have remembered that Muammar al-Gadafi was to receive a humanitarian award from the UNO this year for his tremendous humanitarian record, his stand for gay rights, women's rights and firm position against what he perceives as the excesses of Islam.

She would have seen that the real reason for so much demonology against this great man was the very fact that in providing e-learning and telemedicine facilities across Africa for free, he was taking away money from western banks and satellite companies. Annoy the banking lobby and what happens?

I call on Michelle Obama to get involved in politics and to send her husband back to the law firm from whence he sprang. She would certainly get my vote.

Read this report from the UNO and form your own conclusions, then do something to stop Cameron and Sarkozy and Obama committing war crimes




Photos: Unarmed civilians being protected by NATO


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey