Libya: NATO continues with terrorist attacks

Libya: NATO continues with terrorist attacks. 44685.jpegThere cannot be a single sane human being on this planet that feels any sympathy for NATO at this moment in time. NATO, the most hated organization on Earth, has proved once and for all that it is a terrorist entity, has no respect for international law and even less for human life. It is time for right and reason to speak out: might is not right.

NATO has fallen into a trap in Libya. It was not a trap sprung by the Libyans, it was a trap of its own making: in its own admission regarding the strike this weekend (which slaughtered nine civilians in their homes, and wounded a further eighteen). NATO admitted that this was the first accidental strike against civilians, thereby admitting by omission that the terrorist strike against the home of Saif al-Arab al-Qathafi, in which three innocent children were murdered by a NATO pilot along with other civilians, was perpetrated on purpose.

In admitting this, NATO is admitting it has perpetrated a war crime. You do not go into someone else's country illegally, you do not take sides in an internal armed conflict, you do not strafe civilian structures with military hardware, you do not target civilians, you do not commit acts of attempted and actual murder, actual and grievous bodily harm and criminal damage with impunity.

Under international law, NATO and its leaders are liable for criminal prosecution under the terms of the UN Charter. The conditions which gave rise to UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011) do not exist and therefore everything pertaining to those Resolutions is void. There has been no sanction to this action by the UNSC Military Commission, there has been no declaration of war, and therefore the enforcing of a no-fly zone with the occasioning of civilian deaths and criminal damage is a travesty of international law, quite apart from being an insult to human decency.Libya: NATO continues with terrorist attacks. 44686.jpeg


The proliferation of petitions around the Internet and the legal action already implemented against the leaders of this criminal clique of terrorists has been set in operation, as the people of the world stand together in seething white-faced hatred against the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and the murderers who formulate its policies.

NATO was supposed to police a no-fly zone protecting civilians from attack. It was patently obvious from the beginning that there were no civilians being attacked, rather gangs of marauding terrorists, Islamist fanatical racists who started this conflict with a massacre of black Africans in Libya and black Libyans, then strafed pro-Government supporters and blamed these for starting the attack. A trigger-happy Cameron and that sickening little Napoleon, Sarkozy, did the rest.

This is not only an outrage against Libya, it is an outrage against Africa, it is an outrage against the Negro race, it is an outrage against international law and it is an outrage against humanity, for NATO and its leaders have taken the side of Islamist terrorists in Libya - the same terrorists who, led by Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, were fighting against NATO in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Libya: NATO continues with terrorist attacks. 44687.jpegBut this does not end here. As we speak, there are strong indications that NATO is preparing for a ground invasion in Libya over the next two or three months. For this, it would be necessary to have another resolution at the UNO but did this stop them in Iraq? No, it did not.

It is time for the citizens of the world to unite against NATO and say NO! Nobody wants to belong to a criminal and terrorist organization which slaughters children and strafes civilian targets with military hardware. Nobody voted to be a member of NATO and so how therefore does a supra-national organization control its member states' foreign policy? It is as unconstitutional as it is an anachronism and serves as a clique of sycophantic snivelling cowards crawling around the feet of the arms lobby which in turn gravitates around the White House.

It is high time the war criminals guilty of these crimes in Libya are brought to justice, if indeed international law exists. For those of us who still care about these things, take action, NOW!Libya: NATO continues with terrorist attacks. 44688.jpeg

Look at this savage here on the right. Now tell me, is this an unarmed civilian? And why do Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama take the side of these Islamist terrorists, the ones who probably decapitated their boys in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is he holding a feather duster? Do our readers know what he has just done with that machete? No, and you don't want to either.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey