Libya and Western media manipulation

Libya and Western media manipulation. 44652.jpegIt is by now obvious that the monstrous illegal and murderous NATO attack against the people of Libya and their guide is failing and that this evil military organisation is getting increasingly desperate. The 150 terrorist strikes per day every day bear witness to this. The increasing lies and brainwashing propaganda by western media backs this up.


When SKY News accompanied the US troops on their illegal romp into Iraq - this was before the blatant acts of mass murder, mass rape, mass kidnapping, illegal detention, torture, sodomy, urinating in food and so on were discovered (thank God this rabble is not allowed in Libya under Resolutions 1970 and 1973) - its correspondent crawled up to a group of GIs and asked in a sickeningly grovelling voice: "Hey you guys! Are you looking for some revenge for 9/11?"


It was a stupid question, which received a stupid answer: "Yeah!" and that, ladies and gentlemen, was enough to confirm the utterly false impression that the gullible and unthinking western public had been fooled so easily into believing - that Saddam Hussein had perpetrated 9/11 or was in some way linked to it. Supposedly intelligent people reiterated this "statement of fact" without batting an eyelid time and time again.


No thought of how Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden were at opposite ends of opposing ideologies, no thought of the fact they hated each other. And this afternoon, Thursday June 16, 2011, right on cue and also on SKY News, in one and the same statement, the reference to "Colonel Gaddafi and the Taleban" being buoyed by the mention of Prince Harry rushing off to war in an Apache helicopter.


It was a very clever piece of sublime information yet for those with an iota of instruction, an affirmation of either sheer and total crass stupidity, or else unadulterated pure white-hot evil. The common link is that Apache helicopters are being deployed in Libya (because spreading "Freedom and Democracy" from 30.000 feet is committing a tad too many murders) and also in Afghanistan.


There is another common link between Libya and the Taleban - the enemies of Colonel Gaddafi, led by an Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi and the Taleban/Al_Qaeda worked together. This Hasidi gentleman, who NATO supports so vehemently, has himself admitted he belonged to Al-Qaeda, recruited the Benghazi terrorists (well-known in Libya as being Islamist fanatics) to fight against Britain and the USA in Afghanistan and also recruited record numbers of suicide bombers from Benghazi to use against British and American forces in Iraq. That is the common link.


No mention of the fact that Colonel Gaddafi was the first international leader to issue an arrest warrant against Osama bin Laden, no mention of the fact that Colonel Gaddafi was the first international leader to issue a writ against Al-Qaeda, no mention of the fact that the Taleban and Colonel Gaddafi are like oil and water, hate each other and no mention of the fact that while the West was gallivanting with Islamist criminals, Colonel Gaddafi had already pronounced himself against them.Libya and Western media manipulation. 44653.jpeg


The sheer idiocy of today's SKY statement underlines how powerful the western media machine is. It is none other than a factory of lies, a bulwark of total bullshit, a monster of manipulation which churns out swayed public opinion like a sausage factory. It also underlines the collective stupidity of the fools who believe what their TV, radio and newspapers shove down their throats, a daily dose of massified ignorance hastily and eagerly swallowed and digested. It is the massification of stupidity and they fall for it hook, line and sinker without so much as even questioning the bilge they are being fed.


Like geese being fattened with funnels shoved down their throats by the cynical and cruel producers of foie gras, the gullible western public guzzle their daily dose of chicken-shit down with ever-increasing ease, like battery hens fed on their own excrement and yes I do hope they are reading this while looking at a juicy blood-red steak on a plate, because this is the same colour splattered by NATO around the walls of Libyan hospitals, shops, schools, universities, museums and private homes, the same colour washed from the walls of the home of Muammar Gaddafi's son, Saif Al-Arab al-Qathafi, where three of Colonel Gaddafi's grandchildren were slaughtered by a NATO pilot enforcing a no-fly zone to protect civilians, sorry, armed terrorists.


So, if the western media is intent on telling lies, someone has to tell the truth. I appeal to the intelligence inside these easy-to-dupe western minds and request just three minutes of their time as they curl up giggling helplessly to the sound of farts and belches on The Simpsons.


Firstly, I would urge you to take a look at the photos in this article. Now, a simple question: Are these the photos of innocent civilians being slaughtered or are they armed Islamist terrorists running amok committing acts of terrorism, aided and abetted by Washington and its poodles in Europe? Why is your Government siding with terrorists and interfering in an armed insurrection in a sovereign nation, against international law?


Secondly, please consider why Colonel Gaddafi was about to be awarded with a humanitarian prize by the United Nations Organization, this year, just when mayhem broke out in his country with marauding gangs of terrorists (see the photos) going around beheading black Libyans in the streets, attacking Government property, torching buildings, raping young girls and impaling a small boy with a metal rod.


Thirdly, has anyone bothered telling you why he was going to receive this prize? Have you considered the UNO does not just say "Hey! See that guy over there? Let's give him a prize!!" And have you seen the reasons why he was to receive the prize? It was for his excellent human rights record taking into account gender rights, the protection of women, religious minorities, his inclusion programmes, respect for the law and his speaking out against the murder of homosexuals because they are gay, against the stoning of women by Islamist courts and against the dress code imposed upon women by fundamentalists.


Fourthly, has your media told you about Muammar Al-Qathafi's work in Africa and his tremendous energy behind the African Union? His cultural programmes? His scientific programmes? His education programmes? His telecommunications projects? His Green programme? His respect for the ecology, the Mr. Green of Africa?


Have they told you he is behind the Pan-African e-learning programme enabling all Africans to learn for free while your governments were shooting them, holding them down and denying them access to education, keeping them ignorant while they stole their resources? Have they told you about his telemedicine programme, bringing medical treatment to all Africans everywhere, even in the desert? Have they told you about his financing of African satellites, while your countries were holding the poorest continent on earth to ransom, saddled with a 500 million dollar a year charge to use your satellites?


Libya and Western media manipulation. 44654.jpegFifthly, just think for a second. If he is such a dictator as your media insinuate, how come only a small minority of his country is against him, and these in the endemically separatist Benghazi? What dictator educates people for free? What dictator walks around his capital city being greeted with love and enthusiasm? These images they do not show you do they?


Sixthly, how do you feel about your countries bombing children? Would you like your children or grandchildren to be bombed? How would you feel? You would complain if a terrorist blasted the faces and limbs off your family wouldn't you? What would you say if someone murdered three two-year-old kids in their own home? Well, that is what your countries have done. Don't tell me they didn't tell you.


Seventhly, have you stopped to question why the "air strikes against civilians" referred to by your countries were wholly refuted by evidence from Russian satellites, which proved there was no such thing? Have you stopped to question why when the West said Libyan Air Force pilots had bombed civilian buildings in Tripoli, a visit to the sites showed it was a tissue of lies?


Eighthly, and finally, how do you feel about your governments spending 300 million pounds (483.7 million USD) to date, each, on this illegal act of slaughter, these war crimes?


Sorry to have interrupted your dinners. Get back to The Simpsons (BELCH) oh and the nine o'clock news follows. I bet you they won't mention Hasidi, what? Maybe if you ask your Congressman or MP exactly what he/she thinks your Government is doing? Or are you happy to sit back in your callous ignorance as innocent civilians are being slaughtered by your Governments which is supporting Islamist terrorists?


See the photos.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey




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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey