Libya: NATO's last hour

Libya: NATO's last hour. 44460.jpegIf before the illegal murderous escapade in Libya, NATO was already an anachronism, an anti-Constitutional clique of warmongers feathering the nests of the arms lobby which gravitates around the White House, imposed on member states without election, now with the attempted murder of Colonel Gaddafi, we see this evil alliance for what it is.

We saw it before, in Serbia, we saw it in Afghanistan, we saw it in Iraq and now we see it in Libya. Lies, lies and more lies precede illegal attacks on sovereign nations by a military organization which has a growing list of war crimes to answer to: deployment of depleted uranium in theatres of war, illegal acts of conflict outside the scope of international law, acts of murder, attempted murder, torture, sodomy, illegal imprisonment, criminal damage, deployment of military equipment against civilian structures... the list goes on and on and on and on and on.

And today Messrs. Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama lead the clique of opportunists vying with each other to try to pick up a piece of Libya after the imperialist exercise has removed Colonel Gaddafi and his government, wrested the Government of Libya from the people to whom he gave power in 1977 and empowered the fragmented group of Islamist terrorists, lunatics and political opportunists which calls itself the TNC (opposition). ain't going to happen.Libya: NATO's last hour. 44461.jpeg


As we can see from the disastrous approval ratings in their own countries, Messrs. Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama are three useless individuals whose ineptitude and political inexperience has made them the least popular leaders their countries have had in a long time. The only option they had was to play the war card. And how it has blown up in their faces.

It is by now obvious and beknown to all but an illiterate simpleton who does not know how to interpret a text that the Libyan rebels were made in the US of A, armed and supported by the British and French (looking for another Suez) and unleashed from the frontiers, taking advantage of separatism endemic in Benghazi. It is patently obvious that Messrs. Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama, predictably, yet again got it monumentally wrong.

Colonel Gaddafy was not murdering civilians. Despite NATO's claims that he was bombing them indiscriminately, the Russian satellites show clearly that the only missions being flown were against arms dumps and there is not one shred of evidence to support the premise that civilian areas were being bombed. Indeed, there is growing evidence to support the claim that the cluster bombs deployed in Misrata came from US warships. This is under investigation. We asked at the time, why would Libyan forces spread cluster munitions into areas into which they were moving? Do they think we are stupid, or what?

Libya: NATO's last hour. 44462.jpegNeither was Colonel Gaddafi overthrown on a wave of anti-Government euphoria. Well over half of the people in Libya support him. Some claim his popularity rating is 98 per cent, others 80%, others 75%. Not bad for a "dictator" who has provided free education (what dictator educates his people?), who has provided free housing and who has provided jobs for all, who has taken the poorest country in the world and made it the most prosperous in Africa, who has built institutions which bear a direct influence on the improvement of the lives of the African peoples.

When Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama and their countries were happy to take the money of African countries in return for a share on the communications satellites, Muammar al-Gaddafi was financing Africa's own satellite systems, providing e-learning and telemedicine facilities across the continent. The best Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama can do is bomb Libyan hospitals, centers for disabled children and murder Colonel Gaddafi's grandchildren, apart from the attempted murder of the Brother Leader himself.

The original remit for this operation was under UNSC Resolutions 1970 and 1973 (2011), neither of which allowed for the mission creep that has taken place. Now we know why NATO did not answer Russia and China's specific questions before the attack, because they were intending all along to take out Colonel Gaddafi and effect regime change. As they themselves said at the beginning, it is not about removing Colonel Gaddafi. And they said so in as many words.

When it became patently obvious that he was fighting armed terrorists (who they themselves had armed) and not civilians, the parameters of mission changed. But this renders it illegal.

International lawyers must bring NATO and its leaders to trial for war crimes in Libya, for criminal damage to civilian and military structures, for acts of murder, for attempted murder.

The world is crying out against NATO: Stop this action, NOW! Allow the African Union to mediate, accept the ceasefire offered by the Libyan government and find an exit strategy before the entire world turns against NATO, something which is already happening.Libya: NATO's last hour. 44463.jpeg

I would say that NATO is perhaps the most hated organization on the planet and its leaders are creating a noose to hang themselves with. Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama must stand trial for their crimes, and stand trial they most certainly will. They have blood on their hands, the blood of innocent civilians, the blood of those poor innocent children who were murdered in their home by a NATO pilot. I sincerely hope these three murderers hear those screams every night as they go to sleep and when they look into their eyes in the morning as they shave, they know they are looking into the eyes of a child murderer.


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



PS Why did I get a message from Facebook saying there had been an illegal attempt to hack into it from Washington DC?


Photos: Unarmed innocent civilians in Libya


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey