Give Obama a chance!

When Saddam Hussein massacred George Bush in his last mid-term elections nobody was surprised due to the fact that the GOP-Bush-Cheney melange had sold the ideals of America's Founding Fathers down the river, making the USA synonymous with torture, war crimes and mass murder. President Obama therefore deserves no such humiliation; Americans have the duty to stand behind a President who wants to build bridges.

41626.jpegIt matters not whether President Barack Obama is black (because he isn't) or white (because he isn't); it mattered not when he was elected. It mattered not that his middle name is Hussein. But it seems to matter now. A growing number of US voters seem to believe he is a Moslem (as if that were anything to be ashamed about, for Islam is far more tolerant than a lot of so-called Christian churches) and a growing number of voters are starting to go Barack-bashing...just because.

Let us remember that George W. Bush was neither black nor white, but pink, the colour of a pig. And he behaved like one. Worse actually. Let us also remember that George Bush cultivated the Christian vote, but violated every single fibre of Christianity (his power base was not from Christians, but rather, Satanic Christians, you know, those who support acts of mutilation, torture and murder) and every precept of the noble Founding Fathers of the United States of America, land of the free.

And originally, it was. Free from Royal taxation, free from Imperial decrees, free from rule by Oxford and Cambridge graduates, free from snobbery, colonialism, imperialism. Europeans who flocked to the USA were free to choose, to build, to work, to live the American dream.

George W. Bush was America's nightmare; Barack H. Obama is America's dream. If the Americans allow him to be so.

If the American electorate is preparing to crucify Barack Obama in the forthcoming mid-terms, then let us talk some sense. If it is because of internal policy, Barack Obama inherited the hottest potato any US President has ever received in the history of the United States of America. Who created the economic Armageddon that has descended upon us?

Who spent trillions of dollars on illegal wars, slaughtering and butchering hundreds of thousands of civilians so that the White House cronies could grab the natural resources of Central Asia and the Middle East...ah sorry, right, bring freedom and democracy to millions of downtrodden people, like in Iraq where husbands now have the right (they did not before) to beat up their wives if "misbehave"? Great improvement. Ditto the 50% unemployment.

Who wholly ignored the plight of the American citizens as an enormous economic bubble built up around the housing market and speculative trends in real estate and commodities, not for one year but for eight?

Was it Obama's Democrats? No, it was the GOP, Republicans, of George Bush and Richard (otherwise known as Dick) Cheney. Under them the bubble formed, grew and burst.

If the American citizens wish to punish President Obama over external policy, then who divorced the USA from the international community by deriding the UNO, by launching illegal wars, by using blackmail and skulduggery as tools of diplomacy instead of dialogue, debate and discussion? Not Obama, who promises to listen and to build bridges.

"This is America," he says. And right now when the USA stands at the heart of the process to resolve the Middle East crisis, where the clash of civilizations begins and ends, when President Obama stands for bridge building, then it makes sense to give him power and not take his legs out from under him.

A stable Israel and a stable Palestinian Authority spell a message of peace for the world. The Russian Federation, the USA, the UNO and the EU, Tony Blair and George Mitchell have worked long hours in the sidelines for this to happen. President Obama and his administration are the best chance for this convergence of powers to produce results.

What do people want? Chaos?

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov