Holland: A Little Narco-state ruled by Fascists

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By Hans Vogel

Tulips, windmills, wooden shoes, buxom maidens, their blond hair in perky braids, tolerance and open-mindedness, such are the images and terms commonly associated with Holland. The reality, however, is quite different.

In actual fact, the Netherlands is a country with miserable weather, ruled by a small clique of ruthless criminals. Drug trafficking is a major source of income, with untold quantities of cocaine, heroin and xtc being shipped in and out of the country through Rotterdam harbor and Schiphol airport, all with the connivance and active support of the government. The major banks are relying so heavily on laundering drug monies, that their very survival has come to depend on it.

How right was Voltaire when he summed up that horrid little country thus: “canaux, canards, canaille” (canals, ducks and rogues). Please note that “canard” not only means “duck,” but also a false, or deceitful message. Then as now, the Netherlands is indeed a rather wet place, where ducks and false images intermingle, and where criminals are in power.

Since the fake Al-Qaeda attack on the Twin Towers back in 2001 and without the public fully realizing it, fascism is being reintroduced in the Netherlands. Unlike the nazi occupation (1940-1945), when fascism was imposed from abroad (though with massive inside help), this time fascism is fully home-grown.

Just a few examples of how fascism has come to dominate public life in the Netherlands:

- The carrying of ID's has been made compulsory (as it was during the World War II Nazi occupation)

- Police can stop and search anyone, anytime, at will

- Police dragnet operations (so-called razzias) have become routine practice

- Police and other authorities can enter any home without a search warrant

- Police will break into homes, acting on information from anonymous callers

- Tax officials are relying increasingly on anonymous denunciations

- Each year, more telephones are tapped than in the US (20 times more populous)

- Through its domestic spying agencies, the government keeps track of, and records all email and telephone traffic

- Records are being kept of all internet activity, focused on search terms

- The public space is being terrorized by gangs of youths covertly sponsored by the police. The gangs are especially targeting attractive young girls, homosexuals and young intellectuals

- Journalists are being threatened and intimidated whenever they go after sensitive stories

- Journalists are killed on the streets or suddenly die of mysterious diseases

As of today, the process of fascistization is almost completed, except for full censorship. The “Minister of Justice,” Mr. Ernst Hirsch Ballin has now proposed legislation allowing any public prosecutor to close any web site for any reason at all.

Mr. Hirsch Ballin is the worst kind of criminal: the unpunished one. This man ought to be serving long jail terms for various offenses. For directing and supervising massive imports of cocaine from Colombia during the early 1990s (in his quality as “Minister of Justice”); for reputedly frequenting under-age male prostitutes; for abusing his power and terrorizing journalists; for complicity in the war crimes committed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now this man, this despicable criminal, plans to destroy the last vestige of what still remains of former liberty and freedom in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, it must be feared he will have his way, since all members of parliament are woefully short on intelligence and courage and long on greed and opportunism.

One wonders, why for Heaven's sake the Second World War has been fought. Was it not about eliminating fascism from the face of the earth? It is here that the insightful wisdom of Giusedppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of Il gattopardo, springs to mind. Somewhere in the novel (and in the wonderful movie that Luchino Visconti made of it), the protagonist Don Fabrizio, Prince of Salinas proclaims: “things will have to change in order that they remain the same.”

Hans Vogel

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov