Imperialism is Planning New Wars

The deepening structural crisis of capitalism and the economic and political consequences of the decline of the U.S. and the imperialist countries of Europe are creating new potential conflicts in the international situation of transition. History tells us that these situations can lead to more instability, tensions and armed conflicts. And there are plans for war in the U.S. and NATO for several continents.

By Ricardo Abreu

German Imperialism is not willing to cede power without resistance. A recent example is what happened after the Brazil-Iran-Turkey agreement. The agreement was a diplomatic victory for the defending forces of peace, sovereignty and self-determination of peoples, and uncovered the real intentions of U.S. imperialism and its European allies, who are not interested in peace, but to limit the technological development of other nations to ensure their monopoly of nuclear energy even for peaceful purposes, and encourage the subordination of countries to an international order based on oppression and imperialist war.

The U.S. may trigger a "preventive war" against Iran

The approval of new sanctions on Iran in the UN Security Council, and imposing additional unilateral sanctions by the U.S. and the European Union, are aimed at maintaining the current system of global power, characterized by U.S. hegemony, and stifling the trend towards multipolarity and new roles that may include international countries like Brazil.

The new military and national security strategies of the U.S. President Barack Obama rhetorically promise cooperation and multilateralism. In practice, however, they maintain the course to impose their interests by force and war. According to these new strategies, the U.S., claiming priority for the prevention of nuclear proliferation, authorizes themselves, on behalf of their "vital interests or their allies, like Israel, to carry out an attack with nuclear weapons in "extreme" conditions against any country, although they do not possess nuclear weapons, as in the case of Iran.

Indeed, it is the continued policies of "preventive war" and "endless war" of George Bush. In other words, to maintain U.S. power by military force, whatever the cost to humanity.

The facts contradict the rhetoric. After a year and a half of Obama, it becomes increasingly clear that the interests of imperialist power spoke louder than the campaign speeches. The U.S. will invest, in 2011, 780 billion dollars on its military, a record budget since the end World War II that exceeds the 2000 budget by 49%, which is larger than the combined military spending of all other countries. The U.S. insists on maintaining military bases around the globe, as in the African island of Diego Garcia in order to direct a possible attack on the Middle East and Central Asia.

The U.S. and NATO are being trained for what they call "Conventional Prompt Global Strike." With the alteration of the character of NATO, which will operate on all continents and seas, to the Falkland Islands and other nearby territories of South America there are actual or potential military bases of the aggressive alliance. U.S. special forces, specializing in clandestine actions of war, on intelligence missions, subversion and "destabilizing" targeted countries, already operates in 75 countries, while a year ago they were in 60 countries. "The world is a battlefield," said a senior official of the U.S. special forces.

Aggression against Iran intensifies. For imperialism, it is necessary to contain Iran and regain Turkey, former ally and NATO member, in order not to "destabilize" their control in the Middle East and Central Asia. The U.S. and Israel are preparing for a possible military intervention by moving naval forces through the Suez Canal into the Gulf, near the Iranian coastline. They negotiate with Saudi Arabia on the use of airspace in eventual bombings.

The itinerary is similar to the U.S. war against Iraq, diplomatic pressure, sactions by the UN, a media campaign based on falsehoods, allegations of any breach of the sanctions, and the plan for military intervention, directly or through Israel . Many political leaders, scholars and military experts on the subject, including from the U.S., raise the possibility of war against Iran as "Obama's war" like the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were wars of Bush, continued by Obama.

U.S. military escalation in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America

In Central Asia and the Middle East, strategic regions for global imperialist domination, the U.S. and its NATO allies increase their military troops in Afghanistan, prolonging a war that is already longer than the aggression against Vietnam, and extending the military occupation in Iraq. Yet they still cannot win against the popular national resistance and these countries. Recently, this failure in Afghanistan toppled the president of Germany, who was forced to resign after committing the indiscretion of publicly confessing the real neo-colonialist interests in the region. Yankee "diplomacy" is pressing Azerbaijan to install new military bases in that country, similar to those that exist in Kyrgyzstan and in other nearby nations.

The U.S. and Israel threaten Syria and the patriotic forces in Lebanon, support the occupation in Palestine and the criminal blockade against the Gaza Strip and the cowardly attack by the Israeli military on the humanitarian freedom flotilla, so widely denounced.

In Asia recently, the U.S. conducted jointly with South Korea, large-scale military maneuvers. Then they accused the North Korean government of sinking a South Korean battleship, when there are strong suspicions that their own Yankee military and intelligence put a mine in the vessel to artificially create tension with the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea and try to isolate it internationally.

Beyond these objectives, the U.S. wanted to influence the elections in South Korea and to press the prime minister of Japan to keep U.S. military bases on its territory, particularly in Okinawa, and thus break a promise on the campaign trail. In Japan, the result was the maintenance of U.S. bases and the resignation of the Japanese premier.

Before the announcement of new and even greater naval military maneuvers by the US-South Korea in the Yellow Sea, which will feature the infamous aircraft carrier George Washington, the "People's Daily", newspaper of the Communist Party of China, warned of the "risks to peace and regional stability" and declared "firm opposition" to this further "hostility against China."

In Latin America, there is stepped up pressure against the Cuban Revolution and the threat to Venezuela, considered by intelligence centers in Washington "the main threat" against the U.S. in the Americas. After the reactivation of the 4th Fleet, the U.S. installed new military bases, as in Honduras, where they helped promote a coup. On the pretext of humanitarian aid to Haiti after the earthquake earlier this year, U.S. military forces with more than 15,000 soldiers landed in the country.

In recent days more than 7,000 troops, 46 warships, aircraft carriers, submarines and U.S. helicopters settled into bases in Costa Rica, supposedly to combat drug trafficking. The Colombian government follows the line drawn by the U.S. of making the country the Israel of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Hillary Clinton, Obama's Secretary of State, heads the imperialist diplomatic reaction against Brazil. After the countries that possess nuclear weapons, Brazil is the country which possesses the most advanced nuclear program for peaceful purposes, even more advanced than the Iranian. Therefore, the threat to Iran is also indirectly a threat to Brazil, which already receives pressures and may be the next victim. That is precisely what accounts for the Brazilian and Turkish initiative that resulted in the Brazil-Iran-Turkey agreement.

The United States, surprised by the success of the agreement, and antagonized by the Lula government's foreign policy on several issues such as resistance to the coup in Honduras, do everything to isolate Brazil. Soon after the announcement of the agreement, the International Atomic Energy Agency warned of the risk that Brazil is gestating nuclear weapons and announced a new intrusive investigations into our nuclear program.

The anti-imperialist resistance obtains victories

The global imperialist military offensive is reaching an unprecedented scale. However, there's no way to put restraints on the wheel of history. Capitalism in its imperialist stage is a historically outmoded system spreading blood and destruction in its decadent path. The resistance of the peoples and oppressed countries are imposing defeats on imperialism in the Middle East, Central Asia and other corners of the Earth. In our continent, Latin America, they continue when there are popular democratic and anti-imperialist forces flourishing. The Brazilian people fight so that, in the elections next October, Brazil will keep on advancing and retain its independent foreign policy and sovereignty, for peace, the right to development, and a multipolar world.

World peace and socialism have never been so necessary to humanity.

* International Relations Secretary of PCdoB

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Author`s name Lisa Karpova