Unpleasant Cuban Visitors in Spain

Cubans in Madrid: the "Dissidents" Rebel

"Here in Spain I am a free man, because my future does not depend on me, but the officials who impose their decisions on me," said one of the former Cuban prisoners.

The ex-prisoners "dissidents" who came to Spain have made public statements that have left Spaniards gaping: at least they expected words of thanks instead of the criticisms that have been carried out by the newcomers.

By all their appearances, they are doing very well. They are shown to be chubby and pink and not starving as they said to the press before being released.

A headline in the Spanish daily El Mundo said, on the first page: "Cuban Dissidents allege that in Spain they are not free." So said one of them, Julio César Gálvez, when asked how he felt in Madrid. The answer was: "Here in Spain I am a free man because my future does not depend on me, but the officials who impose their decisions on me."

Another of them, Norman Hernandez, lined up the guns for Spanish hospitality when he said: "We are in a hostel with other immigrants. We do not have private bathrooms in this hotel. In this place there is no privacy and they tell me that they will take us to a village to live in Valencia in facilities where I have to live with about 40 people."

Then he launched into a barrage of poorly loaded thanks. He said: "I think if the Government of Zapatero has pledged to welcome us, you must also give us what we deserve as refugees," adding that he was next in line in Miami where he wanted to live.

Omar Saludes, another of those released, attacked the Foreign Minister of Spain, one of those who engineered the release of the dissidents: "It is unacceptable that Minister Moratinos asks Europe to lift the "common position against Cuba," said Saludes, challenging and ungrateful.

The comments of the Spaniards did not wait. One wrote a letter to the newspaper El Mundo, Madrid, aiming to speak for all Spaniards. The inhabitant of Madrid was outraged by the conduct of the newcomers: "I think that ordering them back to their country is the right thing, there you have problems with a private bathroom and will not have any complaints, and they can tell their president all their problems and complaints, and all these wonderful ideas of freedom at the expense of others. "

Comment that was made by our Duende Madrileño [codename used by the reporter] from the Spanish capital, where this reporter was personally present at the press conference of the "liberated"dissidents" who arrived in Madrid: "If this is the show, how will the package be?!"

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Author`s name Lisa Karpova